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July 2001

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Monday, July 30, 2001

Tiller Techniques
Posted by RemiO @ 16:15 BST ( Comments 0 )
Adventure Developer has published its first edition of Tiller Techniques. The article gives a lot of good tips to budding young artists, so go have a look.

(for those who have been living under a rock for the past four years, Bill Tiller is the lead background artist on CMI.)

Tim Schafer feature
Posted by RemiO @ 10:57 BST ( Comments 0 )
Mixnmojo have posted a report from their recent visit to Tim Schafer's new company, Double Fine Productions. Although it doesn't really feature any news, it's still worth a read, just to see some... interesting... photos.

Read it here.

Saturday, July 28, 2001

New Lucasarts Poll
Posted by Pedgey @ 10:05 BST ( Comments 0 )
LucasArts have a new website poll which asks "Which LucasArts game series is your favorite?". choices to vote for are Dark Forces, Monkey Island, X-Wing, Indiana Jones and Rebel Assault, with Monkey Island being joint first with X-Wing at the time of writing, each with 33% of the vote.
You know what to do people!

Thursday, July 26, 2001

Another PS2 Compo
Posted by Skyfox @ 13:48 BST ( Comments 0 )
The Legend of Monkey Island are currently also running a competition to win copies of EMI for the PS2... So if you don't feel challenged enough by our competition (we could use more Lego submissions people!) you can try your luck there!

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Mixnmojo looks at PC Format's LEC special
Posted by RemiO @ 11:50 BST ( Comments 0 )
Mixnmojo has a new feature where they look at PC Format's 1994 LEC special. There are a lot of interesting stuff, including an interview with the now EMI project leads, Sean Clark and Mike Stemmle.

The MI feature is worth a read, although I could swear PC Format gave MI2 95%, not 91%. Update: I was of course thinking of Amiga Format. Duh.

Saturday, July 21, 2001

Rock out to EMI
Posted by RemiO @ 14:51 BST ( Comments 6 )
Our friend and companion Murray-Mint has come up with a cool little script which lets you play EMI music in mIRC from the CDs/HD. The script really is rather nifty, and a must download for all #monkey-islanders.

Get it here.

Monday, July 16, 2001

WIN EMI for the PS2!
Posted by Skyfox @ 18:51 BST ( Comments 17 )
Ok, now is a chance for you to win yet MORE copies of EMI for the PlayStation2! Aren't you all excited already?? This time though, you will have to work for it in one of three catagories... Lego, Wallpaper and Flash. Visit the Competition page for full details... and happy building!

There are a few examples already in there to inspire you. Thanks goto RemiO for all the hard work put into this.

Saturday, July 14, 2001

New Poll
Posted by Mandalor @ 9:47 BST ( Comments 2 )
LucasArts.com have got a new poll. This time, you have to "fill in" the line, "I'd like to spend my summer with..."
Among the options are Elaine Marley and Guybrush Threepwood. So go and vote for our heroes! Now!

Friday, July 13, 2001

Monkey Murdered!
Posted by Skyfox @ 17:37 BST ( Comments 4 )
This just in... monkey hunting season has just been officially opened in the Imperial Empire. Reports are in of mass groups of Storm Troopers wandering flower coated floors and bruitally gunning down innocent monkeys. We have Exclusive pictures, that may shock and appaul you. We thank JBRAA for bringing this to our attention.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

EMI still doing well
Posted by RemiO @ 23:37 BST ( Comments 1 )
In its second week in the ELSPA PS2 chart, EMI slipped to number 4. View the chart here.

Mojo's EMI release party report
Posted by RemiO @ 17:26 BST ( Comments 9 )
Mixnmojo has posted a report from the release party of EMI (PS2 version). There's a bunch of pictures, so make sure you read the whole thing here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

New Poll (Chicken Joke)
Posted by Skyfox @ 13:52 BST ( Comments 2 )
New Poll time.. to the left you will see the question "Which game had your favourite music?" To see the old polls... Visit here.

A 360 view of Puerto Pollo
Posted by RemiO @ 11:14 BST ( Comments 0 )
The always brilliant DanSky (recent winner of the Mixnmojo banner contest) has come up with a really cool 360 panning view of Puerto Pollo. The effect is pretty dang neat, and you should go see it for yourself right now. Yes, now! View it here.

Sunday, July 8, 2001

Monkey Island rocks PC Gamer charts
Posted by RemiO @ 2:12 BST ( Comments 0 )
PC Gamers has published yet another set of stupid, silly, useless, creative charts, which in various Monkey Island characters place high. Elaine Marley is #4 in the Female Character chart, while Guybrush tops the King Of Comedy list. LeChuck places #5 in this same chart.

News nabbed from Mixnmojo.

Thursday, July 5, 2001

Simon Jeffery chat
Posted by RemiO @ 20:01 BST ( Comments 0 )
LucasArts are having a Simon Jeffery chat at July 25th, 6 pm PST. You have to be a registered member to participate, so sign up if you already haven't. Read more here

Tuesday, July 3, 2001

EMI #3 in the UK
Posted by RemiO @ 16:21 BST ( Comments 2 )
EMI entered the PS2 charts at #3 in the UK last week, which one safely can say qualifies as great news. Guess adventure games aren't quite dead after all.

View the chart at ELSPA's website.

PS2 Shara Miller Interview
Posted by Skyfox @ 12:27 BST ( Comments 5 )
There is a lot floating around about this Playstation2 thing... apparently EMI has also been released on this, so we bring you an interview with the person charged with converting EMI to this super console, Shara Miller. Check out the interview and keep watch for something special.

Monday, July 2, 2001

EMI Walkthrough
Posted by RemiO @ 19:38 BST ( Comments 3 )
Well, better late than never - here's the official SCUMM Bar EMI walkthrough! So if you still haven't finished the game, check out the walkthrough in our hints section, or go directly here.

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