Rogue Pirate King November 01. 2007

Personally I think - console wars are pretty silly. Usually when one person says "I wish this game was on this system" it starts a huge debate between angry fans over what gaming platform is the best that often leads to personal insults. It's immature and it has to stop. No console is "better" than the other because it's a matter of personal opinion.

But I don't think that it's wrong for people to be irked that a really good game that they've been anticipating is surprisingly not for their preferred platform, in this case PC. Should they go on and on about why PC is better and everything should be on it? No. But they do have the right to complain if a good game isn't released for their platform and they would love to play it, as long as they don't rudely bash consoles and get into arguments with consoles fans at the same time, which is very immature.

And let's face it - PC gaming is expensive these days! If you've spent $1000 on a good gaming PC, you probably don't want to dish out another $500 on another console, and there are a lot of good exclusive titles on only 1 console, which means you would have to dish out another $500 just to play them. And the chances you're going to have a friend who has that console, the game AND is willing to let you have both for a few weeks is pretty slim!

I know it's hard to port a game to another system, but I think all games should be multi platform to let everyone enjoy them. And if someone who really wants a game and doesn't have the platform or the money to buy another, then give him a break and let him whine a bit! You don't have to read him complain, nobody's forcing you to, so why do you have to whine about him yourself?

If that person was following you around and complaining about it all the time, fine, you have an argument, that would be annoying. But why care about someone who complains in a way that you can so easily ignore? Who cares? Ignore his complaining and move on! Problem solved.

You don't have to order him to stop if it isn't bothering you. I don't think you have to feel your on a mission to preach about how such a thing should be purged from the Earth, because let's face it. As long as good games aren't developed for a certain platform, people WILL complain. Deal with it.

Largo LaGrande August 11. 2002

Just hand over them travellers checks.

Jojo Sr July 31. 2002

Personelly I'd stick to the PS2...

superqult July 30. 2002

haggis wrote:
"The PC is not actually a platform suitable for playing games; you need an awful lot of attachments to the motherboard to enjoy things like that."

that's why we run macs with macos x. hahaha.

captain mystery, you suck. if lucasarts want to make money, then they should sure as hell release all of their games for both computers and consoles. since most people who doesn't already own a console won't buy one for just one game. although lucasarts have released games for consoles for a long time (maniac mansion anyone?), most of their games have been released for computers. and because of that, the majority of their fanbase are mainly computer players. this "discussion" is stupid, as this is very simple: if there is a demand for their games on console, then release them for console. if there is a demand for their games on computers, then release them for computers. and currently, there's demand from both console and computer players. so release the games for both.

dgmacphee July 23. 2002

Tom Cruise acts like a pussy sometimes... Does that count?

Captain Mystery July 21. 2002

Digital-Holocaust: I understood the words in your insult, just not the sense of it. I've never seen someone whose looks resemble a vagina. Then again, I don't live where you do.

Digital-Holocaust July 21. 2002

Mystery: It obviously made sense to you if you were able to interpret it another way. And it wasn't supposed to be funny, it's just the shocking truth.

dgmacphee July 19. 2002

Captain Mystery: Because we get your point already: YOU HATE WHINEY FANATICS!

You articles may appear different, as you say, but your anti-fan sentiment is still the same. In terms of sending a message, we get your fucking point. Move on. Write about something more important. i admit, you do have a great writing style, but your ideas seem to be lacking in creativity, and continually focus upon one particular group of people (i.e. Fans). Why not try something different, rather than another anti-fan rant for your next article?

Captain Mystery July 17. 2002

Digital-Holocaust: Is it possible for a human being to look like a vagina?

You could also have said "You look like a cunt".

But it still wouldn't be (a) funny or (b) make sense.

Digital-Holocaust July 17. 2002

Mystery: Easy. You just put two and two together. "You-look-like-a-twat" Simple really.

Captain Mystery July 15. 2002

dgmachphee: how can ranting about three different topics (the legality of fan games, idle speculation and people complaining about games being console only) be considered "the same thing over and over"?

Digital-Holocaust: how exactly does one "look like a twat"? In literal terms that's quite bizarre.

dgmacphee July 14. 2002

I'm the "inconsequential person [who] made some remark about how, through these articles, [you] seemed to be ranting about the same thing over and over again." I'm quite impressed that I got a mention in such an illegible paragraph.

And you're still ranting about the same thing over and over. You've condemned fans for making fan games and condemned them for speculating. Now you're condemning fans for complaining about games that some may never get to play.

I don't care about the whole PC vs Xbox vs PS2 debate - It's stupid. But I will say this: If your only line of critique is "Shut up, buy an Xbox, don't make fan games or fanfics cause they suck (and so do fans), shut up again, and stop speculating", then you're the worst critic I've ever read. You show no versatility, no originality, and no imagination in your work. Once again, your current article proves that you are still "continuing on the same old tirade".

Digital-Holocaust July 12. 2002

*Ahem* Very nice, Cap'n Mystery, you haven't got a clue. Please go back to the other end of the queue, because you're obviously very sour with people who don't agree with you. *Ends poem*

You honestly sound like a little, whiney

twifkak July 06. 2002


As twifkak might say: LOL"

Yes. That's right. I invented LOL, and I charge $.05 (US) for every instance of it.

matt July 03. 2002


MrManager July 03. 2002

Ok, very good, I'm glad we can settle this like adults, and I apologize for flying off the handle.

matt July 03. 2002

remi - no, i don't plan to continue that stuff from ages ago. Mentioning you in that comment had just the purpose to show what kind of criticism from mojowide-known persons like you one get's (of course) when you say your opinion in public without a "captain mystery" disguise.

that was the true intention... and it's right, isn't it.

I shouldn't have written that example from below (the thingy from the third e-mail) because it's really out of context... my reply to your first mail was in fact something like "how stupid someone is who wants me to stop saying my opinion loud in public...". You are right - that's not friendly but maybe I just got your first mail wrong or you got my second mail or the original text wrong or whatever... FACT is that we can BOTH have our opinions and that we should have agreed that we disagree regarding this topic and we should have stopped before we came to that point of not very stylish discussion on the MojoPosting Board.

Well, the finale:
Let's restart and I apologize for the unfriendly things I said till now (hoping you accept and do the same). We can do this because although we have different opinions regarding the beloved Monkey Island Games, our actual struggle was based on errors and prejudices.

*reaching out hand to end something bad that happened some 1.5 years ago*

(reporter: "Well one of the biggest fights ever to be seen on the MojoMessageboard is going to end peacefully... It took 1.5 years to come to this point and all by accident. A positive event ...")

PS: see, Captain Mystery? It works well the normal way -

MrManager July 03. 2002

matt - I sent you a normal e-mail and got a less than nice answer back. Even if you keep mentioning that one line in the third e-mail, it won't make your own reply go away. What was it again? About how stupid and horrible anybody disagreeing with you were?

Anyway, that was 1.5 year ago, and if you want to continue obsessing over it, be my guest.

matt July 03. 2002

Well, I'm a console loyalist ... and I like my PC BUT i won't read this article because it's just lame to attach a mask before saying someting others might not like.

When I created that mojo-posting-monster by asking Spaff to publish the "that's not Monkey Island" article some 1.5 years ago i did NOT wear a mask although there were a lot of people who wouldn't like that opinion...
INCLUDING mr. remi O. Yes - you never excused for saying all those bad things... but maybe you understand now that MY opinion on EMI doesn't allow YOU to say things like "that's what happening when an 8 year old is trying to make a shitty website".

well... CAPTAIN MYSTERY is what's happening when someone is afraid to get and give criticism the normal way. when someone is afraid to lose support by some "MI Community" guys (who must be very important for him if he doesn't dare to say what he thinks in public) ...

not even the unknown (i don't use "mysterious" because that implies something like "interesting") article writer can criticise what i just wrote - except he's wearing the mask because of other reasons like air pollution.

PS i hope, remi, you're not going to criticise my english that's not that perfect just as you used to just because i'm criticising this article here.

matt July 03. 2002


Andi Wan July 02. 2002

The whole Captain Mystery business is so funny because people take it so seriously. He's not taking it seriously, so why should you? Too much time on your hands perhaps.

MrManager July 02. 2002

While I don't have any PS2 numbers, I've heard that it did "better than expected" (whatever that means). I do know it hit the top 5 in the UK and stayed there for a while.

Raindance July 02. 2002

Maniac Mansion on the NES, while censored to death, was fairly successful. Back then, I knew people who wouldn't normally touch a game on the PC who loved the game on the NES. There's a market for it alright, it's just hard to get people's attention sometimes. Anyone happen to know how well EMI did on the PS2?

mercatfat July 01. 2002

Furthering Remi's statement, Maniac Mansion must have been incredibly successful on the NES because I usually see just as many copies of it as Super Mario 3 at almost any given used game market.

scabb- July 01. 2002

I enjoy these articles.
They really wind everbody up, which leads to arguments that can only help us all to get some anger out of our systems.

MrManager June 30. 2002

Crazymatt - Adventure games like the Broken Sword series sold better on the PS than the PC. I haven't seen LEC's PS2 numbers for EMI, so I wouldn't know how well it did there, but you'd be surprised at how well the genre does on consoles.

Raindance June 30. 2002

Point & click is the ideal adventure interface? Screw that. I like point and click as much as the next guy, but it's not the -only- interface, nor does it decide what is and is not an adventure game. No wonder LucasArts is looking at consoles- it seems PC gamers aren't so accepting of a little change. For the record, Grim Fandango was sure as hell not point & click, yet was an incredibly entertaining adventure game. But, apparently a point & click interface determines what is and isn't an adventure game. What does that make Grim Fandango?
Quick Addendum: Adventure games can have a place on a console, but often enough to appeal to 'console gamers' they throw in other elements, most often combat. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Crazymatt June 30. 2002

Aren't adventure games more popular with PC gamers anyway? Releasing an adventure game exclusively for a console wouldn't exactly be as profitable for them, would it?

MrManager June 30. 2002

Also, Gabez is here-by my hero.

Gabez June 30. 2002

I should really be more involved in these Captain Mystery articles. But anyway, I'm here now, so this is what I think:

1) Captain Mystery's my hero!
2) Don't take everything so seriously
3) These articles are supposed to be an extreme opinion, and the result is what you see here: loads and loads of people leaving comments and discussing the topic. Sure, Captain Mystery shocks the Monkey Island community, but he also brings it together!(Albeit in hatred against him)
4) The Captain's not a coward. I mean really, it would be pretty stupid for someone to post such... controversial articles and use their nick that they've been using for ages, incase everything goes wrong and everyone starts to hate them.
5) You people really need to shut-up ;)

Captain Mystery June 30. 2002


As twifkak might say: LOL

Haggis June 30. 2002

Well, not you, that's for sure.

Captain Mystery June 30. 2002

Captain History? Who can compete with wit like that?

sheesh June 30. 2002

raindance: And you classify those as "pure adventure" (I even gave the example of MI2, BKSword and EMI to show what type of games i meant)

You might as well admit it: Point'n'click was the ideal adventure interface.

And this is where I say farewell. I won't read or post to Captain History's lame articles any more because they are so.. lame. the end

iisaac June 30. 2002

Yes, Captain Mystery is not a good writer. I've exhausted my interest in Mixnmojo. Thank you and Goodbye.

twifkak June 29. 2002

Just to confuse all of you: I voted "Sure would" in the poll. I'm not against consoles (despite the fact that they are worse than computers -- by design). I am, however, against spam.

Ben_Whatsisname June 29. 2002

Well, judging by the comments toward/about Captain Mystery and the lack of steam in his article and replies to the same, looks like his 15 minutes of fame are up. Thanks for being a one-hit-wonder for us, Captain, but it appears to be time to change your nick to 'Captain History'. Goodbye.

(And yes, I know he wrote more than one article)

twifkak June 29. 2002

C.M.:"twifkak: Like I'm going to read a comment by somebody who uses the word LOL."

See, the difference is you actually *did* read it, while I never finished yours. Everything you've said up to this point has been unoriginal, at best.

Erwin_Br June 29. 2002

Ral:"Okay that was the lamest comment you could make. You simply proved that you are an idiot by that."

Indeed. I think Captain Mystery is wasting his time complaining about complaints. The sad thing is that I also wasted time reading his rants and actually responding to them.

Good luck with your 'articles', Captain.

Ralgath[queztone] June 29. 2002

"Ben: that's a nice long post, maybe someone will read it one day."

Okay that was the lamest comment you could make. You simply proved that you are an idiot by that.

Raindance June 29. 2002

The incompetence of people talking about consoles is astounding. I own both a high end PC, and an abundance of consoles, and adventure games can appear on each equally, albeit in different formats. Echo Night for the PS1 is a good example of an adventure game on a console. For a better example, there's Shadows of Destiny for the PS2 (which is being ported to the PC, go figure). It's an awesome adventure game, no combat, and sure as hell is better than some of the adventure games on the PC as of late. (Jazz & Faust anyone? No? Simon the Sorceror 3D maybe? Didn't think so.) As for a whole community being able to change the mind of LucasArts? Not likely. People vote with their dollars in the game business, and last I checked, their PC adventure games weren't doing so well in the polls. You can hardly blame them for focusing on consoles so they can, you know, stay in business and make a profit. I think businesses do that nowdays went they aren't crashing in a heap of flaming death.

Haggis June 29. 2002

"Shocking The Monkey Island Community Since 2002" Why use the word "since"? As if this Captain Mystery will be accepted as a member of our community one day... har.

Captain Mystery June 29. 2002

Scummbuddy: I only said you'd be an ass if you thought I condoned slavery, which is fair enough, I think. Of course, you could be an ass anyway, but that's not for me to know.

Ben: that's a nice long post, maybe someone will read it one day.

twifkak: Like I'm going to read a comment by somebody who uses the word LOL.

sheesh June 29. 2002

Yeah yeah! I know what LAN is and I know what LAN gaming is and I've played with friends over LAN more than once. I also played several times with with friends on console.
Over LAN we were usually sitting far apart (and when it's a 30-terminal network things get messy..) while on the console you are just you and your pals.

mercatfat June 28. 2002

I think what he meant was with Console multi, you can punch the person next to you right after they kill you. On the other hand, if someone's on the other side of the LAN table, you can only throw a pen or paperweight or whatever happens to be handy at him. You can still yell at them however, so I guess it's a moot point.

Ben_Whatsisname June 28. 2002


"LAN gaming is surely more advanced than playing on a console with friends. With the latter, though, you have close contact with your 'opponents' which adds to the fun. Technically, it's exactly the same thing, so stop arguing!"

"LAN" stands for Local Area Network - this does not mean internet gaming, this means "pretty much the same damn building" gaming (When I worked as a tech on an army base, we had killer lunchtime Quake I LAN games with people all over the base). How does being able to have room to move and be able to make moves against an opponent w/o him/her seeing what you're doing worse than sharing a couch and tv screen?

If you're gonna dis LAN gaming, learn what a LAN is first.

Erwin_Br June 28. 2002

I'm glad I've bought GTA3 for the PC instead for the PS2. My own MP3 music, own player skin and higher resolutions!

mercatfat June 28. 2002



scabb- June 28. 2002

Oh, "you buy a new pc and in two years you have to upgrade it. Consoles last for 4 years"
If you could upgrade a console, then that wouldn't stand.

Erm...THAT's completely taken my point out of context. Did I recommend improving consoles? NO. Did I complain about this fact? NO. Should you, like Celeine Dion sings, "Think Twice" before posting things that make no sense? Yes.

twifkak June 28. 2002

"individualistic" -- LOL. Like I'm going to read an article by somebody who doesn't even comprehend the language in which he wrote it.

Scummbuddy June 28. 2002

hey, Ralgath isn't wrong, OK. i mean he completly picked up on my point of power in numbers, inwhich Captain Complainer thought I was accusing him of condoling slavery. And it's funny, that you called me an ass in your response to me, I was going to do the same in my first post but I remembered how old I was and how silly you are.

sheesh June 28. 2002

I like to think that a lot of people on this site are adventure gamers (even if it may not be so???).

There are no real adventures (no, not "action-adventure" crap) made for consoles. The last that made it to a console were Broken Sword and EMI and their sales were hardly as great as those for PC.
why? The PC interface (mouse)is more suited to adventuring and most adventure fans (especially those that were around in the 80s) are PC users.

Geez, people! Will you ever stop comparing the PC to consoles! That is so STUPID! Consoles are better for [hardcore] gaming since they were MADE for [hardcore]gaming! Period.
It's like having a bowl and a cup. You can put soup in both of them, but it'll always be more difficult to eat (not drink, wiseguys!) from the cup.
But are consoles good for adventures? No! Then you wonder why LEC dumped SCUMM: It wasn't made with consoles in mind.. They use LUA that is more console-oriented.

Oh, "you buy a new pc and in two years you have to upgrade it. Consoles last for 4 years"
If you could upgrade a console, then that wouldn't stand.

LAN gaming is surely more advanced than playing on a console with friends. With the latter, though, you have close contact with your 'opponents' which adds to the fun. Technically, it's exactly the same thing, so stop arguing!

mercatfat: Give us a break, already!

mercatfat June 28. 2002

Ral: Was that a cleverly diguised way of saying that you've lost?

scabb- June 28. 2002

LAN partys more common than console get togethers?


Nothing beats Super Smash Bros with 3 friends, sat on a couch, kicking the crap out of each other.


Consoles rock. You buy a console game, you put it in, you play. You also know that the game will run fine, unlike with a PC, where you often have to mess with a lot of settings in order to get maximum performance. Games can also fuX up your PC, because you install and uninstall, and install and uninstall, and so on, and this slows the thing down from my experience (and yes, I do defrag).

And as for throwing a console out when it's worthless - A console is never worthless! Many people still love to play Mario World or Zelda on their old SNES, and these consoles will no doubt fetch serious money in another 50 years.

Plus, you buy a new PC, in 2 years you'll have to update it. Some more RAM, A new graphics card - Hell, your processor might not run the latest games - amounts to a lot more

B.B.J June 28. 2002

I think the best way to go would be to intergrate everything. You cant call it the future until you have a box that will play every game from PC to PS and everything inbetween. And dont say thats a bad idea because it is'nt.

P.S Captain Mystery (or mysary what ever you prefer) shut up and get lost.

Murray-Mint June 28. 2002

A note about LAN parties.

20 people can be run on a 10Mbps Hub - Yes, there would be collisions and the 10Mbps would be shared at a contention ratio of 20:1 however, you should still only ping around 20-30 in most games.

The ideal solution would be a switch. 20 users would run amazingly from one. You can buy 24 port switches for around

Haggis June 28. 2002

I'd like to know why this Captain Mystery is getting so much attention/publicity.

sheesh June 28. 2002


Ralgath[queztone] June 28. 2002

Okay I'm not responding to any comments on my previous messages anymore. All these captain mystery articles do is generate a feeling of frustration towards the writer. "Where does he get the guts of telling me to stop complaining about something that I don't like"

If the scummbar continues to write these articles ill read them as humorous idiotic ranting articles that are not to be taken seriously.

Heck we've wandered off discussing completely irrelevant stuff in these posts, while it all started with some idiot complaining that no one is allowed to complain but himself. Now that is brilliant, mercafat.

Manny stop complaining that you get the lousy jobs. Guybrush stop complaining about LeChuck's activities. Corley stop complaining about Ripburger's minivans plan. Bernard stop complaining about purple tentacle taking on the world. Anderson stop complaining that Graham murdered your wife and kidnapped your daughter.

Enough of this, if you have anything else to say about this post or whatever you can contact me in #mi.

sheesh June 28. 2002

captain writes these complaint-articles about the community and complains that we don't shut up (reason doesn't really matter) and then he continues complaining and insulting this comminuty because we don't respond to his complains. How selfish!

Graphical adventure games were born on the PC (if we don't count the amiga) and it's the PC that made them what they were in their heyday. Consoles were made with action games in mind and hence are not equipped to play adventure games (in the traditional sense - what's an 'adventure game' when you don't have a mouse? Imagine playing MI2 on a console)

The consoles were built _especially_ to be a simple, cheap way to play popular games. Because they carry no operating system they are significantly faster than the PC and have better performance and, depending on their make-up of course, better quality graphics.
When you buy a PC you don't only buy a game-box, but you also get software that you can do.. other stuff with. The PC and the console are two completely different things with different purposes.. and hence the price difference. They may both be able to play games, but for the PC it's an extra, not a reason for being.

Developing games for consoles is MUCH easier than developing for the PC. The console has FIXED hardware while the PCs may have thousands of different configurations. On the console you don't have to worry about polygon count - the thing is a polygon cruncher and it is its job not to slow down. Console games sell for more than PC games - LEC is after the money, not the mon[k]ey.

We all know (I dunno 'bout ole cap'n misery - he ain't of this 'ere world you know, harharhar!) that LEC stopped caring about the fans a looong time ago. A single voice means nothing to them. A chorus of screams may make their eye twitch. A community yelling at the top of its lungs _could_ wake 'em up.

Take ScummVM for example: LEC legal will continue haunting them until they find a good reason to wipe them out. If the community says nothing they'll do it- no problem. If we all object and tell LEC to back off, then they'll be forced to stop. (Muahaha! Taste a bit of their own medicine! "Cease'n'desist" LEC legal!)

To conclude, since I'm so utterly bored of this poo-man and his ego, I'll simply ask cap'n misery to go back to Capital City and STAY THERE! For Good!

Oh, did I mention that this is the worst article he wrote? I think he's taking the whole bashing thing a bit too personally.

Squinky June 28. 2002

Seriously Ral, get outside. LAN parties are a whole lot more rare than impromptu get togethers to play something on a console. Just about everyone I know owns at least a PS2, and most of them aren't geeks.

Bob the Ghost June 28. 2002

Wow..he finds a lot to complain about.


mercatfat June 28. 2002

"Remi: What are you talking about? Non-geeky console gamers are the ones that are in minority."

You're joking, right? Because if you're not, everything you've ever said is overruled based on the fact you're an ignorant retard to what the real world is like these days.

Kinda like your thinking that LAN parties are popular! Absolutely brilliant!

Jayel June 27. 2002

"That's a quote following the now-defunct rumors about Full Throttle II being made only for consoles, with no PC version in the planning. You know something? That's not bad news."

?? Of course it's a bad news. It means all the fans of the original who want to play the sequel will have to buy a console (if they haven't already, which they most likely haven't). If it wasn't a bad news for the fans LEC wouldn't have made any plans to release FT2 for PC at all.

if LEC announced, say, a sequel to Jedi Power Battles for a next-gen console, you won't see anybody complaining.

Squinky June 27. 2002

SonGoku, you apparently didn't read it, because the article didn't actually compare anything. It was about how people shouldn't complain about console only games.

SonGoku June 27. 2002

Like comparing which is better to wipe your arse with: your mouse mat or tv remote - this was a completely pointless rant.

Ralgath[queztone] June 27. 2002


im sorry...its 2 in the morning

Wossname June 27. 2002

I enjoy the irony of being told to stop complaining by a person (alias) who does nothing but complain.

People complain about things they don't like. Believe it or not, people don't like not being able to play games they think they might like, so they complain. Captain Mystery doesn't like reading these complaints, so he complains.

Maybe he should lead by example.

Ralgath[queztone] June 27. 2002

Squink: a couple of hubs will do. And i introduced the number 20 anyway so if you weren't following up with that then that's your problem

Captain Mystery June 27. 2002

Gidgidonihah: shut up

Squinky June 27. 2002

Again, wrong. You said 20 people; I said 4. You don't need a router for 4 people, but you more than likely will for 20.

Ralgath[queztone] June 27. 2002

Squinky: Actually I was the genius. Since I figured you didn't even need a router, I was as free to correct you on that already and put the word 'hub' there as a better fitted tool for the function fulfillment.

Remi: What are you talking about? Non-geeky console gamers are the ones that are in minority.

Gidgidonihah June 27. 2002

Goodness that was a long post to simply say "Im sick of hearing you complain." Honestly I'm a PC gamer myself. I've grown past the age where people come to my home to play games in front of the tv (although my brother-in-law hasnt and he is 10 years older than me and married). So naturally I would want the game released for the pc. But if it wasn't, how much harm has it actually done? No one is forcing us to play the game and therefore have to buy the console. Darn we don't get to do something we would like to do. Hrmm, guess that is life. And when he say "shut up" There is something that he should probably be doing instead, aside from taking his own advice on writing this article. Ignore them, it really isn't all that hard. Go figure.

Ben_Whatsisname June 27. 2002

Remio: Just what company makes the graphics chip in your x-box? Also, how do you turn of fsaa on x-box cuz some of those gameshots from the x-box commercial are jaggy as hell. figure they would use dodge/burn/smooth tools frame-by-frame in the ads if they wanted to sell me better on it.

MrManager June 27. 2002

Ral, as I said, I'm looking at the real world, not a niche market that you're looking at. Go out and hang with some people that don't use computers all day and you'll see a very different reality. LAN gaming is for a smaller percantage of gamers.

Squinky June 27. 2002

I said ROUTER, genius.

Ralgath[queztone] June 27. 2002

Remi: im surprised that you gone through the effort. After all you're still blatantly stating that 20 people in a lan in one game isn't enjoyable. Cmon you haven't been living under a rock. There are lan parties EVERYWHERE. It is so much MUCH MUCH MUCH more popular than console mp-ing. Don't be silly for crying out loud.

Squinky: we all have a pc here don't we? so that makes $0.00 after all. Also curious how you can manage to take in account $1500 for a couple of cables and a hub.

Squinky June 27. 2002

"Those three people are gonna have their own consoles and their own copies of the game. [insert cash register sound here] that are going unused while they have a gaming party where they have to share a screen and be crowded into one room together. "
Now come on Ben, that's a stretch. It has nothing to do with the actual cost of four people playing a game. $1500 x 4 is still $6000, more than all my consoles combined.

You're right, a router isn't essential for four people, but 20 people on one hub is going cause so many collisions the ping would be better with 56k modems.

Don't get me wrong, I far prefer PC multiplayer to console. But the fact is, it remains cheaper and easier to use consoles.

MrManager June 27. 2002

If you think that most console gamers are hardcore gamers, I suggest you go out in the real world and have a look at people who play console games. My brother-in-law, who's a jock in the true sense of the word, and all of his jock friends, are console gamers. These are guys who has never touched a computer game. Looking at the people at my work, all family people, are buying consoles and playing multiplayer games (usually sports games) with their families. These are the majority of gamers now, something the game charts prove. PC gaming is becoming more and more a niche market, where The Sims occupies half the chart. I'm not saying there isn't room for PC gaming, but it will become more and more a niche market.

Oh, and as I said, I own an Xbox, which has graphics far superior to my 800mhz P3 w/GeForce2.

Ben_Whatsisname June 27. 2002

Remi0: Console gamers aren't die-hard? If I was gonna cough up that much money for something that's gonna become attic-fodder long before my pc, I would damn-sure be a die-hard gamer and play every title out there before my favorite console became my favorite doorstop.


Jake: consoles vs. geforce4? Get real. that's like trying to compare two different mini-vans substituting the PC minivan for a Porche and hoping no-one notices. I have seen the ads on tv showing console game footage... they look like crap compared to the graphics from my $60 pci geforce2


Squinky: The point you missed is "you get what you pay for" - also, do you want to save all the money you think you save by having 3 people have to go over to a friend's house to play? Nope. Those three people are gonna have their own consoles and their own copies of the game. [insert cash register sound here] that are going unused while they have a gaming party where they have to share a screen and be crowded into one room together.
BTW, routers aren't really that nessisary for lan parties - convention ones, like Quakecon, yes, smaller in-home ones no.

Home computer that I can also use to swap mp3s and addons with my friends: $1500 (cuz I know how to shop)

Hub and two 10/100 NIC cards: $88

Flat surfaces to put PC's on: around $75 total, less if folks bring something from home

The look on Squinky's face when a friend on the crowded couch bumps his arm, costing him the game while my computer chair has 5 feet of empty space in three directions for me to roam in should the urge take me: Priceless.


Ralgath: Right on, brother! I far prefer to play Quake3 in the seclusion of my computer nook against three buddies on the dining room table, four more on a folding table, and about 8-12 more when my neighbor and I schedule lan parties at the same time and drop a strand of cat5 out the window.

Haggis June 27. 2002

Also, consoles were specifically designed just to run games. And they do that good and flawless. PCs were designed to put things like "Hello World" on your screen, or to print dull spreadsheets. The PC is not actually a platform suitable for playing games; you need an awful lot of attachments to the motherboard to enjoy things like that. The only type of game that is really suitable for the PC, is text adventures, simply because they require the use of a keyboard. That graphics have been added in modern gaming times makes no difference. Adventures are still more suitable for the PC than for consoles.

Squinky June 27. 2002

"Jake: with 4 people on a couch in one game or with 20 people in a LAN in one game? what's more enjoyable? thank you."

You missed the ENTIRE point. 4 computers = $8000
Router, cabling, etc = ~$1500
= $9,500

Console = $200
4 controllers = $80
= $280

Hmm! $9k vs $280... Wow, that's a hard choice. The thing is, consoles are more convinient and infinitely cheaper which makes them a justifiable part of gaming.

MrManager June 27. 2002

"20 people in a LAN in one game" - I'm sorry, but that's not enjoyable. In most cases that's just a bunch of geeks getting together to have a LAN "party" (I use the term "party" lightly here). And if you think LAN gaming is more popoular than sitting in front of the TV... Again, most people who buy consoles aren't hardcore gaming freaks, they're people who would never/rarely play a PC game. I have multiple example of this at work.

Ralgath[queztone] June 27. 2002

Jake: with 4 people on a couch in one game or with 20 people in a LAN in one game? what's more enjoyable? thank you.

btw: you can not go against this, its quite clear that LAN gaming is far more popular than couch-get-togethers

Ralgath[queztone] June 27. 2002

Captain Mystery:

quote: "Yeah, that's open-minded of you. All opinions must clearly be in a group to be worthwile! This is the Ralgath way!"

Again you come with naivity. Of course one opinion could be worthwile. However in the big business one opinion does not steer the ship. For something to be noticed it must have multiple voices crying out for it. Or just one very rich enchanted voice.

Ben_Whatsisname June 27. 2002

First off, it's 7 years - not ten. If you're gonna open your mouth, make sure you know what you're saying.

Second, console games are born on computers, ergo they start out life as computer games. The biggest difference in the gaming aspects is that for consoles, all you need is the console, a controller, and a tv.

Both sides (pc and console) have their pros and cons, of course. Let's take a look at some.

On a PC, on many games, game quality can be improved by different hardware. This doesn't mean that you have to buy a new video card or ram every time a game comes out, but it is an option which can be really minimal in price.

On a console, your only real gameplay boosting upgrades involve hoping that the next generation of the console you are playing on will support the games you already own. If you own a Playstation I and want a Playstation II game, guess what...? You're forced to buy a whole new console.

On the PC, users can make and trade game add-ons like skins, items, etc. and install them with no problem.

On most consoles, there is no real hard drive - maybe a little memory card that can hold addons, but those are mostly to hold savegames. You want to play GTA3 with the Britney Spears skin like the PC gamers do? Guess what...? The 'rom' in CD-ROM stands for "Read-Only Memory". This means you play the game as-is. So sorry. Maybe now that the consoles are coming online you'll get lucky enough to be able to save your add-ons on a server somewhere and have to connect to the net to use them.

On a PC, if there's a bug in the game, you can easily download and install a patch.

On a console... Heh... You just paid $50 for this game. You'd better like it how it is.

On a PC, operating systems and various programs can slow down the game.

On a console, the game is running at top speed.

On a PC, when you get tired of playing games for a while, you can do a thousand other things on it.

On a console, when you get tired of playing games, you another game.

On a PC, buying a $200 console for one or two $50 games that are console-only is a luxury.

On a console, buying a $2000 PC for $40 games or applications (which can jack up the price) is a huge hit to the wallet. Not to mention if you want a game written for a completely different console. Tsk tsk.

Finally, as a son, I know how my parents felt about this and, as a parent, I know my feelings, if a parent wants their kid to do better in school, which will they be more prone to purchase? A computer? Or a console?

So, in summary, the console has one thing going for it and many things against. And you wonder why serious consumers gripe about console-only titles.

Not every kid has that kind of nickle-and-dime money to spend and not every adult is gonna blow that much or allow their kid to, whichever the case may be.

Oh, and if you're wondering, my last console was an Atari 2600 and my next might be an X-Box depending on if FT2 is released on it. I would love to try Psychonauts, but not gonna buy a console for only one title.

Ben "General Pain-in-the-ass" Whatsisname

Captain Mystery June 27. 2002

Ralgath - your comments make no sense. You sarcastically write "we shouldn't complain. We should accept everything and live a silly life" and then seemingly honestly believe in the next sentence that "One opinion of one individual does not count."

Yeah, that's open-minded of you. All opinions must clearly be in a group to be worthwile! This is the Ralgath way!

Scummbuddy - thanks for the post, but, uh, I didn't mention slavery anywhere, ever. And someone could infer you're writing that I think slavery is a good idea. If that's the case, you're just an ass.

Oystein - blame RemiO for the banner, although he has captured my manly manliness quite well.

Oystein June 27. 2002

Why won't you reveal your name, Captain Mystery? Maybe you really are a Mojo regular hiding behind a cheesy alias and definitely a cheesy banner. Come forward, coward!

MrManager June 27. 2002

Although I don't have any actual LEC numbers to back this up, there's no denying that it's easier to make a profit on consoles than on the PC. Sure there are power in numbers - the numbers back consoles, not PC. Hence why I got an Xbox, which will let me play "Psychonauts".

Ralgath[queztone] June 27. 2002

Yes, when the government raises overall taxes immensely we shouldn't protest at all. In fact when 'other' people get priveleges we don't get we shouldn't complain. We should accept everything and live a silly life.

Your ranting has gone too far into a naive view upon the world. One opinion of one individual does not count. But as a group one opinion is worth the loot. Wake up. Or wait, even better, send in your resignation letter to and put yourself into one of those freezer preservation cans only to eventually be unmelted in your favourite, upcoming, next generation.

JBRAA June 27. 2002

No comment.

Scummbuddy June 27. 2002

Why does he tell us to shut up? Doesn't LucasArts value the fan opinion? How could the world have changed without speaking out? So the slaves were upset( for good reason) and they fought for what they wanted. Don't tell me that this isn't the same. Of course this isn't about slavery, but without people saying what they want, nothing will change. There is power in numbers.

Squinky June 27. 2002

First post!!11111lol

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