SCUMMRev Revisited

It's been a while since anything has been happening at the SCUMMRev front, but lately things have kinda, sorta been slowly (perhaps temporarily) moving again. The pre-release version of SCUMMRev5 can now be downloaded, and for those of you who wrote e-mails asking how I ripped the Curse of Monkey Island videos, this was it.

Now remember, this is a pre-release version. A lot of things don't work or haven't been implemented yet, and there is no tech support for this product. Use at your own risk. Ok? Ok! With that in mind, feel free to download it.

MrManager July 02. 2004

Now, if you have to ask, you probably don't want to try it. Not that version anyway, SCUMMRev 2 should be a whole lot less frustrating.

Anyway, it lets you rip backgrounds and music and stuff from the MI games.

Turner July 01. 2004

what does it do??

LucasTones June 29. 2004

Goddamn "LucasArts geeks" can "go to hell!!"

Mr Flibble June 29. 2004

Wow, last I heard it was only SR 3 Alpha...

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