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The SCUMM Bar turns 20

September 05. 2016 · SCUMMBar

Feeling old? I am.

The SCUMM Bar saw its light September 17th, 1996. That’s the September 17th, 20 years ago. Mr. Ian “Skyfox” Biggar ran the site for six years; I’ve had the great-ish pleasure doing it for 14 years. In less than two weeks, 20 is a reality.

We technically killed the site in 2005, but have of course had some of our larger batch updates over the last couple of years. Look through the menus on the left for your browsing pleasure. (Jason, apparently, enjoyed the TMI MP3s.)

So! We’re going to celebrate this! Not celebrate Jason, but 20 years of the site. Starting over the next few months, we will, in cooperation with Mojo—where you’ve found us over the last 10 years—publish five articles, each about one of each game in the old Monkey Island series.

This will not be like the Secret History series over at Mojo, but more a history and flashback for those of us who were there during the releases at the time. Yes. I was there. Shut up. I’m old.

A few “secrets” will be spilled. Having done this for a while, I know a few small nuggets that accidentally have not come out, probably because they were too boring. And! Maybe you have some questions you want answered about the games, or the site. They could potentially be answered! Send a tweet to @mixnmojo and we’ll consider it.

20. Youch… We’re old, but so is a matured bottle of wine.

Thanks to all the staff who contributed over the year, particularly Skyfox for starting the site, and Gabez for keeping it alive when the rest of us burned out. Benzo, Thrik, elTee, Mapzo, Captain Mystery… You did fine. Not great, but you're still mentioned. ;D

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