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February 2001

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Saturday, February 24, 2001

Nostalgia and Mad Cows...
Posted by Chariset @ 13:28 GMT ( Comments 1 )
Missing those old days of playing MI1 and 2, with pixellated characters and PC-speaker music? Now you can relive a little of your tortured childhood with the help of the Hell Bovines (the same fine folks who created the m4b = mp3 converter). Using a program called Whistle, they can pipe LeChuck's Ghost Ship music or Jojo's theme through your system - click here for your free sample. Moooooo.

(Note: Whistle does not run on Windows NT or Windows 2000.)

Another LeChuck Nokia theme
Posted by Mandalor @ 12:07 GMT ( Comments 0 )
Just when I had put all of my blood, sweat and tears into making a LeChuck theme for my Nokia 3310, Daniel Wishart got the same idea.
Well, I'm no egoist. Download his version here.

Thanks to Michael Smith AKA Murray-Mint for the news.

LeChuck Nokia Ringtone
Posted by Mandalor @ 11:54 GMT ( Comments 1 )
Me, Mandalor, was bored a few days ago, so I decided to make a Nokia ringtone. It wound up to be the LeChuck theme from the Monkey Island games. If you would like the demonic zombie pirate in your cellphone, type this in your "edit ringtone" thingy on your nokia cellphone:

4c2 8- 8c2 8#d2 8- 8g2 8- 8#f2 8- 8#f2 8- 4d2 4- 8f2 8- 8f2 8- 8f2 8- 8#d2 8- 8c2 8- 8c2 8- 4c2 8- 8c2 8d2 8- 8#d2 8- 8d2 8- 8b1 8- 4g1 4- 8f1 8- 8f1 8- 8f1 8- 8f1 8- 2g1

And, remember, this only works for Nokia cellphones. It will probably sound wack on Siemens or Panasonic ones.

Friday, February 23, 2001

EMI up for a Penguin!
Posted by Chariset @ 15:04 GMT ( Comments 4 )
Yes, that's right. EMI has been nominated for the brand new International Game Developers' Choice Awards for best Game Design (puzzles). Obviously someone liked Monkey Kombat....

Thursday, February 22, 2001

An Interview with a Hermit.
Posted by Emma @ 15:26 GMT ( Comments 0 )
The Clearly Unofficial EFMI Site which has brought us some great Monkey Island related interviews in the past, now has an interview with Wally Wingert, who provided the voice of none other than Herman Toothrot in EMI. This interview can be found here with other LucasArts interviews available here.
Wally also has a site of his own named Wally On The Web.

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Clint Bajakian Interview
Posted by Emma @ 16:01 GMT ( Comments 0 )
The website iMUSE Island has an exclusive interview with the lead composer on EMI, Clint Bajakian, who also helped with the music in Monkey Island 2. You can read this great interview by following this link.

Source: Mixnmojo

Dedication's What You Need
Posted by Huz @ 14:01 GMT ( Comments 1 )
Wow. David Thomsen has put a huge amount of work into this listing of all the books available at the Phatt Island Library in MI2. I remember spending hours with those books, borrowing all the ones with interesting titles and listening to Guybrush's comments. This listing does it all for you: category, title, author and Guybrush's remarks, for every book. Ever wondered who wrote the most books? You can find that out, too. Go here and be quick about it.

My only regret is that it doesn't tell you how many 'circular references' there are in the catalogue system. Anyone know?

Source: World of Monkey Island

Fanwork Update
Posted by Skyfox @ 14:01 GMT ( Comments 2 )
Just added a large update to the Fanwork Section, it has some high quality art and even a Flash Animation! Be sure to check out the Pay Dispute!

Sunday, February 18, 2001

CMI Win2k Patch
Posted by Skyfox @ 12:05 GMT ( Comments 5 )
For those trying to get CMI working on Win2K, Mark Salloway has made up a small patch to fix the DirectX problem. I have not tried this as I do not have Win2k installed, but if it works for you, please let us know in the comments section.

Download: CMI Win2k patch (42.5kb)

Friday, February 16, 2001

Lewis Arquette Dies
Posted by Skyfox @ 15:14 GMT ( Comments 0 )
Saw this over at The LucasArts Voice Actors Archive.. Lewis Arquette, who played Freddy, the walking stick maker in EMI, recently died of congestive heart failure at the age of 65. :-(

New Message Board
Posted by Skyfox @ 15:08 GMT ( Comments 0 )
New Message board that has just sprung up... Rens has put a lot of work into the http://cgi-bin.spaceports.com/~rens/index.php and it's really quite impressive. Go look! (For some odd reason clicking the link doesn't work.. so you may have to cut and paste the URL.

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Posted by Skyfox @ 14:18 GMT ( Comments 0 )
About time for another quiz, don't you think? This one is courtesy of Largo of Largo's Monkey Island Site. I was able to score a moderate 10/10, so go see what you can score!

Who Would You Like Eaten?
Posted by Skyfox @ 13:57 GMT ( Comments 5 )
New poll time, "If all the SCUMM Bar staff were on a deserted island, which would be the first one eaten?"? We are all eagerly awaiting the results of this one... muhahaha! View the Old Polls here.

Site Updates
Posted by Skyfox @ 12:37 GMT ( Comments 7 )
Just a quick work to let people know that all the games in the Games Section are now up and running. The Downloads are still, erm... down... working on that, and working on getting the www.thescummbar.com working again. Notice how many working words are in that last sentance.

Also, welcome back the comments.. lazy me finally decided to get them working with this URL.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Do You (Want to) Know Your Ops?
Posted by Skyfox @ 14:17 GMT
Everyone's favourite pillow-throwing op and SCUMM Bar staff member, Chariset, has been busy working on caricatures of all the ops over at #monkey-island. So with the help of script-master Huz, we have brought you a little game. Can you match the op to the monkey? Your time starts now...

Sunday, February 11, 2001

Monkey Island Comic
Posted by Skyfox @ 14:36 GMT
Something interesting just scanned and emailed to me by Gerald. (Thanks!) It's from a old computer magazine and is MI1 told briefly in hand drawn comic form. take a look!

Thursday, February 8, 2001

A Monkey's Tale
Posted by Emma @ 14:04 GMT
Liam Harper who graces the Monkey Center webpage with his wonderful Monkey Island fanfiction based on his version of Monkey Island 5 has finished part 4 of the story. Also on the website is a poll in which you can decide the ending of the next installment of Liam's fanfiction!

Thanks to Trond B. Tenfjord for this news.

Wednesday, February 7, 2001

EscapeMI.com Contest Results
Posted by Emma @ 0:33 GMT
EscapeMI.com have released the winners of their recent contest to win a copy of Grim Fandango. The results are...

  • First Place: Brian Cameron

  • Second Place: Thomas Evans

  • Third Place: Matt

There are also 15 runners up who will receive @escapeMI.com e-mail addresses. EscapeMI also ask that the winners and runner-ups check their e-mail on how to claim their prize. The website also says it's planning another contest later this month!

Friday, February 2, 2001

EMI Wins Again
Posted by Emma @ 6:44 GMT
Website GameSpot have the results of the Readers Choice Awards. With EMI taking first place in the Adventure Game of the Year category. Well done!

Source: The Legend of Monkey Island.

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