T~AMU~S August 06. 2007

I couldn't find the game music anywhere alse but here !

Scummbar Rules !!

LilLechuck June 20. 2006

Excellent!! How fantastic is this!?

This is a wonderous site with great music =D I come here all the time!

Is it possible to fix the music links early by any chance? As i noticed they seem to be down just now...


(Intended for the following comment >.<)

Crystalline Twilight May 17. 2006

;.; I love this site. Nowhere else am I able to find the music from the original game ^^

LilLechuck April 29. 2006

yeah yeah real nice =P lol

i love this site... you should bring it back!

LilLechuck April 29. 2006

This comment was deleted by the user.

loby April 28. 2006

can you repost the message? some of us didn't see it...

rouge April 12. 2006

both of your fans were fooled. nice job :P

Ramsey721 April 04. 2006

Haha nice man.

HomerSimpson April 02. 2006

Funny, funny. :P

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