Pirates of the Caribbean uncovered

An article by LucasTones, posted on September 30. 2003.

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Kroms November 02. 2006

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Zephros January 21. 2005

"This is about the only aspect of each that seems to be totally original."
I'm sorry that you think so. Badelt's "score" is nothing but a rehash of "The Rock" and "Gladiator" and it's not really surprising considering Badelt didn't compose the entire score, a lot of it was done by Hans Zimmer's Media Ventures company. I hate to come on and say that but I feel the scores for the Monkey Island games are truly classic and wonderful. I have no doubt that Alan Silvestri would have carried on this tradition of Pirate music (whether intentionally like MI or not) but it seems Bruckheimer decided to kick him off because he didn't want flutes in the music. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that seem a little petty? Besides, look at the great Pirate scores: Monkey Island, Cutthroat Island, Hook, Peter Pan... All of them had grand orchestral scores (with the exception of Monkey Island, but the flutes are still present) and all of them worked well (which is, I suppose a matter of opinion).

I feel like a huge loser now, for commenting on such a petty thing. Still, a great article for a great movie (apart from said score), a series of exceptional games and a ride I've never been on.

reprobate March 06. 2004

it happens all the time - in fact it's what Disney do best - i bet there're a few kids out there who think Cinderella and Snow White are Disney stories...i love the idea of a MI film...dunno if POTC is it tho....Johnny Depp is a well fit pirate ;^) but Guybrush (1+2) would still kick his arse in ANY situation!

LucasTones March 04. 2004

If there was any legal action, Disney would win. They get pretty nasty in the courts, and Monkey Island was based on their ride.

Yodus February 29. 2004

I enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean very much, I'm constantly watching the DVD. However indeed some aspects of the film do resemble some aspects in the Monkey Island games. Especially the jail scene from LCR, however I myself have been on the ride and seen the jail scene so it's hardly new. Also Elizabeth Swan as the Governor's daughter, not totally orginal. Big Whoop also has the cursed treasure also grants immortality just as the same as the Tresure of Cortez in the film. However I do agree on the Verdict, but I will always think of Monkey Island when I watch the film in future.

MurraysWife February 29. 2004

I really liked taht Movie..... best scene in my opinion (and soooooo related to MI2!!!) is where Sparrow uses the Bone to get the cell-key from the dog! Also nice is the fact, that the kidnapped girl is the governeur's daughter. When I first saw the movie I immediately thought that the writer must be one of the biggest MI-fans!!! I think that movie really is a tribute to Monkey Island and I love it! I'm just sad that Murray is never really mentioned... :-)

balert February 05. 2004

what did you expect from a pirate move? of coarse it is going to be a little like monkey island. monkey island is famouse!

Lucifer January 04. 2004

Its Great that so much pirate stuff is out there now leave me alone..i have grog to drink

muhahaha December 28. 2003

well personally after i saw the film i sort of thought there were similarites, like the scene writer had played the games or something, but not alot. oh and i thought mr.bloom(or mr. turner)looked a tiny bit like mr. threepwood in the 2nd one but had the clothes of him in the 1st. but maybe it's just me

Strutter October 19. 2003


Cutthrush October 10. 2003

The feel and the nautical atmosphere of the movie, I will say is quite similar to MI and has the same basic humour and wit while reaching the audience fully. I'd say it is like MI is that respect.

Nickname October 10. 2003

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Nickname October 10. 2003

Thanks Remi0

dubsdj October 10. 2003

When I first saw the film advertised in the cinema I didn't even assosiate it with one of my favourite games of all time monkey island.
But when I went to see the film I came out of the cinema after the film and said "Monkey island" because it shares a lot of similar features. I think it is a great thing and I'm glad that it relates to monkey island a bit, makes it more interesting to see.

MrManager October 09. 2003

Si! He dejado en libertad los prisioneros y ahora vengo por ti!

Nickname October 08. 2003

Anyone notice all the chickens in the town after the PIrate attack? Instantly reminded me of Puerto Pollo. Aside, anyone have the soundbite of Guybrush replying to Blondebeard in spanish? Pure Gold!

Cutthrush October 08. 2003

Warm and fuzzy eh??? no comment! It is one great film, it's all the extras i'm looking forward to when it comes out on dvd.
As for Sparrows entrance, I think it's similar to Guybrushes arrival at the begining of MI3, both characters, you question how they got there, there is an element of mystery to their previous location. Like Sparrow, Guybrush is more lucky than skillfull, accidental hero and all that. And the sword fight, the typical 'throw insults at each other' scenario played in here quite nicely, this was based more so on all sword fights in films though. MI applied this to gameplay.

LucasTones October 07. 2003

My favourite parts of the movie are actually parts that are totally unrelated to Monkey Island in any way. Mainly, Sparrows entrance on his sinking ship, Sparrows initial escape after saving Elizabeth, and the final swordfight. Although, I admit, when I watched the movie the first time I thought that the bridge sparrow runs across when being chased by the navy guys looks just like the one next to the prison on Phatt island. Maybe it was just me.

Anomonous Guy October 05. 2003

oh okey dokey then :)
I agree, i actually loved the fact that it was similar to Monkey Island... It just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...

Cutthrush October 05. 2003

That I read of course, all I am saying is that it wouldn't matter if they had copied, it's more of a compliment

Anomonous Guy October 05. 2003

erm, did u actually read the article cutthrush?
The article says that lucastones also thinks that the film didnt steal the stuff, just used similar ideas because they r both related to the ride...

Cutthrush October 05. 2003

Very interesting, but perhaps a bit presumptuous. I don

scabb October 04. 2003

You could've mentioned the Total Recall spoilers too :~~

Imladhrim October 01. 2003

And Mr. Bloom even looks somewhat like the Guybrush in Secret of Monkey Island :D

Anomonous Guy September 30. 2003

Well that was a good read :) and i see now there are pictures lol...
I would agree with u, the game and movie are not based on each other, it is just thatr the ideas are similar, and the film reminded me alot of monkey island mainly for the light-hearted pirate theme and comedy...
This film is definately the most memorable i have seen in a long time!
Great article :)

LucasTones September 30. 2003

I made about 400Mb of comparison pictures, then got scared at the way Gabez and Remi were reacting to the article and hid them.

MrManager September 30. 2003

Look at the "Article Images" in the right menu.

Anomonous Guy September 30. 2003

What, no pictures?? :D

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