April 1999

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30th April 1999 Bananas.. er, MP3s back!
MI1+2 MP3s Back!
After a long absence.. the MP3s are back! Well, the MI1 and MI2 ones are anyway. The MI1 MP3 are new and ripped directly from the CD, so the quality should be much better. Check out the Downloads Section!

29th April 1999 alas poor Monkey Meetings
No More Saturday IRC Chat
It has been decided that Saturday at 8pm GMT will no longer be the time for the IRC Meetings at #monkey-island. But the channel will still be open to chat whenever you want... there just will no longer be a set time for us all to meet. This may change back sometime in the future... if, for example, a MI4 was anounced.

Riddle me this..

Ok, so it's not a riddle... just a Quiz. I`ve been meaning to do a MI Quiz for many months, now it is finally done! I hope to add a new quiz every few weeks. Find it here. Many thanks to Huz for the Quiz Script!

Little bits of trivia
Courtesy of the Posting Board, are a few little bits of trivia about the MI games.

"Threepwood was the name of Dave Grossman's wizard character in a Dungeons and Dragons game"

"All those great Queen Amidala costumes in Star Wars Ep1, and Darth Maul's look were designed by none other than Iain McCaig, the artist who painted all those cool MI1 close ups."

New Sites:
20th April 1999 'tis a secret still
Apologies for the lack of updates... I have no excuses. Anyway, hopfully the larger font used in the news section will be better for you people in 1024x768 resolution. On a more depressing note... that 'secret' game mentioned in PC Gamer UK didn`t seem to appear in their next Issue. It did, however, have a huge preview of the Two Star Wars Ep1 games and mentioned about a possible 2 other Ep1 releated games.

LEC Working on a new Adventure game?

But, the evidence still points to a new (probably secret as we don`t know about it, how about that for logical deduction!) game in development and adventuregamer.com seems to have a anonymous source that says that a new LEC adventure game is in the works. Interesting eh?

SCUMM Revisitied 2.0.9

Version 2.0.9 of SCUMM Revisited has been released! Now able to rip the speech from 'The DIG'. Go Serge! ;-)

MixnMojo.com back online!

You may have noticed our host's webpage (that's MixnMojo.com if you hadn`t realised) has been down for a while. Well, yesterday it was reopened with an amazing new look! Check it out now!

LucasFans stuff

SCUMM Bar Affiliate LucasFans, has been updated with a new Chat Forum and also has the Loom Audio CD available to download.. so, go ask them about Loom.

[Insert TAB Joke here]

For all those MI fans with a talent for playing the banjo.. erm, Guitar (sorry, been playing too much CMI), here is another Guitar tab from Greg Donert, this time for the scabb island theme music.
Another tab from myself and Hannes Rhyden. Possibly the hardest song we have ever tried to tab. Please send all comments or requests to Greg Donert Karly@easynet.co.uk and Hannes Rhyden hannes@atalante.org.
Download: scabbmap.zip - 1kb

SCUMM Bar Awarded

The SCUMM Bar (that's here) "has been designated a Cool Site in the Netscape Open Directory"! I`m quite honoured actually.. and I get to have a little star on my page! hmmm... Is a speech in order? Well, I`d just like to thank the infinite amount of monkeys that I employ, they actually do all the work. Veiw it here at the Netscape Open Directory.

Oh yes, and be sure to vote for the SCUMM Bar in the LucasArts Top25 page... click on the Icon on the left of the news section. Cheers!

New Sites:

5th April 1999 No more hate mail ;)
Tried to update the look to the site a little... I hope it is pleasing to the eye, please let me know what you think, any problems, if the font is too small etc. Thanks to all for the hate mail (just kidding!) about the MI4 April fools joke... great to see I was able to fool a few of you ;-)


AJplus was a bit board this Easter, so he made up a nice little SCUMM Bar AVI. Cheers AJ :-)


Added a new MI2 based Wallpaper by Telarium to the Windows Section of the Downloads.


A new adventure site called adventuregamer.com has opened! Not just restricted to LucasArts games, this could be the place to go for all your Adventure gaming needs! Here is what Lasse Ojanen had to say about this new site:
a new website that provides coverage of the adventure gaming genre, with reviews, previews news and featured articles. Our site primarily focuses on good old graphic adventure games (not on the new action style adventures like Tomb Raider, but games like Grim Fandango and Blackstone Chronicles).
Other New Sites:
1st April 1999 Monkey Island 4!!
MI4 Announced!
Yes! Monkey Island 4 is (soon to be) here! As well as full details, we have an Exclusive AVI trailer for you to view.... get more info here! More Info...
Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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