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Current Media…


Latest News: GamesBeat chats with Rex Crowle, proves itself to be the most important gaming site on the web


Interviews… When…
The Sydney Morning Herald
Ars Technica
The Verge
Adventure Gamers

Confirmed Characters…

Confirmed Characters… Voiced By…
Guybrush Threepwood Dominic Armato
Murray Denny Delk
LeChuck (Not Earl Boen)
Elaine Marley Alexandra Boyd
Herman Toothrot Wally Wingert
Mêlée Island Lookout Rob Paulsen
Stan Gavin Hammon
Voodoo Lady Not confirmed, but likely Leilani Jones.
A locksmith? ?!
A judge of some sort? ?!

Confirmed Credits…

Credits… Role…
Ron Gilbert A Game By…
Ron Gilbert & Dave Grossman Designed and Written By
Michael Land, Peter McConnell, Clint Bajakian Music By
Rex Crowle Art Director
David Fox Lead Programmer
Khris Browne Casting & Voice Director
Robert Megone Gameplay Programming & QA
Jenn Sandercock Producer
Jared Emerson-Johnson Music Producer
Noah Falstein Playtesting
Zoé Nguyen Thanh Game Artist