August 1998

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23rd August 1998 Never fear...
After seeing the responce by LucasArts to the MI4 petition... Sunfox sent me a email reply he recieved from LucasArts two months before CMI was announced.
From:  LucasArts[SMTP:75300.454@CompuServe.COM]
Sent:  July 12, 1996 12:33 PM
To:  Daniel Tonks
Subject:  Re: About your games...

At this time there are no plans to release a Monkey Island 3.

I recieved a similar reply at about the same time, In other words... LucasArts arn`t going to tell us if they are going to do a MI4, so never fear, there is always hope :-)

I saw this over at Plunder Island, GamePen has an article about '3 games that should be made.' It mentions LucasArts quite a bit.

New Sites:

Adventure Fan
The New Monkey Island World
22nd August 1998 Poll, Midis and No MI4
Skull Island has added a 11th page to the excellent Monkey Island Comic!

Highland Productions has released two more Monkey island 2 Midis.

Plunder Island has had a reply from LucasArts regarding it's MI4 Petition. This is what it said...

"Thank you for the note. LucasArts has always appreciated the enthusiastic support of fans such as yourself. We too love Monkey Island, and indeed hope to implement a sequel someday. However, at this time there are no plans for a Monkey Island 4."
Head over to Plunder Island for more details on this.

Wish I had mentioned this earlier, but Lucasgames has a poll about who is your favourite LucasArts Character, last I looked Guybrush was doing well.

New Poll day too... in the last poll, Melee Island (41%) was the favourite Island followed by Plunder Island (27%). For the full poll results, go here.

New Sites:

The Monkey Island Scumm Arts

17th August 1998 Fact or Fiction
The Fiction
Monkey Fiction has a collection of Monkey Island releated (among others) stories, if you're interested, go take a look!

LucasArts's Grim Fandango page is top quality! What can I say, only it's interesting and has everything us fans are after.. shame they didn`t have a page like this for CMI!! They have MP3 files of the music, behind the scenes stuff, pictures of the creators, info on the cast... the list goes on.

The Fact
During this month 5 years ago... Day of the Tenticle was at Number 1 in the UK games charts.

14th August 1998 MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Slow on news I`m affraid... I have put up this weeks poll. If you would like to see the result of last weeks poll then Click Here. It was pretty close really, but alot of you loved all three Monkey Island games just as much.

I forgot to post this the other day... but, The Home of Murray has a cool spoof interview with Murray. (I hope it's a spoof anyway, other wise we have a bodyless Skeleton on the loose hell bent on world domination! Could be worse I guess...)

LucasArts have put up a Grim Fandango Demo Survey for Customers to fill in AFTER they have played the demo. (Which I really recommend!) Thanks to PChaMan on the Posting Zone for that info.

Lucasgames has a poll about what you thought of the Grim Fandango demo.

8th August 1998 Grim Fandango.. Impressive
The Monkey Island Comic page has added a whole load of new stuff and changed the name to Skull Island. Also, there is a 10th page added to the excellent comic!

I just Played the Grim Fandango Demo too.. took me a few minutes to adjust, but I loved it. The graphics were truly amazing.. and these are without 3D card support! The Controls arn`t my favourite part.. but as a Alone in the Dark fan, I got used to them. I could really imagine a MI game using that graphic engine and a Point and Click interface! but, the game has that LucasArts feel to the voices and story so I was really impressed! I really recommend trying it.

New Poll too!!! The last Poll results can be found here, but the MI2 Guybrush look seems to be the favourite.

New Sites:

The Monkey Island Lava Pit
5th August 1998 GameSpot Poll
GameSpot asking 'Which is your favorite LucasArts adventure?'. Last I looked CMI was in the lead, so Go Vote!

David Karlgren has done a couple of cool .XM MOD files. and Best to use ModPlug or Winamp (with Mod player addition) to play these files.

New Sites:

The A-mfggh-C's of Monkey Island
3rd August 1998 Poll Disaster
For some reason.. the poll disappeared and lost all the results. So I request that if you voted... please vote again! And if you didn`t vote.. why didn`t you?? Eh?? EH?? erm, I mean please do vote :) I`ll only run this poll again for a few days.

Highland Productions has released another top CMI Midi... this one is titled 'LeChuck's Plans Unfold'. Infact.. I liked it so much I had to use it on this page!

New Sites:

John's Monkey Island
Rottingbeef's Monkey Island Page
The Goodsoup Hotel
The Curse of Monkey Island - Fun Stuff You Missed (A Must See!)
Snuckey's On-Line (Sam and Max)
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