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Oh man. The SCUMM Bar. We completely forgot about that site. What has happened here? We used to update, like, every hour on the hour! We were hotter than the sun! Then what? The news dried up. And you know what? It's all Ron Gilbert's fault.

Ron met Gabez in London with an impish smile while chuckling "I stole all your Monkey Island news, Gabez."

"But, but, why?", Gabez spluttered in shock.

He winked and chewed idly on a few peanuts. "Because I'm Ron Gilbert," he smirked, "and I am GOD."

So that's why there doesn't seem to be much to "report on" these days. That, and the fact that, uh, LucasArts sucks now, and has done for a while. They've also pretty much confirmed that there will not be a Monkey Island 5. And let's face it; anybody who has ever worked on the Monkey Island games are off doing bigger and better things these days anyway. Psychonauts for example. Or A Vampyre Story. Bone. Whatever Ron Gilbert is doing. And Double Fine will surely announce something new sooner or later. Dave Grossman just joined Telltale Games.

So let's throw out a word here now: Mixnmojo. Some might say that's three words. Some would argue that it's not even a word at all. Whatever: Mixnmojo. That's where we'll be, and that's where the real news is. Our Monkey Island gamespaces - which we without humbleness will claim are the largest on the web - are slowly being merged into Mojo's game database. In fact, look forward to many major enhancements to Mojo as a result of the "merger."

If you still want a Monkey Island-only site, there's World Of Monkey Island with their comic and play to keep updated on. And probably fan-art too. And good for them, but The SCUMM Bar isn't in that race anymore, as none of that bowls us over with excitement. If thereís a new Monkey Island game then we'll cover it over at Mixnmojo just like we would have done it here, just probably better. Mojo will kind of be The SCUMM Bar Plus. Or Mojo Plus. You get the picture.

Incidentally, remember that Evolve or Die article Gabez wrote here last year? Well the sequel's up on Mixnmojo, and is getting mass-exposure from some large gaming sites. That's the kind of thing that we're talking about here. Yeah? Yeah!

Will The SCUMM Bar stay online? Yep! While the data will be replicated to Mojo, and probably be updated too, The SCUMM Bar as it exists today will be as browsable as ever. (There won't be any news orupdates though, they will be made at Mojo.) The Monkey Island series are four brilliant games and the way we're remembering them now is a testament to their greatness; we look back at many other game we've played and think "yeah, that was fun for the time," but thinking back at those adventure games and the Monkey Island games in particular we think "wow, those were great stories, great characters, great jokes, great atmosphere..." You don't get that with your Doom 3s or your fancy Warcrafts. Sure, those kind of games are good, they're great, but they're not classics. Not even close. The Monkey Island games are classics in every sense of the word and as such they are timeless jewels that should be in not just every self-respecting gamer's collection, but also in every self-respecting pop-culture aficionados.

And the newsletter. Ah, the newsletter! So many fond memories. The unfortunate thing is, Gabez thinks our admin system broke so he can't get to the list of people who signed up for the damn thing. (This is a blatant lie that Gabez just came up with this yesterday. - Remi) Sorry about that, but we would like it to continue in some form or another over at Mixnmojo. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But some day. So keep your eyes pealed on Mojo and be prepared to sign up your name again if you want more monthly news-bites, and believe me it'll be worth it.

And what else is there? Legend of Monkey Island is dead too, no matter what they say. Yeah, sure, they update sometimes about "amazing weekends," but come on, you and I know the truth. Like The SCUMM Bar it will remain on the Internet, beautiful but essentially lifeless like a little fairy that drowned in a pot of honey.

So we're closing, but will remain open. And no, this is not like the last time we closed. Did we ever actually explain what happened there? (Apart from the fact that Jake said it was very lame.)

See, we were going to close, but then we found out that our database wasn't as mangled as the LF Network Police thought it was, and so we thought we might as well stay on the net and update as long as there was news. And yeah, we got some lovely comments from industry people, and we love them all very much like they're our little babies, and we know for a fact that Remi printed some of them out, painted little hearts on them, and framed them, but really, we died the day that the last bit of Monkey Island news filtered through the net, just like every other Monkey Island fan-site. So, yeah, thanks for the nice comments and the great times, but the real news is in the future. Thatís what news "is" - it's new. Monkey Island is old. You do the math.

We'll tell you this though. Gabez was playing a game earlier and listening to his iPod at the same time, because, you know, he's totally hip and all that. He buys coffees at Starbucks and shop at M&S. As he was playing, some Monkey Island track came on - Scabb Island map music he thinks it was. Now he claims he never put it on his iPod, and he doesn't know how it got on there. (He swears!) It somehow found its way in, with all the great and hip bands he probably listens to, like the Spice Girls or whatever, and as it was playing he was playing this game, and he was thinking "you can say what you like about Monkey Island, but damn, those games had atmosphere. And you don't get that anymore, you really don't. Okay well with Psychonauts and Beyond Good & Evil and stuff like that you do, but you know..." The point is that he'd forgotten that Monkey Island had that (and it's LeChuck's Revenge, easily the best of the series, which had that atmosphere the most). But we'll always have Scabb Island. We didn't use to, we'd lost it, until he heard that tune again. We got it back last night. It was magical.

So we are closing. Maybe it was the economic downturn? Was this place ever the same after we fired Pedgey and Blaze for being incompetent slobs? Anyway! Mojo it is from now on, and we hope you'll be visiting us there. It'll be like The SCUMM Bar, just better, and with actual updates.

Guybrush, you were fantastic. And you know what? So were we.

Editor in Chief
Owner and Bill Payer

Testung123 June 26. 2006

Test ;D

daisythecunning December 14. 2005

I was literally nearly in tears reading that long b***h of a goodbye.

I gotta say ma faves wr MI 1&2 because i was about 6 yrs old wen i played them. I still have a dos computer so i can play the cd with the spinny thing. I remain loyal to MI and hope we all keep playing by any means possible.


islandomonkey October 25. 2005

Dear Scumm Bar,

Although I have only visited your site a few times it has made me feel hope that im not in alone in the world of monkey island.

I first played Monkey Island with my grandfather when I was eight. The game immediately captured my mind and excitement. The relentless humurous puzzles the pirating mayhem the 2d graphics all entranced me with passion.As i continued to grow up ive remained faithful to the world of monkey island. As many games ive played and as the world of technology is advancing at a never stopping pace I look back at the gaming era that changed my life. With so many important life lessons being learned which you can seldom come across in games today the most important one I ve learned is to not take life so seriously and Guybrush Threepwood taught me that. Games today are more concerned about graphics then story line and moral values. MI gave me hope that there was something more to life then just an endless day of learning meaningless crap in school.
Heres my salute to Monkey Island, to days and nights of endless Monkey Maddness, and to an era that ill never forget...

loby September 18. 2005

i'm really surprised this hasn't been put on the news yet...

New hopes in the advanture comunity:

(copied from

[begining of news report]

Sam & Max 2 Announced! Again!
September 15, 2005 Posted by Jake

Ha ha, yes! The emotional roller coaster that is Sam & Max sequel news is headed up yet another hill, care of an announcement made tonight by Telltale Games that they have secured the rights to develop a game based on the freelance police.

This is the third attempt to make a followup to 1993's Sam & Max Hit the Road, the first one being an Xbox-bound action/adventure title from now-defunct game studio Infinite Machine, and the second of course being LucasArts' ill-fated attempt at a sequel, Sam & Max Freelance Police. Both of those died before having a chance to live, but here's hoping third time's the charm! Telltale certainly has experience with the characters, as the studio was largely formed from members of the Sam & Max Freelance Police team, who left LucasArts shortly after their game was canned.

The sequel announcement was made at a press event held earlier this evening in San Francisco. The event was aimed mostly at potential investors, discussing Telltale's unique business model and position in the industry, so the Telltale guys and Steve Purcell (who was in attendance) had little to say specifically about the new Sam & Max game other than the fact that it will exist, but that didn't do much to dampen the excitement.

What I do know is that the game is not a continuation of the cancelled "Sam & Max: Freelance Police" sequel that the Telltale team was working on while at LucasArts - this Telltale Sam & Max game is all new, started from scratch. Whether or not we'll see a few familiar locations and characters from what little was released from Freelance Police, though, is yet to be seen. Telltale's Sam & Max game will be released in episodic form, downloadable from their site and other games portals (similar to the approach they're taking with Bone).

To answer a couple other questions up front: Whether or not Mike Stemmle is involved (and what level he is involved if he is involved at all) is not known as far as I can tell, and I forgot to ask whether or not the same voice actors from Sam & Max Hit the Road will be involved.

Official word from Telltale, hopefully including some juicy details, will be appearing in a week or two. Their first installment of their other adventure game, a promising title based on Jeff Smith's popular comic series Bone, is hitting the net in the next couple of days and Telltale wants to focus on that before letting loose the 6 foot canine and 3 foot rabbity thing.

[end of news report]

as we can see advanture gaming got a new chance! ALL BOW TO THE ALL MIGHTY TELLTALE GAMES!!!


DenseDev September 15. 2005

This is not the first time that happened, and I know that you guys are tired, even I like fan. I have waiting for real good news of monkey island for a while and I

fizzle August 24. 2005

"Monkey Island is old."

So what???
This site is just more than about the games, it's about a wacko community who know what it's like to taste the absurdic fun in the MI series. But if you guys are tired of doing all the work, I can understand, but in that case let someone else handle the site instead!

faaiiyaaaaz August 24. 2005

don't close this site man, i also made an account just to post this...

my friends and I persuaded our highschool classes to adopt the three headed monkey and tofu head as our mascots. our only achievement in highshool.

monkey island's awesome.
scummbar is awesome.

i mean... c'mon

faaiiyaaaaz August 24. 2005

don't close this site man, i also made an account just to post this...

my friends and I persuaded our highschool classes to adopt the three headed monkey and tofu head as our mascots. our only achievement in highshool.

monkey island's awesome.
scummbar is awesome.

i mean... c'mon

BocoDragon August 16. 2005

Thanks for your words Clifford. I knew someone out there would see this as the end of a glorious gaming era. I kept coming back to this site to see if anyone had posted a comment after mine, but because the whole online LucasArts community is so dead it tooks days for anyone to respond.


How could you build a loyal gaming fanbase only to completely desert them? You heard the money was in consoles in the late 90s so you focused on dumbed down PlayStation games, figuring the market was so much different than the PC world where you had reigned as a well-loved king. Your few new original console creations flopped because they were poor, so you abandoned originality altogether as a business tactic.

Now the console world has matured, and you remain as a bargain bin company in the eyes of most serious gamers, except for the Star Wars license which is the only thing keeping you afloat. We loved Star Wars games and we loved Indiana Jones games when you used to also give us Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max, Full Throttle....... etc. Now that you only give us games based off two 25 year old movie series, you appear as any other shitty publisher making a buck off crappy licensed movie games.

Become a creative and original company again, and you might have life left after the Star Wars gravy train runs out..... Otherwise I predict as much death for you as has befallen any fanbase you might once have had.

clifford August 15. 2005

I became a member just to post this:

(coz i read the comments and some people seem to have trouble letting go and dealing with the fact that lucasarts cant recognise a good thing...)

amazing games, amazing site, such great dedication to preserving the memories and keeping the faith!!

The game was brilliant, BUT it was the fans-particularly those at SCUMMBAR - who made it a legend.

Monkey Island is a piece of pop-culture, and as engaging as it is hilarious.I mean, just read the comments! i cant believe people are so moved by a game!!! But.. then i remind myself that it was certainly a game like no other.
I have not played a pc game for about two years - i am caught up in studies...
but CMI is always the one i regard as my fave! no modern game comes close!!!

I will miss the site, intellegent comments, random pirate mayhem and general sillyness that spread infectiously through the series and echoed in the articles on the SCUMMbar!.

UNdoubtebly my fave game (CMI) and the SCUMM bar was the ultimate shrine!!!
screw lucasarts! I dreamed of a monkey 5 that went back to the hand-animated cartoons and stylish artwork!! or a movie, or tribute...*sigh

i agree with TIBULA though, i dont think its fair to expect them to keep SCUMMBAR running...
it was sad (though touching)that for the past 5 months theres been NO real news but constant updates anyway!!!....but its great to know we kept hope.

*oooh...seperation anxiety!!!*

to SCUMMBAR and all who kept it alive and stylish for so long:

You have my deepest respect...

Yes, and tell your kids!
Buy a copy of the game for your friends!!!
keep the imagination and inspiration flowing!
AND Keep the games ALIVE, i know i will.
May the legend live on....


clifford August 15. 2005

This comment was deleted by the user.

clifford August 15. 2005

This comment was deleted by the user.

clifford August 15. 2005

This comment was deleted by the user.

clifford August 15. 2005

This comment was deleted by the user.

Mr Flibble August 13. 2005

Did BraveHeart run away?

Did Payback runaway?!

*weeps gently*

BocoDragon August 09. 2005

A couple of times in this decade long history of the internet, I've felt the end of an era unfold before me on my screen. While coincidentally listening to a CMI song ('Mocking the Voodoo Lady & Voodoo Jazz' from LA Soundtracks) I read your closing words.

I abandoned LucasArts sometime around 1997 when I dedicated myself to console games. Once and awhile I felt nostaliga for the LucasArts classics of the 80s and 90s and I surfed the web for information, but I never had any urge to play any new LucasArts games. I learned years later that there really had been no LucasArts games (save for Grim and EMI) worth playing in that time. LucasArts had died.... the mighty giant of creativity had died as we knew it, and been replaced with a publisher for other developers Star Wars games.

I felt nostalgic again for LA and MI in late 2004 and took to the web. Surely the fan comminity was still there, keeping the dream alive. There was nothing. No forum talk. Not even silly fan games. LucasArts games were few and far between on eBay. This site was slow... filled with musings if anything at all. Mix n Mojo keeps it real, but they're talking about Psychonauts and Bone now. It's not the same, though I'm glad we have at least something adventurous to get involved in.

It can't have been a dream. I remember all those LucasArts games. We all played them. They were creative and magical and there was nothing else like them! How can they possibly be dead?

The scene is dead.... so guys, I don't blame you for shutting the site down. It's been dead for awhile, you did your best to keep the dream alive for NINE GODDAMN YEARS, but Monkey Island is over now.

Great closing words. Kudos for your comment:
"The Monkey Island games are classics in every sense of the word and as such they are timeless jewels that should be in not just every self-respecting gamer's collection, but also in every self-respecting pop-culture aficionados."
I so agree with that. They are timeless. I hunted down copies of MI Madness, CMI and EMI earlier this year to make them a permanent part of my collection. They will live on as untouchable classics, but sadly they do not continue on in modern form, for better or for worse.

RIP LucasArts RIP Monkey Island RIP SCUMM Bar... It has been a great era! Tell your kids about it all!

Kokos July 31. 2005


Tibula July 30. 2005

NOOOO!!!! *fetal position*....

Anyway...stop dissing these guys. They've done a terrific job running this site, it's the best MI fan site out there! We couldn't expect them to really keep the site up forever...even though we would like to...anyway...if you guys love MI soooo much, just make your own friggin' site! No one could do as good of a job as these guys have running this site! NO ONE! and so I leave with one final message: VIVA LA SCUMMBAR!!!!

Megacles July 30. 2005

Give the site to me, I'll run it.

Kokos July 29. 2005

Damn, men... Why are you doing it to me... :/ CaptainCrunch, you have 100% right. Think about it again, please.

CaptainCrunch July 29. 2005

This is ridiculous, for one Remi and Gabez are being idiots due to no updates, and the fans here, relating life to a game.
Ok SCUMMBar, so you have no updates, you have no news, but what of fan-art? Music? And those classic jokes?!
This site is dedicated to Monkey Island, the game, you guys are off talking of other games and how Lucas Arts sucks or whatever, that doesn't matter, this site was MADE for Monkey Island and Monkey Island fans, it is the BEST fan site for Monkey Island, and your willing to throw it away, pfft some fans you are.
And fans alike, please don't be comparing real life to a video game, it's truly pathetic, like we all know Monkey Island was one of the best games we all played, hell that's why your reading this now, but you can't base people or life in general on a game.
Thanks while you've been here

Guybrush38 July 28. 2005

You guys are hilarious, " Oh there making bigger and better games, guess we'll stop this website, cause we're babies." Did Guybrush Threepwood every give up on finding Big Whoop? Did he give up on destroying LeChuck? No. The answer is NO. I can't believe you guys call yourself Monkey Island fans. Good Riddance.

monkey boy202 July 26. 2005

u guys shoul fight this get some updates or info dont let ron win

monkey boy202 July 26. 2005

i agree with sumermaxx6666666 whatever.
u cant close this site its like one of the only sites left that are dedicated to monkey island.dont be like the other an close down becuse of no updates dont let rob wotsifase win keep going and u will eventually get news . have a vote or get some people to help u get news.

supermax66666666666 July 25. 2005


Dalixam July 24. 2005

Very well said.

Good luck in the future!

akademin July 23. 2005

Come on, ONE more link to mojo. I don't think 13 (well actually 12 because one of them is broken) is nearly enough.

Popcorn Princess July 22. 2005

That was beautiful...

MrManager July 22. 2005

Man, LucasTones predicted the future.

elTee July 22. 2005

LucasTones: I think its time for the annual updating of
RemiO: Dude, yeah
RemiO: Last update was all 'TSB is gone :(((('
LucasTones: hehe
LucasTones: oh yeah
LucasTones: but now its back!
RemiO: Yes 'now'

That's kind of ironic really. If LucasTones were still on the air, it would actually be accurate. I knew you could make a site be up-to-date without actually updating it... Remi and Benny have a lot to answer for.

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