February 1998

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25th February 1998 - CMI Guide Available
It appears that the CMI Stratagy Guide is now available! Salmonax 3pwood posted this on the Posting Zone a while ago telling us what we can expect to find in it, I`ve been meaning to add this for a while... oops, sorry :)

" I just purchased the coolest thing. The curse of monkey strategy guide. It has sheet music for a pirate I was meant to be along with words. Plus color story book and story book of the first and second monkey island. A long with hints tips and cheats. Has words to a song that was supposed to be a finale but was cut. It is awesome. It's officially licensed and is written by Captain Jo "Tripps" Ashburn. The publishers site is at www.primagames.com Did I just sound like I was trying to sell something to you or what"

Secondly, I got an interesting Email from MikeBIG with information about a Monkey Island Movie. This is what he said... hopefully it's true, but you just can`t be sure at this time :(

"I was just told by a friend that the Monkey Island movie has started production again! But instead of Mike J. Fox, they are getting... you'd better be sitting down... MARTIN SHORT!!!"

Meanwhile, the same guy (MikeBIG, remember?) has started to write a sequel to CMI called Quest of Monkey Island. Go have a quick read!

17th February 1998 - New Monkey2 Midis
A few new Monkey Island 2 midis (General Midi and MT-32) are available at Stan's Previously Owned Downloads. Thanks to QuestStudios.

In case your wondering why I have put two dates next to the Jonathan Ackley and Larry Ahern quote... I`m not trying to insult anyones intelligence, it's just that I was getting alot of mail about the Quote being from the Future (?). In the UK we put DD/MM/YY, in the US it is MM/DD/YY. Just had to sort that out.. it's not a mistake :)

14th February 1998 - CMI best Adventure game of 1997
CMI won Best Adventure Game of 1997 in GameSpots Readers Choice Awards with 61% of the votes. Beating Riven which had 15% and came in Second place.

12th February 1998 - Monkey Island listed 9th best game of ALL time!!
Three Cheers for Guybrush!!

OGR has listed The Secret of Monkey Island as the 9th Best game of ALL time. Shows that they know what they are talking about.

11th February 1998 - More Midis!!
Lots of new midis are now available in the Downloads Section.

I also hope to have the Links all updated and correct.

4th February 1998 - Michael Land Homepage
Andrew Langley has opened up The Michael Land Homepage. A page about one of the best Game Music Composers ever!! The page even has an Exclusive Interview with Michael Land, with a few interesting answers like:

"Someday, I hope to release a CD of my own music, done not for games or videos, but just on its own."
That's a great Idea Michael... I`ll be first in the queue to buy it!!

3rd February 1998 - Vote CMI again!
We are getting alot of AGAINs in the topics recently, anyway...

Gamespot are holding a games awards vote... GO VOTE CMI!!!

Go on... now, Vote first and then read the rest :)

2nd February 1998 - New Server... again!
Ok, I`ve moved the site from Geocities to the free space at http://www.xoom.com. I`ve also set it up so that it still appears to use the http://www.skyfox.oaktree.co.uk/monkey/ address.

The Downloads are back too... but not yet complete. So alot of the files may not yet be there.

Problem? Then please e-mail Skyfox.

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