Play as Guybrush... kinda

This might not be entirely Monkey Island related, but Karl Johnson has found a little game called Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates. Among the many things you can do in the game is customize your own pirate (yes, you can easily make him a Guybrush look-alike), become a pirate captain and even a governor of an island. Arr!

This online game is really quite addictive, and can be downloaded here.
Source: Karl Johnson

Johners February 19. 2004

That wouldnt be a problem 2 do with ur firewall would it 'The Parasite'?

Flamestrike January 27. 2004

Darn, I've been playing that game for months now as evil pirate named Lechuckie. I did not know this was MI news...

The Parasite January 23. 2004

it didnt work for me it kept on shuting off.

MrManager January 23. 2004

I'm only at the tutorial, but it seems fairly amusing.

Metallus January 22. 2004

Heh, this game is pretty fun.

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