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February 2000

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29th Feb 2000 Quizzed
Just added the option to buy the MI games to the side menu on the main page. This goes through the Chip&Bits online store. I`ve also listed some other good Adventure games, I do recommend buying the CMI guide as it has tons of extras!

SCUMM Bar Quiz #13
Quiz #13 is now available... this time the questions are by Chariset. After trying this quiz I realised I really MUST play CMI again... why? I scored a pathetic 4/10.

Monkey Island Levels
Plunder 3D has an AVI of their first model to be used in their Half-Life version of Plunder Island.

Melee Island 3D, a Melee Island level for Unreal Tournament has a new website and two new screenshots.

21st Feb 2000 Nothing about MI4!
A quick note about the Concept art news from 12th Feb. A few people emailed to point out that it is dated '00. So it obviously isn`t original concept art for Melee Island, and just for the Quake3 map.

Site Watch

LucasFans - Has an interview with Noah Falstein, a games designer who worked at LucasArts at the start.

The World of Monkey Island - A new section called Where to Buy. Useful if you want to find somewhere to buy the MI games.

SCUMM Revisted - The best program for ripping stuff from the MI games. Has a new article called Inside the Engine. Lot's of tech stuff :-)

The Fate of Monkey Island - A fan game... considered one of the best by most. The first part of a sequel has been made and is available to download.

12th Feb 2000 Cavedog no more?
Melee Island Concept Art?
Forgot to mention last time, but the Melee Island level for Quake3 site has at the bottom of it's page what appears to be original concept art for Melee Island. Well worth a look.

Also, the Melee island level for Unreal Tournament now has it's own Website along with a new screenshot. The screenshot is of the Melee Island Lookout and I do have to say looks very accurate. Looks like I now have to buy Unreal too!

French MI4 news
The french magazine Joystick has news of MI4. Malte Skoruppa of http://monkeyisland.de sent this news and has also translated it into English. This is what it says:

"Monkey Island 4 is in work now, and the interface it will use is an enhanced version of that one of Grim Fandango. It isn't precised if the game will be entirely be in 3D. Grim Fandango mixed 3D for the personnages and 2D for the background, so that I'm not sure"
Cavedog Closing?
Avault has a Report that states that GT Interactive have decided to close Cavedog. As you will probably know, Cavedog is the company formed by Monkey Island creator, Ron Gilbert. News spotted at #monkey-island and emailed by Darth Phenom.

UPDATE: Another, more detailed, report can be found at Gamespy.com.

10th Feb 2000 A Rapid Departure
Time for another change of emails... my new address is skyfox@thescummbar.com. I will try to update all the pages with the new address, but soon the da08@rapid.co.uk and skyfox@mixnmojo.com addresses will stop working.

More Monkey Island Levels
Unreal Tournament Melee Island Yet another Monkey Island level for a First Person Shooter is in development, this time for Unreal Tournament. Michael emailed me with this screenshot of what he has created so far. Hopefully he will send in more screenshots as the level progresses.

Second, the site for the Melee Island level for Quake3 has been updated with new screenshots. I may just buy Quake 3 now.

And Lastly, the guys working Plunder Island 3D for Half Life have announced plans to also create levels based on Blood Island and all the islands from Monkey Island 2. Lucky I just bought Half Life.

A new site just added to Mixnmojo is called MonkeyMugs. This site contains pictures of almost all the members of #monkey-island. Be afraid. I`d just like to say that I no longer have the long, Guybrush style hair :-)

4th Feb 2000 Levels everywhere!
Quake3 Melee Island
Quake3 Melee Island News of a Monkey Island level for Quake3... this one is based on Melee Island and looks really impressive! Visit the site and take a look at the first Work in Progress screenshot.

New Plunder3D Screenshots
Plunder Island 3D has four new screenshots, this time of the Voodoo Hut and Puerto Pollo. As you probably know by now, Plunder Island 3D is a level being made for Half Life. The project also had some words of encouragement from Dominic Armato!

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"You look like a flooring inspector to me." - Melee Island Lookout