supermax6660606 February 04. 2005

who's cashing that money anyway?

Gabez January 31. 2005

I couldn't agree more, supermax6660606.

But I guess Gilbert didn't ask for this (okay, he did, but he was joking) and this donation thing has to be a joke as well, so it's probably ethical after all.

supermax6660606 January 31. 2005

god this is soo ridiculous... Of course I love Monkey Island and i'm very grateful to him but... are we even sure that the person is using all the money for Ron Gilbert? Personally I think it is stupid to raise money for a new car for a guy that doesn't really need it... when there are so much important causes. I'm sure 35 000$ would save the life of alot of starving childrens. But... thats america I guess...

MrManager January 31. 2005

All better now. ;

Dr. Ond January 31. 2005

This comment was deleted by the user.

Dr. Ond January 31. 2005

Hey RemiO, I think your link on Ron's article is wrong.

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