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Monkey Island 5 announced!

June 01. 2009 · SCUMMBar

Or, as it is called, Tales of Monkey Island. The five episode adventure will be developed by Telltale Games, and will be headed by names like Dave Grossman (of The Secret of Monkey Island and LeChuck's Revenge fame) and Mike Stemmle (of Escape from Monkey Island fame). Music? By Michael Land. Guybrush voiced by Dom.

This is, believe it or not, not a joke. I mean, there's even a trailer!

Shale June 01. 2009

Telltale is made mostly of former LucasArts employees, and created the enormously awesome new point-and-click Sam & Max games, as well as adventure games based on Homestar Runner (Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People) and Wallace & Gromit. These people have pedigree.

Their usual method of release is to offer the episodes monthly as a digital download, and then release a DVD of the whole game after the final installment comes out.

ZakkFlash June 01. 2009

Anyone know anything about Telltale Games? What is the gameplay going to be like? These are download only or can we get them on disc?

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