Monkey Island in Indy

An article by Skyfox, posted on July 21. 2003.

You would think that Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is as far from Monkey Island as you can get, right? Well despite this, there really are quite a lot of Monkey Island related in-jokes. This page is here to list them all...

Guybrush Threepwood
It is possible to make Indy look like the CMI version of Guybrush Threepwood, here is how:

Press F10 and type in makemeapirate

The Rubber Chicken
If you use the Bazooka while using the Guybrush cheat... then the bazooka will fire a rubber chicken while playing a bit on Monkey Island music!

Change Indy in Guybrush by pressing F10 and typeing in makemeapirate, then type urgon_elsa to get all weapons. Press 9 to select the Bazooka.

Download music - guybazooka.wav (344 Kb)

The Barbery Coast
LucasArts have recreated The Barbery Coast from CMI in full glorious 3D! The Barbery Coast can be found on the last level, the Aetherium. To make it easy for you to see the level, below is a savegame to take you to it.

Download Savegame - (63 Kb)

Melee Island
A Monkey Island in-joke wouldn`t be complete without Melee Island... you can see it just below the Gulf of Mexico on the map as the Teotihuacan level is loading.

Plunder Island?
People are still not too sure about this one... does Plunder Island make an appearance, or is it Melee Island again? Some think it is Booty island. Are we just imagining things now? It is possible that the island is just an island and not Monkey Island related at all. Update: According to Bill Tiller, this is actually supposed to be the Canary Islands.

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