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Monkey Island - The Revelation

An article by Jorrin Quest, posted on March 07. 2003.

Jorrin Quest sums up years' worth of theories in this latest SCUMM Bar article which was last updated on December 19th, 2002.

Ahoy Mateys!
I, Jorrin (QueZTone/Ralgath) Quest, have written this article simply to lay out my theory about the true story behind Monkey Island. I hope to enlighten you on the magical pirate ride Ron Gilbert so marvelously gave us.

First... let's do a quick history review (taken from the CMI booklet*)

If you forgot the Monkey Island stories (or if your memory has been a little spotty since that last alien abduction), you may be asking yourself,
"Who is this Threepwood guy, and what's he doing in the middle of the Caribbean?" Well, it all started on Mle Island...

In the first game, The Secret of Monkey Island, wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood showed up on Mle Island seeking instruction
in his chosen craft of pirating. While passing the pirate entrance exam (treasure hunting, sword fighting and thievery), Guybrush met the love of his life, Governor Elaine Marley.

Unfortunately, he also ran into his archenemy, the Undead Pirate LeChuck, who had kidnapped Elaine. With the help of the Voodoo Lady and some other
friends--like Stan, the obnoxious used galleon salesman-- Guybrush defeated LeChuck, scattering his spirit to the Caribbean winds.

In the next episode, Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, Guybrush appeared on Scabb Island and became obsessed with hunting for the legendary treasure of Big Whoop.

In the process, he nearly lost the love of the beautiful Elaine and unwittingly aided LeChuck's first mate, Largo LeGrande in the zombie resurrection of the Undead Pirate. Only through the aid of the Voodoo Lady and the near-sighted cartographer, Wally, was Guybrush able to survive. Nevertheless, Guybrush ended up hexed by LeChuck, believing him himself to be a little boy trapped in the Carnival of the Damned.

Guybrush and Chuckie (LeChuck) turn out to be brothers. Chuckie was searching for Guybrush because he wandered off from his parents while they were in an amusement park named Big Whoop. Eventually they return to their parents and continue their visit in the park.

Because Ron Gilbert, the creator of the first mi games, did NOT work on MI3 and MI4 and he wasn't consulted or affiliated in the creation of the last two sequels we do NOT take in account what happens in MI3 and MI4. So do NOT comment by saying "but that isn't true because in mi3..." The secret explained in MI3 is NOT necessarily Gilbert's.

Monkey Island - The Revelation
Many theories have floated over the web about what really was going on in Monkey Island. Some say there are portals in the pirate world around the Caribbean; or that the secret is the location of Monkey Island itself; or, finally, because of MI2's ending, that Guybrush is just a young boy who is visiting a theme park. On these suggestions Ron Gilbert (creator of MI) once commented, "One is closer than the others--but not much".

Of course Ron couldn't have said Its very close he probably likes his secret to remain secret. And he was probably referring to the last one. In that case, our theory could be as much as 99% correct.

Final confirmation can come only from Gilbert himself, of course, but we hope he will let his Monkey Island fans know someday.
Now here is my theory..

Guybrush, his brother Chuckie, and their parents go to an amusement park named Big Whoop on a sunny day. Ooh, goodie! Guybrush can't wait to get there; he knows they're going to have a swell time! They enter the park and look around to see what ride theyll do first. And then Guybrush wanders off. He is completely lost, but he doesn't care. He loves wandering around in this huge theme park by himself! He lets loose his imagination, which starts a chain reaction of fantasy situations...

As Guybrush wanders around, he suddenly knows what he wants to be; a swashbucklin' pirate! So he wanders over to his first scene--Mle Island. Wow, it looks amazing! He comes across this lookout character. He he he's funny! Guybrush says he wants to be a pirate, he's then sent down to the SCUMM Bar... We all know what happens next...
    Meanwhile, we get some clues that Guybrush is still in a REAL theme park:
    • There's a vending machine at Stan's Shipyard.

    • He needs to defeat the Swordmaster as one of the Three Trials--when he enters the contest, he wins a cotton T-shirt (much like you'd win in an amusement park for such a contest).

    • He needs to find a treasure as another of the Trials. He finds the treasure--another T-shirt (another theme park prize).

Eventually, Guybrush becomes a pirate in his imagination. But soon his parents find out that he has gone missing. They send his brother Chuckie to search for him in the huge theme park. Guybrush becomes aware of this, and, deep as he is in his imaginary world, he thinks of Chuckie as the evil villain who wants to take him out of his pleasant fantasy. And so Chuckie becomes the dread pirate LeChuck...

A lot of things happen in the meantime (Guybrush meets Elaine, Elaine gets kidnapped, Guybrush travels to Monkey Island, etc), all in the theme park, and all in Guybrush' imagination..

So, Guybrush has finally defeated the pirate LeChuck (shaken Chuckie off his back), and now he wants to continue his imaginary story. He hears a legend of the Treasure of Big Whoop, the ultimate prize around! Well then, he decides that, to become the most famous pirate in the Caribbean, he will find that mighty treasure! Eventually Guybrush does find it on Dinky Island--a treasure chest, buried by four of the theme park employees who gave him hints (as they probably did to all kids in the park). It contains a ticket. An E-Ticket! E-Tickets holders can enter theme parks (e.g. Disneyland) after closing time. This is the best treasure Guybrush could get! It would be a dream come true to escape to his fantasy world after closing time so that LeChuck (Chuckie) couldnt find him! And now, he has finally found the Treasure of Big Whoop (since Big Whoop is the theme park, the E-Ticket that gives Guybrush entrance after hours is its real treasure).

But then, just as Guybrush finds the treasure, Chuckie comes along again. The two brothers struggle until finally Guybrush miraculously defeats Chuckie. But then, with brother-ish treachery, Chuckie plays to Guybrushs emotional side and manages to catch him. A park employee sees the two in one of the maintenance corridors below the park and brings them back to their parents. End of story...


- Excerpted from a Ron Gilbert interview,
"You see, one of my favorite rides in Disneyland is Pirates of the Caribbean. You get on a little boat, and it takes you through a pirate adventure, climaxing in a cannon fight between two big pirate ships. Your boat keeps you moving through the adventure, but I've always wished I could get off and wander around, learn more about the characters, and find a way onto those pirate ships.

"So, with The Secret of Monkey IslandTM, I wanted to create a game that had the same flavor, but where you could step off the boat and enter that whole storybook world. The pirates on Monkey Island aren't like real pirates, who were slimy and vicious, the terrorists of the 17th century. These are swashbuckling fun-loving pirates, like the ones in the adventure stories everyone grows up with."

- The earlier mentioned vending machines and two T-shirts as 'prizes/treasure'.

- When I say that the Treasure of Big Whoop is the E-Ticket, people then ask me, "Why's the park named Big Whoop then? The park's the treasure!" But as I said, the treasure of the park (the 'Treasure of Big Whoop' as when officially referred to in the game) is of course the E-Ticket (the ability to stay in the park for longer, which of course Guybrush would love to have).

- The corridors you end up in at Dinky Island are actually part of the 'crew/staff/maintenance'. The several 'islands' (which in reality overall aren't separated by water as you can find out about in the comparison made in the next theory addition) are actually connected with each other with these tunnels. Hence why you went to Melee Island's back alley when using the elevator in MI2's tunnels. This is also a common thing in amusement parks. Take a look at this comparison. Pretty obvious.

- Similarities between Booty Island and Big Whoop Amusement Park. Click here to read more.

- Broken vending machine taken down to maintenance hall. Okay so it doesn't have to be the same. But it's logical. In the ending of MI1 you pretty much break the grog machine at Stan's Shipyard. And in MI2 you find a broken grog machine in one of the maintenance halls.

- In MI2 you are imprisoned at Phatt Island and you use a bone to get the attention of a dog outside your cell that's holding the keys between his teeth. See below a picture of Walt from Pirates of the Caribbean and a picture of MI2's prison scene. Clearly proves Ron Gilbert's Monkey Island was inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland.

- Below you can see a picture of Disneyland's (Lost) Family Robinson's tree. Next to it you see the Tree scene of MI2. It can't be a coincidence that at that place you get to 'meet' your "lost" parents.

- Another clue to confirm the "it's all a theme park" idea. When you go up with the elevator at the MI2 ending, you end up in Melee Island's back-alley. The entrance to Melee Island is roped off and "Closed for repairs", much like a theme park no? Also, in MI1 the door says "Staff Only", hinting that it's a way for theme park staff to enter the tunnels below the park.

"So what's the Secret of Monkey Island", you ask?
Fantasy, Imagination. A child's mind.

Thanks for reading my theory...

Breaking news:
Bill Tiller, lead background artist on Curse of Monkey Island has confirmed this theory to be largely true in an interview with the Brimstone Beach Club (link in the Hosted Sites menu on the left):
Well this is all I know, and I learned it from Larry Ahern and Dave Grossman. [..] The explanation I heard is that Guybrush was lost in the Pirates Ride at Big Whoop Amusement Park the whole time, imagining the whole adventure. Then Chucky, his mean older brother goes and pulls him back to reality. The end. And that magical lightning coming out of Chucky's eyes and Elaine waiting by the hole on Dinky Island (which sounds a lot like Disney Land) was put there just in case there was to be a Monkey Island 3. The secret is that the MI world is not real.

Thanks to:
-Ron Gilbert for creating the greatest game mystery of all time.
-The SCUMM Bar for publishing my article.
-Trapezoid for having made the first comparison between Booty and Big Whoop.
-Jake for supplying E-Ticket pictures, Disneyland corridor photos and Pirates of the Caribbean photo.
-You, for reading my theory... Now all I need is for you to believe.

// Jorrin Quest
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Comment from dthoupis

Well I have been searching for many days both the games and the internet all over the place to piece some stuff which Ron Gilbert said in his interviews. He said in the IRC chat if you all recall that "if you look closely you might be able to come close to the real secret" and that "some jokes are not really jokes" but of course the most important note is that "Big Whoop is what the name actually state it is. A big nothing".

I do appreciate Jorrin Quests' theory which might be plausible BUT I personally do not believe that is the real secret although he does stress out very interesting points as Ron Gilbert said that there are clues which might get you close to the real secret. Honestly I would really like to wait or even start a petition to Lucasarts to allow Ron Gilbert to use the MI franchise as to create to the thousands of fans the true ending of this terrific games which kept us fans happy and I would really like to propose to someone on this site to start one so we could all sign it!

Well besides that. Ron Gilbert states that in a way LeChuck and Guybrush are brothers and in a way they are not. Notice also the interesting comment LeChuck makes "in your case the orphanage" so could this mean that Guybrush was as orphan as his REAL parents are dead? and that Guybrush was actually adopted by Chuckies parents and that makes them HALF brothers? Just an idea but it doesn't have to be true. The part which doesn't fit quite true is the fact that in MI1 LeChuck was a Ghost and Guybrush was alive. Also notice the comment of Ron Gilbert that "it all started out as a boy and his monkey"!

Also notice how at the search of "Big Whoop" Guybrush finds cement and uses dynamite to expode the base of the cement and don't forget the metal binding found between the land of the world of MONKEY ISLAND with the land of the corridors. Of course if the Big Whoop is a theme park as it proposes in the end (what kind of theme park is still to be revealed) all the corridors piping and stuff really are theme park service corridors which are what they were supposed to be at the end. So perhaps the actual world of Monkey Island is hidden above the real world! might sound silly but think about it.

Ron Gilbert also mentions that Elaine sees Guybrush as her anooying brother. I have not managed to find a reasonable explaination about that.

One of the main things which backs out the theory of a childs' dream is the fact that in many references in the games (especially 2) there is a big time period between 1 and 2.

In many interviews Ron Gilbert states that the "Secret is Yet To Be Revealed" so it's not a childs dream as this is revealed in MI2, its not portals as he backed it out in the IRC interview e.t.c. It's YET to be revealed although he did state that the secret is something "very dump" that will "blow you away". "The anachronisms are not necessarily wrong".

Also the road block states "Closed for construction" and not "closed for repairs". I have yet to gather my complete thoughts but I thought I could share this for starters


Comment from m

no shit, sherlock!
(curse was kinda fun but monkey island is part one + part two - finish. a masterpeice.) thx ron!

Comment from richyrich90

ok, i agree with this although i'm mad that its all a dream. lol
It actually carries over in MI3. Remember when he was in the theme park and was turned into a little kid?
le chuck (chuckie) may have snapped him out of it for a little while and saw his true self.
just saying

Comment from servante

I was kind of surprised to see that there were only to alternatives to the interpreatation of the ending of MI2 on most web pages, one being that LeChuck indeed put a spell on Guybrush to make him believe, he was still a child, the other being that everything was just in Guybrush's imagination.
I'm am now in my early twenties and I still play it. I was about 8 years when I discovered the game and got it for myself when I was about 11. I was also very puzzled of the ending but I and a friend of mine had a different explanation that was very plausible to both of us.
We have all been so far trying to answer the question what the Secret of MI is, but we have neglected to discuss what Big Whoop actually is, which is probably the easier question and should also be answered in advance. The voodoo priestess on Scabb Island told Guybrush that Big Whoop was something wonderful and at the same time horrible. Considering the ending, I and my friend thought that Big Whoop was actually the cause for Guybrush believing to be a child -- because he and LeChuck had in fact been turned into children. Our theory was that Big Whoop was magical and gave one the chance to live one's life over. This perfectly matches the description of the priestess with its ambivalence: It can be a punishment in that sense that you will lose anything that you have built up so far. But it can also chance to make sins of the past undone. This also goes well together with Big Whoop being a ticket: It is metaphorically speaking a ticket (rather an entrnce) to one's youth.
It follows from this that Big Whoop is a separate thing that has nothing to do with the Secret of MI, hence we can draw no conclusion from the ending about what it is.
What do you think of this explanation?

P.S.: I hold the view that none of the anachronisms appearing in MI tell us anything about the secret as they are to be seen as a part of the game's peculiar humour.

Comment from Melea Lord

I agree. If this theory is true I would never play this theory again. Sorry but I don't see what is wrong with MI3 and 4. I liked the giant monkey head being a robot. My thoughts are that Big Whoop could be such a great treasue you can make your own world. LeChuck probably got the treasue while guybrush is up in the alley (or something like that) and to escape guybrush with his voodo doll, made the theme park around them to get guybrush to drop his gaurd. MI3 starts with guybrush in one of those bumper cars: the theme park went out of control when LeChuck wanted his revenge after having his leg torn? However if the treasure is so great how come LeChuck abandoned it when he was relesad in MI4? Revenge? But then LeChuck just left him on monkey island!! The only way this is to be resolved is if the secret is released for the fifth game (please!!) (and I know there is no evidence for this). The secret could just be the location of the island and it was done at the end of MI1(I think this is true). Anyone wonder how LeChuck got his powers? Perhaps you need to die in some strange way on Monkey Island. In MI1, there is that still living head!! But this theory is not true at all.

Comment from GraveDigger

I think that Lechuck wants to believe Guybrush that they are brothers. Guybrush is under some kind of spell so he see things like a themepark, the whole theme park thing is just part of the spell!

Lechuck builded big Whoop and builded locations like Melee Island to confuse Guybrush.

The Island's are real, the grog machine is just a joke, in how many comedy games do you see new today things appear.

So i disagree with the above theorie that this is THE plot,

tell me, if THIS is the plot, it all ended here and now on MI2!

Ron Gilbert said he always wanted to make a Trilogy MOI, so the secret shall be reveald in MI3 (MIV?)

Just think logical people, its a TRILOGY!

Comment from bobbybobbob

its an okay theory but i dont believe it

1. id be feeling VERY cheated if it was just "lol its a dreaaaaam!"

2. ron gilbert wanted to make a trilogy, so he wouldn't have slapped the secret onto the end of the second one. im pretty sure the hex thing is what's going down.

3. the anachronisms turning up are called "jokes." they're just the dry sense of humour and they're hilarious. the E-ticket i'll give you, but other than that... nah! it's the same as what's going on when it says "Oops! Game over, hope you saved!" when you "die" in MI1. it's just little things which dont fit which are funny. they don't have deep meaning.

4. guybrush is far too adult for it to be a child's fantasy.

5. time has passed between MI1 and MI2... years, guybrush has become (semi-)famous, he's even grown a beard!

6. i dont think any child, however masochistic, would wish some of this on theirselves.

7. the number of puzzles man! and the complexity of them!

sorry, there's too much to it, i refuse to believe it. i like the path CMI took.

Comment from Melanie Leary

i'm not sure if anyone's pointed this out, but at the end of the second game Elaine says "i hope Lechuck hasn't put some kind of SPELL over him or something"

the word SPELL is emphasised just like that, so to me that suggests that Guybrush is under some kind of voodoo spell, not merely imagining his adventures.

i dunno about you guys, but to find out that is IS just in his imagination would be FAR too "he woke up and it was all a dream..." to me.
and i'd be so disappointed. I've been playing these games since i was old enough to use a computer, and to have thirteen years of mad obsession explained with such a bad secret would probably drive me insane.

i think with a mass petition, and a few hostage situations, we can get Ron Gilbert the rights to Monkey Island back, and we can know the full story.

get your ninja suits out, stealth time!!

Comment from pinkerton

This theory is total crap.
There were three theories presented to Ron Gilbert. One of them was very, very similar to this one. Ron Gilbert said "One of them is closer than the others, but not by much."

Also, he said himself that the true secret has not been revealed yet in any way. He also said that he never told anybody the true secret so Bill Tiller couldn't possibly know.

I anxiously await the possbility of the fifth installment which may possibly, again, have Ron Gilbert working on it. He claims to reveal the secret and end the series if he works on the fifth game.

Comment from Kroms



Comment from ICE_COOL

You have to look at the materials Ron used ( when creating these games, inspiration came from "On Stranger Tides" by Tim Powers (alot of simularities in this book and MI1), from Pirates Of The Caribbean ride (Even the films show alot! perhaps they are alot closer than many people think! Also the upcoming films could have some likings for Ron Gilberts MI3 if he ever made it), Star Wars & Indiana Jones films etc - they all leave clues to MI1&2 and possible storys for mi3.

Comment from ICE_COOL

This comment was deleted by the user.

Comment from Lunécume

Hello, I am french, and I speak english like a spanish cow, so excuse-me for my miserable way of speaking.

I find the theory of Jorrin Quest very clever. I think he's right and in fact there is two signification of the end of Monkey II
==> The metaphore (theory of Jorrin), Guybrush as a child, the secret of Monkey Island is a child'mind, imagination (I love that !)
==> simply story of the game in her continuity : Guybrush is fallen into a trap of Lechuk (and we see that because of the evil eyes of Chucky in the end, and the comment of Elain...)

It's the reason why this game is so beautyful, it forces to be thinking... And we can dream because the lot of possibility offered.

I'm very desappointed Ron Gilbert has not worked on the following game... Why did not he do ? Does he think that the two games were enough ? They were, If the theory of Jorrin is very the true. :D :D

I wasvery exciting that the evil "wins" in the end (lol), I was shocked O.o indeed, but it was not very unpleasant :p

So, it's too difficult to speak in english for a so long time (Aaaaaah, I'm dyiiiiing, lol), let me tell you :
Au revoir et

Comment from Lunécume

This comment was deleted by the user.

Comment from Psychomaster

Yeah Morcar, perhaps Guybrush or Lechuck is a girl. Look at this conversation with Ron Gilbert :
<|Woody|> Ron-G: This is probably meant to be a secret too, but I'm really curios about the Guybrush-LeChuck-brother thing. Are they brothers or what? You don't have to reveal all your thought about it, but give us at least a hint :-)

In one sense, yes they are brothers, in another way, they are not. If you get what I mean.

<|Woody|> uh... not really, but ok

You mean, we're all part of God's family?

<_Dom_> This doesn't involve incest or anything, does it?

<_Dom_> :-)

<_Dom_> LeChuck's my brother... and my father!

i dont get it

Let me put it another way...

In one sense, yes they are brothers, in another way, they are not.


Ah right!

<_Dom_> :-o

Are they like brothers in law or something?

Oh, it's all so clear to me now

Look closly grasshopper.

One of them is the brother of the other but the othe isn't. The only explication is that one of them is a girl, the sister of the other.

But I think we will never be sure and like Ron said: f you know it you'll think that's really dumb.

Comment from MurrayDaEvilSkull

I live in Puerto Rico and believe it or not: Monkey Island actually exists! Its a small island of the coast of puerto rico and as we all know puerto rico is deep in the caribean sea! ironically ther actually IS a population of monkeys on the island and it
IS called monkey island. anyone that wants to ask me about it can send me an e-mail at or contact me at msn at the same adress

Comment from MurrayDaEvilSkull

I live in Puerto Rico and believe it or not: Monkey Island actually exists! Its a small island of the coast of puerto rico and as we all know puerto rico is deep in the caribean sea! ironically ther actually IS a population of monkeys on the island and it
IS called monkey island. anyone that wants to ask me about it can send me an e-mail at or contact me at msn at the same adress

Comment from reprobate

this is a very important issue...know what i think? do you care?......well anywayz, i reckon Big Whoop IS an amusement park, in the tri-angle/island area of Bermuda where Guybrush and Chuckie's parents took them on holiday but due to strange magnetic conditions and voodoo in the air the ride REALLY became reality - until it was over ie until Guybrush worked it out...umm...that seems to be as far as I've got...Ron Gilbert did say he had a totally different MI3 story to the one we got, so maybe there's more to it than just a child's fertile imagination...all I know for sure is that I will ALWAYZ love MI 1 and 2 and I really really hope that I get to play the real MI3 someday :-)

Comment from Electribird


I just wanted to say that this is the best explanation of the MI-games that I've heard so far! Too bad that the 2 latest games messed it up, but who knows? There might be another MI-game that goes in to the same direction as MI2 with the themepark-plot!

No matter how it'll turn out, the MI-games will remain unbeatable on my list!

Comment from Chickmeister General

I think Monkey Island is fun

Comment from LucasTones

Ok, well I'm kinda torn here. If I *want* to believe the theory, I have a few points. However, the fact remains that if for some reason there had never been any sequels to the first game, it would just be called "The Secret of Monkey Island" and no-one would assume that by the end of the game the secret hadn't actually been revealed.

Game 1 is "The Secret of Monkey Island" ok, and that means, in my opinion, that the secret is revealed in that game, not any of the sequels. To be honest, there probably isn't a "secret" as such, its just a title. The most obvious secret of Monkey Island is its location - no-one knows where it actually is. I know Ron seems to be revered around here, but he must be laughing at us somewhere. If he had said "there's no secret" this whole thread would have been for nothing. However, he said that there IS a secret. Lets not forget he's a comedian - he DID write most of the jokes in the games. Perhaps he's just teasing?

Anyway, IF I were to believe the theory... When I was in Disneyworld, I remember seeing a sign in one of the bars. It said something like "we ID anyone under 30" - and this was referring to the whole park, not just one bar. This would explain why Guybrush is ID'd so constantly - I know my dad thought the sign was funny, perhaps by making every character ID Guybrush is Gilberts way of poking fun at Disney.

Also, as was briefly mentioned - the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is found in New Orleans square, home of the Mardi Gras. Its also renowned for the Voodoo presence. Hence, Booty Island Mardi Gras, and the voodoo lady. Also, its next to The Haunted Mansion, which might go some way towards explaining the "ghost" pirate LeChuck.

Oh, and the clock in Melee town. Its always nighttime there - much as it is always nighttime on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride - maybe thats why the clock is stuck.

Anyway, I know I'm about a year late but so what.

Comment from Anomonous Guy

Very good article... Good ideas there, shame we will never know the truth!!

Comment from MrManager

Speaking of LucasForums, you all might want to read this - it pretty much sums it all up.

Comment from the_new_guy2

A new theory!

I found this post in, i think its a great theory:

"I have a weird theory... but I need help here...

The first MI wasn't made in those years who everyone thinked that the BERMUDA TRIANGLE (You know what I talking about, don't you?) had portals to travel around time and space?

I remeber that in Puerto Rico (I think) were discovered death men in the beachs wearing pirate clothes!! (I saw this at Discovery Channel)

This is a quote from Yahoo about the Bermuda Triangle:

"It has been the site of numerous disappearances of planes and ships, and various abandoned ships have been discovered there. Reports of unexplained occurrences in the region date to the mid-19th cent. Non-supernatural explanations cite the area's violent freak storms, the local turbulence of the Gulf Stream, and the quickly shifting topology of the area's seabed. It is also one of the rare regions where magnetic north coincides with true north, which could disorient inexperienced pilots."

Maybe this was an ideia for the MI series... anyone with me?

Some points:

Comment from Darth Shatner

"Darth Shatner, nobody's claiming the MI games have any 'deep' symbolism: this isn't Virgil's 'Aenid' or Milton's Paradise Lost."

- It may not be "Paradise Lost" but that doesnt change the fact that folks are STILL trying to prove something that simply isnt there. Dont get your pantaloons in a bunch just because Im trying to point it out.

"Lost_. It's just that the 'it was all Guybrush's fantasy' idea is the simplest, most cohesive explanation for not just the ending of MI2 but all the events from the past two games."

- If by "Simple and cohesive" you mean "Chock full of holes and easily disproven if you look at the REAL evidence" Then yes, it is exactly just that.

"I don't know where you get 'conspiracy theories' from this... "

- Very simple. Most "Conspiracy theories" are simply half-baked treatises where someone takes something TOTALLY inoccuos, and builds up an elaborate case trying to prove something that in the end is completely meaningless and more than likely isnt the case at all. Therefore I stand by my analogy.

Im sorry, I simply cant see why anyone would WANT Monkey Island to be nothing more than a child's mental illness. For this "Lil' Guybrush" analogy to work, the kid has to be so fantasy prone that he couldnt possibly function in the real world whatsoever.

Comment from JonnyHaggis

Shiver me timbers.... more than a year later and we're still discussing this! He he he.
Still think your theory is slightly off Jorrin (re. my comment from 17/1/02; Ron saying he had planned 3 MI games) but congrats on writing such a thought provoking article.

Comment from Shrimp

Okey i think what the article tried to explain was the idea Ron G had, and i belive that could be true. But then alot of folk talk about the BIG words and stuff like that. Ron G had this idea of Tiny Guybrush imagining he is a pirate in a theme park, but its not like he sticked dead serious to that idea, he played around a little with sexual jokes and stuff. But the original idea was prob about a boy in a theme park.

Comment from the_new_guy1

i think again about this...

No guys, guybrush is tooo adult for a 7 year old boy.

a example:

Comment from the_new_guy

I found a interesting post in this old thread on


.."LeChuck is a part of an elaborate theme-park, but has somehow been endowed with real magic (think of the name... LeChuck... like the evil doll Chucky from the famous horror movies--an evil animatronic doll with real evil magic). So the kid goes into the theme park, perhaps some real, some enhanced by his imagination, but he gets caught up in it, and the evil Chucky doll uses his magic to help our hero get him out of the ride and into the reall world... which is why his eyes glow at the end."

OK, guys.
Think about the lechuck doll, in CMI! It was totaly useless, it was only a .. tip..?

Comment from Swordmaster

You guys _really_ need to get your heads examined.

Comment from Sethlord

What about the beard Guybrush has in Monkey Island 2. This hasn't beemn touched upon has it. 'False beard', the theme park theorists may say. But otherwise, a seven year old kid (or however old he is supposed to be) would not have a beard. So what do people think about this then?

Comment from Ryback

Darth Shatner, nobody's claiming the MI games have any 'deep' symbolism: this isn't Virgil's _Aenid_ or Milton's _Paradise Lost_. It's just that the 'it was all Guybrush's fantasy' idea is the simplest, most cohesive explanation for not just the ending of MI2 but all the events from the past two games. I don't know where you get 'conspiracy theories' from this...

Comment from SWiscool

I don't have much to add, really. Both sides have said I think just about all they can to defend their sides, and if no one is convinced up until now...well...I guess it doesn't really matter all that much, does it?
In any case, I don't agree with this theory, for pretty much the same reasons stated below. This is a humerous game and it's meant to be funny. This ending just seems a tad too serious for the game, and while very cool and amazing (if it's true) just doesn't make much sense. I think the ending is just what we saw in it. We saw a park... we didn't know how the hell we got there, but what we did see was Lechuck, and that pretty much explained more than enough.
On another note, I think that Lechuck is actually Guybrush's evil side, as someone already mentioned earlier. That would explain quite a bit and, well, it would be pretty damn cool! ehem...

Comment from Zprite

Shatner what you don't seem to realize is that Ral assumes that Ron Gilbert is the only person who knows the supposed "secret", not anyone else, not the guys who made CMI or EMI. That's why he's only taking Mi1 and Mi2 into account. You seem to think that he's trying to say that those games are the "real" Mi games and that the other are fake or something...

Comment from Darth Shatner

"I noticed somebody thought it to be strange to have "Indiana Jones" props and the likes of it in a theme park. If we go back to the theory of Disneyland, it makes perfect sense. I seem to recall buying a genuine Indiana Jones

Comment from coco

Hey! You are always saying Guybrush NEVER drinks grog, BUT THATS NOT TRU!
Remember the fat and jubilated pirate?, well you have to do a competition of who can drink more grog, and the first time you drink you fall on the floor. (then he put yourself on the beach)

Another thing, YOU REALLY ARE THE BROTHER OF LECHUCK (OR CHUCKIE), I know this because you use a bone of YOUR parents in the vudu doll (and if Lechuck and you are really parents, then, the bone is also of a parent of lechuck!!) I think thats why he tell you that. Because, if lechuck and you arent brothers, then you cant use the vudu doll on him (because when you "look" the skeletons Guybrush say "oh, its the rests of daddy/mom" (or something like that).

sorry for my badly english, because Im from Argentina and, obyously, I talk spanish (P

Comment from Dae

This article will convince most people because it shows pictures. I, however, am not convinced. Circumstantial easter eggs.

Comment from nothing

i think this is a great article. you puy forward a lot of things i never noticed. And i think you're pretty close to the truth but how long did it take you to find all these little bits of info.

Comment from Kalorus

You are all... CRAZY! Most of your so called 'evidence' are merely Easter Eggs!
No different to those found in Sam and Max or Day Of The Tentacle!

i think the comments from Elaine at the end of 2 are diffinitive proof that what is going on in Mi is what we can SEE is going on in Mi!
Its just a game, and a Lucas Arts game at that. It can have as many chickens with pulleys and impossible gateways between islands as it wants without there having to be some deeper meaning behind it all.

Anyway there is no good reason for Mi3 not to be included, it may have been made by different people but it WAS made with help from notes Gilbert left.

Mi4 can go rot though... bloody robo monkeys and whirlpools just messed up the storyline completeley.

Comment from IronTso

Here are a few ideas I had while reading. It doesn't matter if LeChuck has a spell on Guybrush or not - all those strange themepark similarities were there before removing the mask. So that goes toward the theory being right. Just way too much disney ref. to say the theory is wrong. Could Dinky = Disney?
Here is something I came up with but has no evidence at all in the game. Could LeChuck in fact be Guybrush, who died after falling down the hole looking for big whoop? It could be some strange time-rift that lets Guybrush's ghost (lechuck) haunt himself in the past causing a time loop. (so the events from monkey 1 & 2 will be forever repeated.) Ok, thats a stupid idea.
Seriously though, what are the chances that Ron Gilbert would get back with Lucasarts to do a sort of "what really happened after monkey 2"? I really hope he does this OR writes a summarization of what he had in mind. I'd love to read it. Any other ideas?

Comment from Ryback

Good article, this. I especially liked the photographic evidence - some of this was quite new to me.

Comment from Johnny Walker

Obviously the conclusion is total pants, however there are more Disney-ism's that the author has missed: The dog on Phatt is called WALT (as in Disney - geddit?).

Also in Disneyland there is a "Lost Parents" section next to the town hall. Here's a pick of it:

Looks like Queztone isn't interested in making this complete - ho-hum.

~ J

Comment from Dae

All thse things were so unbelievably circumsantial and twisted to meet the theory. I could show how that is true but it would take hours of time that I do not have.

Comment from Chesebrgr

It's the best ending MI2 could possibly have. It's designed, like the chicken, to go both ways. How boring would it be for Guybrush to find a big pile of treasure and live happily ever after? It simply wouldn't fit in with Guybrush's personality.

Thats the problem with CMI, you know what's going on all the time. It's good, but it has lost that "what is this weird place" feeling that made MI1 and MI2 so special.

Comment from Hampuz

Haha, noticed somebody already noticed that. Sorry. But I have yet a few more things to add... I noticed somebody thought it to be strange to have "Indiana Jones" props and the likes of it in a theme park. If we go back to the theory of Disneyland, it makes perfect sense. I seem to recall buying a genuine Indiana Jones

Comment from Dae

But that just mean he twisted his memories.

Comment from Hampuz

First off, great article, Mr. Quest. I don't mean to interfere with this debate about sexuality in MI (concidering the fact that I'm new here and all) but just add another thing that helps confirm your theory, at the very last screen of MI2, when all the characters have walked off, in the right corner there is the distinctive letter "S" as is "Stan" (look closely, it's the exact same font), suggesting that this Stan character also owned a store or likewise at the carneval.

Comment from Darth Shatner

Alright. Forget the chicken then. I admit that was a stretch.

But I still maintain a seven year-old would be too innocent to imagine stuff like that.

Didnt Ron say he had plans for a third game? If Guybrush was really seven, what the Hell kind of adventure would it be? Guybrush battling the terrors at Melee Elementary and it's evil principal Largo LeGrande? Insult Dodgball? Cafeteria help wearing lemon shaped masks? "Look behind you! A three-headed PE coach?" Chuckie's evil plot to ruin picture day?

I just dont see it.

Comment from Dae

"- After using the rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle going to and fro Meathooks house, Guybrush comments on the chicken working or going both ways"
Thats not really a sexual innuendo. Rather a joke about the angle of the rope. How could it logically go both ways?

Comment from Darth Shatner

But even if you only go with the events from the first two games, then I can point out the big flaw in the "Lil' Guybrush" theory. and it all boils down to two words:


While there is no actual sex in Monkey Island, there IS some definate innuendo in it.

- The Shop Keeper's constant overtures to Carla the Sword Master. No matter how many times you ask him about her, he's aways eager to to have an excuse to go see her.

- During Elaine and Guybrush's big romantic interlude, she tells him to hurry up and finish his trials so he wouldnt be... "Distracted"

- After using the rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle going to and fro Meathooks house, Guybrush comments on the chicken working or going both ways

- Guybrush telling us that he better finish the trials... QUICKLY

- Carla getting pissed off when you ask her if the rumors about her and the Shopkeeper are true

- Captain Smirk's statement about swordfighting being like making love.

- One of the Fettucini Bros calling the other a "Fop", which in the context of the argument seemed like one was questioning the others sexual orientation. This is an admitted stretch.

- Guybrush not only walking around in a dress, but makes a refference to Zonker Harris. While not really having anything to do with sex, He still mentions a character in a comic strip whos humor will go right over a child's head. Hell, most ADULTS dont understand Doonesbury. And what self-respecting 1st/2nd grader is gonna put on a DRESS, anyhoo?

- Speaking of cross-dressing, why would a 7 year old think that someone like Largo would wear a bra?

- Guybrush overhearing two people in costumes make "Suggested sexual innuendo" at Elaine's costume party.

- When Guybrush hears about LeChuck's plot to marry Elaine, the first thing out of his mouth is "But how will they..." What seven year old knows about the necrophilia he was trying to imply?

Basically this is all stuff that a 7 year old would never think about, since this is an age where boys are much more inclined to think girls are icky. And while there ARE boys who do have crushes on girls at that age (I know I certainly did) they still arent sophisticated to imagine that subtle level of sexual humor. The most complex sexual situation one could imagine oneself doing with a girl at that age is a kiss on the cheek.

Comment from Dae

"Ral's theory is everything but flawed. It's the only explanation which takes not just a few events from the game, but every key event and scene, and explains them, and draws parallels between them."

If it does that, then please explain
a) what is the relevance of LeChuck capturing Marley
b) what is the relevance of dread
c) what is the relevance of anything that isn't mentioned in the article above
d) which scenes were in his imagination and which weren't
e) surely if this was all guybrushes imagination it would of all worked in favour of him? People would've believed him instead of always putting him down.
f) how does a 7 year old know all those big words?
g) why can guybrush say 'whats going on here? this is wierd.' at the end? Its not the kind of thing you think when you stop imagining things.
h) What is the relevance of the Phatt mansion
i) What is the relevance of the four holders of the map

I could go on forever with these points but its hardly worth my time.
Of course, I don't expect you to answer all these points. I'm just pointing out how holey this theory is.

"Ral's theory is everything but flawed."
Everything in Ral's theory is flawed.

Comment from Darth Shatner

By the way, Remi0 and anyone who favors this theory. Im trying to rag on anyone. Nothing personal. I just genuinely think you folks are seeing something that really isnt there.

Sorry if I stepped on any toes.

Comment from Darth Shatner

Is anyone aware of the old saying "Sometimes a cigar is nothing more than a cigar"? The Monkey Island games are NOT intended to be some some of deep allegorical mystery. It wasnt made to be deep meaningful insights into the human spirit. Guybrush Threepwood is, was and always will be a clueless bumbling pirate. Not a child. Not someone who will bring balance to the Force. Not anything else than what he was introduced to be. A cute but geeky adventurer who somehow manages to pull through in even the most tightest of tight spots. And at the start of CMI we see him after doing what he has done a few times before, after escaping from a tight spot. To say it was all a dream kind of waters down his worth as a character.

"Any other explanation I've read so far has pretty much been on the level of not seeing the forest because of the trees. Or is that the other way around? Whichever. "

Either way its wrong. I can see the ending of MI2 *EXACTLY* for what it is. A diabolical trap set up by a cruel undead pirate to rid himself of the biggest thorn in his side. Nothing more. Nothing less.

" 1) it's a way to say that Guybrush's fantasy lives on"

Or it's undeniable proof that the "Lil Guybrush" thing is definately a mindscrew, showing what the REAL "reality" of the game is.

"2) hey, it's just a game, and the designers wants to keep every option open."

So theres no need to try to dig up at best circumstantial evidence to justify what boils down to a half-baked theory.

Also, CMI and EMI can obviously not be taken into account."

Yes, they can. They were made by the people who *OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE PROPERTY* Just accept it dude. Like it or not, they happened, they ARE continuity. You arent under any obligation to LIKE them at all, but you cant hide from the truth no matter HOW MUCH you want to deny it. I could keep telling myself the sky is green instead of blue to the point where I belived it. Unfortunately the sky will STILL be blue, regardless of whether I like it or not.

And as for Stan Lee Ill make the answer simple. Yes, any Spider-Man story officially liscensed and produced by Marvel, the people who OWN the character IS indeed a Spider-Man story, regardless if Stan Lee had a hand in it or not. I cant stand the Ultimate junk, but that doesnt mean they arent Spidey stories. Thats simply not a call Im entitled to make.

Im not trying to run anyone down for their beleifs. Im just trying to bring up the points no one seems to want to. I can understand WHY you wouldnt want to acknowledge them as I have some critiques of them myself. Whether they are good MI games or not is a differnt topic entirely. But they ARE without question relevant chapters to the saga, whethter we like them or not.

Comment from MrManager

Just a few things.

Ral's theory is everything but flawed. It's the only explanation which takes not just a few events from the game, but every key event and scene, and explains them, and draws parallels between them. Any other explanation I've read so far has pretty much been on the level of not seeing the forest because of the trees. Or is that the other way around? Whichever.

The Elaine and Chuckie part are two parts that are currently not in the article, but can easily be explained as 1) it's a way to say that Guybrush's fantasy lives on, and/or 2) hey, it's just a game, and the designers wants to keep every option open. I don't think anybody's disputing that they kept an option open to let them potentially ignore the original ending if they felt like it.

Also, CMI and EMI can obviously not be taken into account. It's kinda like if Stephen King was to write another book in the Lord of the Rings saga - I doubt anybody would say it had anything to do with the previous books even though he obtained the legal rights to write a new chapter. Since I know nothing about Spiderman or Stan Lee, I can't say anything about that.

Now for the sake of my own sanity, I'm gonna stay out of this discussion, so please feel free to ignore what I'm writing, and go on with what you were doing.

Comment from Dae

Excellent post Shartner, but when argueing against his theory, I suggest you use his rules. Your definitely right to point out the anachronisms, but in Ral's theory, he sees any further games without Ron as the developer invalidated. You may have to assume that position in order to avoid endless debate. All in all though, consider your comment concured.

We have to look at the intentions of the game developers when examining a game. The two points (Chuckies evil eyes, Marleys comment), can be 'fit' into the theory as mentioned earlier but twist the facts far too much. Those two events are clearly included to dispell the very idea of this theory. At the end, Guybrush walks off saying 'yay!'. He is willing to accept this reality because it is like regaining his parents. Marleys scene comes AFTER his accpetance. He has no reason to want to imagine now that he's all into the carnival.
Those final two events so incredibly obviously were designed to debunk this very theory! They can be twisted to suit the theory but thats just it - twisted. All the evidence presented in Mi1 and Mi2 is completly irrelevant.

There has also been an overuse of the word 'originally'. People argue that 'originally' Mi1 was going to be a stand alone game and all turn out to be a kids imagination. Maybe so. But in the end, with Ron's agreement, Mi2 would be made. Some time through Mi2 - remember, this is still Ron - Ron decided that this would become a trilogy - and it was known how Monkey Island 2 would end. The only reason it didn't is because Ron lost the rights. And since everyone seems so obsessed with Ron around here, (and rightly so) perhaps we should consider what the third in the trilogy would contain if the second ended with everything turning out to be a kids imagination.
So stop saying 'originally'. 'Orignally', when Ron came up with Monkey Island it was probably completly different from what it turned out to be. That doesn't mean we should look at his very first thought of what Monkey island would be like and apply it to the game. The fact of the matter is, Ron developed MI1, MI2 and was going to continue the story in MI3. Theres no 'originally' about it. Its what has been made and its the game we love.

Jorrin should be proud of his theory. Its most impressive and well researched. Upon closer inspection it is flawed. All evidence for it is circumstantial or takes the whole game far too seriously. It is soon debunked by the final 2 events of Mi2. So what we have here is a theory not only without evidence, but also with evidence against it.

Thankyou for reading my comment.... now all I need is for you to realise.

Comment from Necrius

Personally, I think the theory is brilliant, and the author has written a great, balanced argument.

I am simply going to have to play the first 2 games over again and study every single thing in a new way because of this! :)

Comment from lowman


you might as well just take it to the logical conclusion and say that Ron Gilbert is a big kid and he has realised his fantasy in the Monkey Island games. Thus, the Secret of Monkey Island is the realisation of Ron's dreams and ideas.

I honestly don't think that all the anachronisms and Disney references are "clues" to finding out this supposed secret. It is, in fact, one of the simplest forms of comedy. It works beautifully, because the vending machine (to take an example) sits in its place, as if it belongs there at Stan's shipyard. If you so chose, you could ignore the machine until the game's finale, and even then, the Grog machine is still treated with the every-day, mundane attitude that us in the 20th and 21st century have towards the items.

As for Disney-references, well, I think that's going a bit far. Sure, there's a lot of them, but there are roughly an equal number of Star Wars references. Therefore, one could put forward the theory that Guybrush is in fact the Chosen One who will bring balance to the Force.

For my 2 cents, though, I think that the Secret of Monkey Island is the title of the first game in the series.

Comment from rodekill

I also found it interesting when Guybrush meets a swordfighting pirate on Melee and asks something to the effect of "Why are you talking like that?" and the pirate responds with something like "All pirates talk like this, come on Guybrush! Play along!"

Comment from mymipage

My turn to add my comments on the article/theory and instead of completely disagreeing with the whole thing (as usual), I am convinced that this is nearly the correct 'secret' of Monkey Island as Ron Gilbert saw it. So, am I going to give a few additions to this article from Monkey Island 2, because I think it becomes clearer in this game what the secret might be.

1. In the antique shop on Booty Island, Guybrush asks "Do you take Visa?", a card used a lot by tourists to pay for things. Anyway, the mans reply to this was, "yeah, like you have one!

Comment from Orange

On the other hand.....

maybe Ron wasn't attempting to hide the perhaps closely discovered secret to monkey island and he really does mean that we are still way off. the secret may have something to do with a theme park but it's equally likely that Jorrin is completely wrong in this hypothesis.

we also seem to be forgeting that the whole theme park idea is most probably Big Whoop's secret NOT monkey island's. Dont forget that this treasure is said to have a mysterious power. Jorrins theory covers multiple islands making it surely incorrect as it is the secret of MONKEY ISLAND that we are after. So the secret should be based ONLY on monkey island itself.

unless of course the secret is refering to the Monkey Island game series as a whole...

nevertheless, a nice piece of work Jorrin

Comment from MrManager

Well, it does say "Jorrin Quest sums up years' worth of theories" for a reason. The reason I like this whole article is that it is the most detailed one explanation I've read so far.

Comment from Chick N. Goodsoup

Hmmm. Good theory (although I've heard it before) but I can't believe that the whole Monkey Island saga (or the first 2 at least) is just the mind of a child. Guybrush is too adult for that.

Also, I think you guys are reading too much into every single thing in the games. Guybrush gets a T-shirt as a prize so it must be a theme park? Nah, that's just the humour of the game.

Comment from rodekill

Well, it's a good read, but nothing really new there.

Here's an old post from the forums at that was kindly saved from destruction by Sylpher of

Comment from MrManager

Actually, it's mentioned in the article: "Also, in MI1 the door says "Staff Only", hinting that it's a way for theme park staff to enter the tunnels below the park." But still a good point. :)

Comment from slipgun

Something else that no one seems to have picked up on (or else I haven't noticed it): on Melee Island in MI1, when you walk into the alley with the circus sign, there's a door saying 'employees only'. Of course, this door leads down to the access tunnels...

Oops, as they say on Slashdot: RTFA

Comment from Aragorn

Really valid the theory of the them park! I also think that Stan was the ticketseller for moving with the boat in the park! And Guybrush without money contract with him for a gratis ride! But my question: Where is the connection between MI1 and 2?? (i think that was in project only the first! and after the worldwide succes at lucas think about other 2 game about pirates^_^) The first game is a single adventure!! with a begining and an ending with no space for tie in!!! After defeated lechuck guybrus what was do? I think that elaine was one employer that found guybrush lost from his parents... guy get lost another time and at the end of 1 elaine(the employer) refound guybrush at night when fire start and they look togheter at that!! After guy go to sleep and he wake up lost another time... and in his immagination think that time is passed and he has become a real pirate now in search for big whoop

Comment from DarkFire826

Right, the theory is valid. End of statement. One question though. Can Murray be fit into the picture of the theory? There just HAS to be a way to explain him in this whole dream sequence.

I'm just ranting mainly. EVERYONE LOVES MURRAY, right?

Comment from Johnny Walker

Goddamit! Multiple posting! Sorry!!!

Sorry about that folks! It kept telling me I didn't have access to the file on the server so I thought it hadn't posted... sorry!

Comment from Darth Shatner

Okay people, its time for a wake-up call. MI3 & 4 happened. PERIOD. Lechuck is an undead pirate and Guybrush is a total goober pirate wannabe. Sorry folks, but those are the facts. We cant simply bury our heads in the sand and ignore them. The evidence, while interestingly presented, are at best circumstantial.

To address some points:

" 1. you know how guybrush never has grog, even thoguh he is constantly surrounded by it...and when he DOES drink grog, it is non-alcoholic grog (soudns like its cuz hes UNDERAGE);"

Well, Guybrush stated in MI2 he was 19. So of COURSE he was underage, but not as a child. Besides, Guybrush is a bit of a goody-goody weenie, so he wouldnt drink because its something you expect a NORMAL pirate to do. And we all know Guybrush is anything but a normal pirate.

"2. rubber chicken=cheap theme park souvenir, "

- OR rubber chicken = goofy plot device in a comedy game.

"3. the bridge troll in MI 1 (the guy you give the fish to) is wearing a theme-park style costume, which he takes off so as to escape the stifling heat for a little while at night when no one is looking;"

- Or since it was George Lucas wearing the costume, it was merely one of SCORES of Lucasfilms/LucasArts in-jokes

"4. a compass that always points toward Stan's sounds like another cheap theme park souvenir, "

Guybrush has collected countless artifacts that are seemingly useless untill he finds an unconventional use for it. Few items throughout the game have a conventional use for them. The fact it points to Stans means Stan has a gigantic ego and its a cheesy promotional item. Nothing more.

"and with cheap souvenirs in mind think about guybrush's statement about lemonheads statue: "what a cheap piece of mass-produced tourist crap"

- Anachronisms are also a large part of MI humor. They really didnt have any real tourism industry back in the REAL 17th century, thus Guybrush mentioning something that wouldnt really be relevant at the time is simply another joke.

"5. the elaborate ghost-killing root-based solvent is simply root beer, a refreshing treat on a hot day at a theme park;"

- Or a wacky Deus ex Machina in a comedy game that parodies pirates, George Lucas stuff and others.

"6. and just what's a circus doing on the middle of a carribean island and not a nice theme park where it belongs
whaddya think? "

What's an electric sign doing on Meathook's island home? What's Cap'n Crunch doing in a Pirate ship's galley? Why are cannibals worried about their cholesterol? Why do pirates want to cut hair and eat jawbreakers? Ill tell you. Because its *FUNNY*. MI was NEVER meant to be a logical, historically precise documentary on the pirate era. Anachronisms and wacky improbable situations are what the games are all about.

"hey dont forget this everyone: at the end of MI 1, guybrush and elaine spend a romantic night watching "LeChuck explode all over the night sky", a display that remarkably resembles the fireworks show they have every night at major theme "

- Meaningless coincidences. By that logic, both amusement parks and MI have grass, breathable air, weird looking people, and stuff to eat and drink. Does this mean that the Indiana jones and Star Wars movies/games part of a carnival ride as well?

" 1. In the antique shop on Booty Island, Guybrush asks "Do you take Visa?", a card used a lot by tourists to pay for things. Anyway, the mans reply to this was, "yeah, like you have one!

Comment from Dae

Yes, selective with the points. With this theory, you have to ignore so many points it becomes a tad ludicrous. Nice theory though. By the way, the forum is buggy and wont let me sign up.

Comment from MrManager

We'll probably have Ral add something about LeChuck's eyes and Elaine at the end soon; it's fairly easy to explain. Probably some more info about the IRC chat too - as I've said before, it's important to be kinda selective about what to believe and what to ignore there. It also might be an idea to move this thread to the forums soon, as it's getting a wee bit long. :)

Comment from Dae

Not to mention the ubiquimentioned 'Elaines comment' scene and 'Chuckies evil eyes'. Maybe they were just added in at the last moment to allow for a sequel without Ron, but if we're going to trust the first two games to be Rons then we should regard them as authentic and pretty destructive of your theory.

Comment from Johnny Walker

This message was deleted by the user.

Comment from Dae

Your theory doesn't really add up if you ask me. Most of your points from MI1 disregard the fact that Monkey Island is a comedy game from Lucasarts, makers of Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Max. When something wacky and unusual happens in those games do you deem it proof that the whole game is some kids imagination? How can you really regard blatant jokes such as a grog machine, cotton t-shirts and a man dressed up as a troll as evidence? If your going to take into account every single detrail from the Monkey Island games, why not Guybrushes actions and vocabulary? Several things he says are clearly not down to the intelligence of a 7 (or howelver old he is - certainly 7 or younger). Play through the games again and ask yourself whether a kid with an overactive imagination would really know all those things. How about what he does? The puzzles he solves? We had to rack OUR brains, 16-40 something year olds to solve the complicated puzzles in the game, let alone a toddler. If we are to take EVERY minor detail in the 2 games into account then your theory is flawed. But remember, alot of Monkey Island is for entertainments sake. The grog machine, in the same font and colour as a coke machine. Its a joke! I will disregard minor, blatant joke details if you do too.

Your comparisons between disneyland and monkey island, while well researched and most impressive, are most likely present because Ron derived inspiration from Disneyland and put it into his game; people take ideas, make parodies and satires all the time when they write books, direct films or make games. I think there comes a time when we stop fitting a theory to a world and start fitting a wolrd to a theory. In other words, you seem to have begun interpreting the monkey island games to fit your theory, for example your mention of the revisit to Melee Island(tm) 'something was closed for repairs which is alot like disneyworld' is a bit shaky. Every building in the wolrd can be closed for repairs. Any non-natural structure needs repairs one time or another. Perhaps, plot wise, the barrier was in place to disallow people INTO the alley to the BROKEN elevator? In any case, it was just a teaser-like-barrier to stop the player going any further into that level, very humorous indeed, adds to the surreality of the final part and is good for a laugh. Perhaps you could suggest another way of stopping the protagonist to proceed further.

I will not lie to you. I was very impressed by your theory and the amount of work put into it. You've done a good job. Call me devils advocate, call me refusing to accept something not nice, probably a bit of both, I hope that my points have come out coherent and objective as opposed to stupid and oppinionated. But it certainly seems to me that you have begun to believe exactly what LeChuck has told you. Come on. You fought this guy over the span of two games, kicking butt, getting your butt kicked etc, and when he finnally uses the old clich

Comment from Johnny Walker

This message was deleted by the user.

Comment from 3 Headed monkey name

Remember though, you have to consider what Ron Gilbert said when he was on the IRC chat. When someone told him three theories (portal, Monkey Island itself and, theme park) he said "cold, cold and cold, but that one was closer by a little."

He also said that "some jokes", are not jokes. I have I very good idea of what he is speaking about too.

Comment from lowman

Agreed, Justin. I don't want to take away from the effort that the author has undertaken, but I think what he has done is equivalent to mathematicians "finding order from chaos."

What he has done is to take a series of convenient facts and used them to make a specific point. And while it's a compelling argument, I feel that there are other factors that could also be considered -- ones which could put an entirely new spin on the argument.

Hey -- maybe this is just a way to make the ludicrous, weird and disappointing ending to LeChuck's Revenge into a satisfying story element. Anyone who wants to let it be like that is certainly welcome to it -- an individual's own interpretation is the most important -- but I'm not buying.

Comment from Justin L

I think the REAL secret to Monkey Island, (and I bet many other software designers would love to know this one) is how Gilbert can make a game a decade or so ago, and people are still engaged in debate about it today!

Seriously guys, you can't read into this game that much. Not because its "just a game", but because in a community working environment like Lucasarts, a game gets altered and any original vision Gilbert came up with would be changed due to budget, or other input. He's no Salvador Dali! The games are awesome and I have many, many happy memories from my childhood that revolve around sword-fighting humor, or three-headed monkeys... but the game is just that, a game. Have fun with it and appreciate its depth (that's what you have done for the most part above), but DON'T assume you can ever know the Secret to Monkey Island!

Comment from zero

The fact that LeChuck tells Guybrush that babies 'come from an orphanage in your case', as well as Ron saying that they are *sort of* brothers may suggest that the REAL 7 year old Guybrush is adopted. Especially with the glimpses of Guybrush's dead parents...

Comment from Johnny Walker

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Comment from Johnny Walker


(Sorry had to get someone's attention as no-one seems to have heeded the arugment below... (which actually DOES prove that the CONCLUSION is wrong!))....

Well done Jorrin (QueZTone/Ralgath) Quest, a great article! I completely agree with all of your evidence! (You forgot to mention that the dog's name on Phatt Island is WALT (as in Disney!) and Guybrush's parents are in the "Lost Parents" room (just like the signs in Disneyland) and that Melee Island is "closed for repairs".)

I think RemiO said it best though: The "kids dream" theory MAY have been the original intention but they made it so it could be taken BOTH ways (REALITY or fantasy).

Two things support the "reality" theory (which you cleverly skated around ;) :

> "Chuckies" glance at the camera at Big Whoop (where he's suddenly all "voodoo" again) which, basically, says "I am REALLY LeChuck - Muahaha!" and of course:

> The cut back to Elaine on Dinky (AFTER Big Whoop, no less) where she says: "Gee, I hope LeChuck didn't put a SPELL on Guybrush or anything".

So basically it's clear that MI1 and 2 left it OPEN to interpretation... both arguments contradict so violently that there CANNOT be a simple explanation when they are laid side by side.

The question with the "REALITY" theory is when exactly did Guybrush have the curse placed on him?

> Was it when the chest opened when he fell? (That means that all LeChuck said and did afterwoods (saying they were 'brothers' etc) and the fairground section was just in Guybrush's head). But this falls foul to Elaine's comment: She MUST have heard what LeChuck speaking from above the hole on Dinky to have known he was down there hole with Guybrush.

That leaves two theories: When the chest is broken the innocent looking 'E-ticket' (Big Whoop) messes with reality and weird things begin to happen (LeChuck AND Guybrush are affected and sent into another dimension). This helps explain why 'Chuckie' looks at the camera and goes all 'voodoo': LeChuck REALLY HAS been taken with Guybrush into the "Big Whoop" dimension, but he seems AWARE of it (which Guybrush doesn't :)

The final explanation is that LeChuck REALLY DOES send Guybrush into another dimension of pain and torment; the SECOND time he zaps him. Think about it: Guybrush suddenly finds himself in VERY strange surroundings, either his parents are dead waiting for him, he finds the old grog machine from his past, he visits Melee Island again or he finds lots of voodoo dolls and rootbeer, ALL of which are the sort of things Guybrush might find in a weird nightmare of his (with things from his past/subconcious coming back to haunt him).

As for the 'endless torment', well LeChuck keeps following him around and zapping him (except it's all a dream/different reality) until the curse takes full hold and changes them into little kids: Destined to spend eternity being tormented by his little brother "Chuckie".

Of course this isn't REALLY LeChuck, the dimension of pain and suffering has simply taken Guybrush's nemesis from his mind to torture him endlessly for all eternity.

This means that MI3 would probably have started exactly where MI2 left off, except Guybrush's first mission would have been to escape this other dimension (the whole thing about Guybrush's/Chuckie's parents being at Big Whoop is the obviously the biggest flaw in CMI's explanation).

The overall problem is that, quite obviously, BOTH theories co-exist and contradict each other in the game! So basically you can CHOOSE whichever theory you prefer! :)

Which of course means your CONCLUSIONS are a load of old tosh. QED ;)

Just my 2c! ;P

Comment from bernluk

Methinks that you all may have stumbled upon something here. In fact, my original theory for the secret of MI was that Monkey Island and Melee Island were one and the same. But after reading all these posts, I think there is more than meets the eye.

The whole Disneyland idea seems very plausible to me. The whole kit-and-kaboodle about the fireworks at the end of MI, the troll (bearing resemblance to the costumed characters), the fact that Guybrush almost never gets a taste of grog because he's underage, and the access tunnels for the theme park workers (seen in MI2) all seem to attest to this fact. Now to add a few more thoughts for you all to toss around:

1. I believe Ron used the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride at Disneyland as a basis for the game. The whole idea of Guybrush coming to Melee Island is to "become a pirate." It seems possible that he IS in fact a kid going on the ride, "Pirates of the Caribbean" and pretending/aspiring to be a pirate. This is slightly different from the "fantasy" theories, in my humble opinion, because it is not merely something conjured out of Guybrush's mind, but rather is trying to show the imagination of a child on a theme ride.

2. The access tunnels in MI2 served as staff-routes for Disney officials to move around quickly. Notice that all the locations seemed to be connected - Melee Island (by the elevator), the storeroom (for gifts, etc.), and not to mention the medical center (where his parents presumably waited for a VERY long time). Furthermore, the games of Monkey Island (especially MI2) had a feel of moving from one island to another, or one "land" to another. This seems very similar to the style of Disneyland, moving from say the "Tomorrowland" to "Adventureland."

3. While I'm still on the access tunnels, remember when Guybrush fell down into the access tunnels, his comment was "that was one e-ticket ride" (I can't remember the exact words, it's been almost five years since I last touched that game). Apparently, Disneyland was the first to introduce these world-famous e-tickets in 1956. You can check it out at these two sites:

4. One of the "lands" in Disneyland was New Orleans. This is where the 'Pirates of the Caribbean" ride is located. Hence, that's where all the references to the voodoo lady come in.

5. Check out the following links regarding the adaptation of the Disney ride "Pirates of the Caribbean" into a movie:

Now, I don't really know the story behind the ride, but I assume it shouldn't stray too far away from the movie. So anyway, have a read of the synopsis for the movie. It seems to bear some resemblance to the game, especially with the following points:

Comment from 8t88

I think the secret is no more than the route to Monkey island. In the first instalment, the location is not known. When Guybrush arrives, the route is still not known except some crude concoction that mysteriously knocks you out and waking you once arrived. hmmm?

Comment from Corney

I have to disagree with Andrew on the following parts:

1. As posted before, "underage" defines every human-being under 21.
2. Most often You pay for souveniers, the salesmen don't just give it to You...
3. The man in the costume, is not getting air - he is eating the fish Guybrush just gave him as toll. A troll is more likely to recieve a toll than an ordinary man.
4. No themepark would ever be allowed to use magnets strong enough to throw compasses off - major lawsuits about "magnetism-effects". By the way - who says the natives on MI aren't earning a little extra on tourists (now they don't eat them anymore).
5. Why not ? We know Coca-Cola eats through your teeth, so why souldn't rootbear be able to eat thorugh ectoplasma ?
6. Who ever said a circus belongs in a theme park. Nobody ever said that this is nessesarily hundreds of years ago - Why couln't it be at present time ? Mel

Comment from superqult

if you look carefully at the comparison pictures, you'll see that the house at the very far-right end of the theme park is the very same house seen on the booty island picture (stan's previously owned coffins). exacly the same wall-type, and the "s" is exactly the same. just wanted to point that out.

Comment from Desh-Board

It's all crap

Too many loop holes

Consider that if the game is built carefully around a motive there won't be any loop holes.
I think the whole MI2 ending is a distraction, In fact, as I imagine Ron Gilbert through his games, I won't be surprised if both sequals are made with his help, undergroundly, just to make you think the secret is lost.

but this game is fun
Wait! I have another one.

Guybrush goes to the Bumper cars with his perents and loses them there, run away and wonderes aimlessly (and hungry) until he realize chuckie is on his trail again.
The whole Psychotic nature of our little guybrush reburst and send him back to a world of caribbean advanture.
It could be that he is psychotic because of the shock being dragged between realities.

On the tree scene, the perents find guybrush and he sais "you left me", they left him alone in the amusment park. they gave him directions (I still can't figure out the skeleton gimmick), he follows them and gets to a Huge Chair.
That's the Direction, a Huge Chair, bathroom!

and as he leaves the bathroom lechuck, eh.. Chuckie courners him.

the return to the theme park after lechuck took elaine is an equivalent to a return to reality after chuckie popped his fantasy.

In fact, elaine could be a symbol for the sweet fantasy, and lechuck a symbol of cruel reality in the life of a small boy.

Comment from ToGetSedated

All of your evidence makes sense as you go through the game, you notice exactly what you say, but what leaves me hanging, is that how come when guybrush is back to what you think is reality elaine is still a grown woman, and why wood a 7 or 8 year old boy fantasize of having love affairs with a woman and talking like what most 7 yearolds would call "Mushy" Either this kid is extremely mature and has an active imagination(Those usually don't mix) And those facts screw up your theory, but you refuse to put the EXCEPTIONS in your article, and when you look at the new article of the alternate theory, all their facts make sense too only none off the facts really leave you hanging!!!

Comment from Corney

Well i come to think of something, that I can't se anyone here have mentioned. When Guybrush hits the lightswitch in the dark room at the ending, and LeChuck shows up with his voodoo-doll, he tells Guybrush that it will send him screaming into another dimension... It doesn't, it just sends Guybrush screaming into another room, or... what if it in fact work on both of them... if LeChuck dinn't use prime materials to make his voodoo doll, the malfunktion could cause them both to travel to an other dimension transforming them in the progress, but none of them has the time to notice before they are found by a "tech" of some sort - and so neither do we...

The comment on Guybrush not being able to by real grog because he is a minor...At the library when the lady ask him his age, one of the options is "ninetee....uh, twenty-one". Guybrush is too young to drink alcohol, because the legal drinking age in America (where LucasArts are located) is 21.

Comments please...

Comment from MrManager

Another hint nobody seems to mention about this being the secret, is that Ron Gilbert went on to produce, what? Children's games.

Comment from yangja

i find it a little hard to believe that lucas arts would base a whole game (which spans several years) around a little kid's wild imagination. maybe they just put the ending of mi2 in there to confuse everybody. i know it confused me when i first saw it.

Comment from Threep

I agree with you manny_calavera, and that would explain why the elevator leads him to melee island.

Comment from aGuyWithout_aBrush

maybe the flashing eyes is a way to show us that guybrush is starting to imaging again what's going on when his not looking.
maybe we need a MI game when we play le'chuck instead.

Comment from DonGrif

What about in MI2 at Elaines house. They are having a Mardi Gras. Everyone is wearing costumes. Maybe it really is a staff room in the theme park!?!
You need a ticket and a costume to get in there = it's for staff only.

Comment from manny_calavera

Hmm... Convincing argument but I can also put more a bit more evidence to the theory. Near the end of monkey island 2 guybrush fights in those corridors with lechuck. Well those corridors may be a reference to disneyworld. You see underneath disney there is miles of underground corridors to allow members of staff or 'cast' as disney call them, to get to certain areas of the park quicker.

Comment from MrManager

I wouldn't take everything Ron said in that chat as gospel.

Comment from tkuhns

Let's also not forget that he said the idea of the whole game being Guybrush's fantasy while on a theme-park ride was "cold." Check out that IRC chat again.

Comment from tkuhns

Another thing to think about is the skeleton dance in MI2, when Guybrush's dead parents come as skeletons in a dream and tell him the way through LeChuck's lair. How do you suppose this correlates?

Great theory! The picture comparison is the most convincing element, really. However, I think I agree with those folks who say it is the other way around -- that LeChuck is fooling Guybrush somehow. That would explain why Ron said "one of those theories is closer, but not by much."

Also, do you really think that NOBODY at LucasArts knew ANY of Ron's ideas for the 3rd Monkey Island game? Since he said it was originally envisioned as a trilogy, surely he spoke with others about his plans, if only informally. Therefore, I think the resolution that they came up with for CMI could be well based in some former co-worker's recollections, more or less.

Notice that, in his IRC chat, Ron says "they did a pretty good job of capturing what MI was about." His biggest complaint was about the Elaine/Guybrush relationship, so he must have been pretty happy with the MI2 tie-in, which is a pretty important element.

Comment from Governor Elaine Marl

After reading all the comments I know one thing is for sure: all of us need to work on spelling and puncuation.

Comment from Governor Elaine Marl

I like What Sebassman said, that Le Chuck messed with GB's mind or something so he could conquer the delirous "pirate" (ha ha) easier.

Comment from Mr Brush

This is the most convincing theory I've ever heard, although I think everyone would agree Ron Gilbert should have released it in a game or told everyone.
I've just gone through the games again very slowly, and you should take note of things that arn't nessecary. Like In MI1, MI2, the ally way on melee.
And why was there a clown in one of Elanes rooms(MI1)?
And all other technology things out of place,(water pump for water fall, light swithches, shipping crane in Melee Docks)
Thats all thanx.

PS. I think Herman Toothrot(Horatio) is a grounds keeper you find him everywhere on MI
and if you mess up his hide out he goes made,(cause he's gotta clean it up.)
I also think that the cannibals are entertainers wandering the park.

Comment from zeekoo

To advance your theory further, I offer two points.

First, Ron mentioned that the one thing that bothered him most about CMI was the relationship between GB and Elain. He said that

Comment from Ralgath[queztone]

I truly appreciate all of you people reading my article, thanks for that. please do continue brainstorming. I agree Ron Gilbert was a genious by this archievement.

Finally i'd like to point out that sometimes people try to look at MI3 and 4 too and get clues from there. I'm of opinion we can NOT use them as reference to prove anything about the original two games as they werent created nor assisted by Ron Gilbert. (nor did they consult Ron for any story relevant issues). Let's focus on MI1 $ 2 only. Thanks, please do continue, I enjoy reading up people's thoughts.

J.Quest =]

Comment from Cursed Tuna

I know that this can sound crazy, but... I think that the ending of MI2 is the best i've ever seen in a videogame, and maybe the best reflection about the pure meaning of playing games. I think that, showing us that everything was a dream, that Guybrush was just a kid imagining a great adventure in a theme park, the great Ron Gilbert was giving us a message... maybe telling us that videogames are just the way to return to the world of children's immagination, the way to be children again... or maybe that dreams are the way to defeat life problems (little guy kills his evil brother Chuckie)... or a lot of others things...
This is why Ron Gilbert is considered a genious... he gave to computer games a way to express great messages... just like movies or books.

Comment from Governor Elaine Marl

In one of them (I can't remember) he says it started a couple years ago on Melee. That seems like an awfully long time to be in a theme park. Just my opinion. And what about that big battle in MI3. The fact that Elaine turned into solid gold. The lava at the end of that roller coaster. The Carnival of the Damned was on Monkey Island. Previously someone said that there was no ocean in the picture of Big Whoop. Maybe it was a different camera angle. Take that Jorrin's(and other assorted persons)opinion.

Comment from Governor Elaine Marl

I think Jorrin Quest may be on the right track, but like Uncle Peter said it's sort of depressing. The idea of being a pirate is a whole lot better than being a little kid. But I like the clue that Jonny Haggis found: the Le Chuck's eyes thing. That may prove Jorrin's theory wrong. JamesJKirk makes an inter- esting point too that I think is right: that maybe Andrew has it backwards. Plus, what about MI3+4. For instance remeber the beginning of MI4, when he's reminiscing. Why would you reminisce about a daydream. And what about marrying Elaine Marley. I just want more evidence. Oh yeah, I don't aggree with Ben Kenobi 86, I wasn't impressed with the ending to MI2.

Comment from Cursed Tuna

Sorry, Elaine, but if you want to understand me, you'll have to be a little more... philosophical. You must'nt think about the story, you must think about the meaning... can you understand?Have you never read Orwell's 1984? complaining about MI 2, in my opinion, is like saying "oh, god... what an ugly ending! then that evil man, the big brother... he wins... i'm so disappointed..."
If you read the book, you can understand that this doesn't have any sense: you have to discover the real meaning, the real message of the story. Ron Gilbert is the first game creator who did a thing like this, he left the characters and the story to tell us something, something deeper. This is not a simple videogame, i say, and this is not a simple ending. LeChuck's Revenge is a wonderful videogame, but is also a constructive work, it's like a poetry, or a song. It's the work of a genious who has been able to leave the schemes and the limitation of videogames, and reaching a new level. Games become metaphorical, become a way to do art, exactly like cinema. The ending of MI2 can be interpretaded in a lots of different ways, and I think that this is great.

Comment from ratboy

Someone said that the troll guarding the bridge was like a guy at disneyland in a mickey mouse suit. But, I read that that was suposed to be george lucas...
just a thought

Comment from Duck of Doom

But what about that phone on dinkey island where you can ask for help on MI2.And what kind of amusment park ride whould let a small child hang over a pit of acid. But if your theroy is correct it whould explain items turning up in the strangest places.

Comment from sebbasman

I think i discover something, maybe is not the secret of monkey island, but it is relationated with the end of MI2. Near the end of the game when guybrush is with Wally, he talk with Lechuck and one of the possibles question u can choose is :"where are the babes come from?" (it's a traduccion of the spanish games),and Lechuk answer :"in your case from the orphanage
". To finish i think that te screenshot of big whoop park and booty island, it's not a coincidence , as we see at the of the game we appear at meele island to, soy maybe the park it's booty island decored by lechuck to make guybrush think it's a kid. (sorry for my english....)

Comment from TurboCarrera

Wasn't the Secret of Monkey Island, "Turn off your computer and go to sleep!"? Just a little confused, great theory though!

Comment from pimpdaddyloser

DUDE!!! That is amazing! I never even thought of it like that. I'll probably be up until the sun comes up trying to play those games again and see all the similarities between this "theory" and the games. DANGIT. Anyone know how to get ahold of our friend Ron? Cause I got some major-league questions for the boy. AUGGGHH!!! That hit me like the ending of The 6th Sense! DUDE!!!
...ahem. But if the premise is just RON GILBERT'S imagination reflected in a loveably inept Guybrush Threepwood, it would still explain all the theme park references, and it would still give the opportunity for the continued existence of the series., seriously. Does anyone know how to get ahold of Ron?

Comment from Evanto

Whether you're right or wrong; I think the makers of CMI did an admirable job of continuing the story. Without Ron Gilbert's guidance and only the knowledge we all have to go on (ie: Elaine's theory), what else could they have done? Somehow, "Monkey Island 3: The Car Trip Home" wouldn't have been as appealing, yes?

Comment from nemO

I remember have been very disapointed 10 years ago when I finished MI2. What? This is Big Whoop? This is the end? Wait, hold it! Give me a good ending, not a "I'm just a little boy that had a lot of fun, but now is time to get back to my parents" one!
Actually, I remember the suspense growing in me as I was getting closer to the end of the game, deep under Dinky island, with the strange corridors, the elevator getting to a door on M

Comment from Uncle Peter

i dont think it has CMI or EMI because ron gilbert didnt make them and the guys who did might not have known the secret either, so unless ron tell the guy who make 5 the secret then it would only be in MI1 and MI2

Comment from comet0111

I ment have

Comment from comet0111

Why doesn't this hate CMI and EMI. If the threoy is to be proven to me it needs to inclde ALL the MIs

Comment from MrManager

Well, originally there was only supposed to be one MI game, with pretty much the same ending as MI2. Then yada, yada, yada, all of a sudden there were two games, and Ron probably wanted to leave the ending open for a third game.

I believe that Ral's theory is very close to what the original secret was.

Comment from JonnyHaggis

I think this theory is flawed in one way:
At the end of MI2 after we see Guybrush as a kid at the carnival, Chuckie turns to the camera and has evil 'Le Chuck' eyes. This surely indicates that Chuckie is really Le Chuck.
Oh yeah, and one final thing big Ron G said he had a third episode of MI planned before he left Lucasfilm games (as it was then known). But if the above theory is correct then the story is complete after the first two parts ie. no need for Ron's MI3.
Maybe we'll never know......

Comment from Man_of_Low_Moral_Fib

That's a very interesting theory, and I believe you may be closer to Ron's version of events than anyone if not spot on, however there are two other factors that spring to mind that contradict your theory a little.
First, there's the little bit where LeChuck's eyes glowed red and his head started spewing electricity, most likely indicating that there's more to this bizarre anti-climax than meets the eye.
Second, and more notably, just before the game ends (after the credits) there's that scene where Elaine is wondering what could be keeping Guybrush and hoping that LeChuck hadn't placed some spell on him. Now the latter, of course, could just be the finale of Guybrush's elaborate fantasy but, to have it right at the very end like that leaves one a little uncertain.
The truth is, we may never know... but speculation can be pretty intriguing.

Comment from Uncle Peter

Hmm that sound depresing kinda...that the monke island adventures were all fake, guybrush never had exciting adventures throughout the caribean but was wandering around a big theme park suck in his fantasy world, its a good theory that makes sense but i hope it isnt true

Comment from Uncle Peter

sound = sounds
monke = monkey
suck = stuck

Comment from Andrew

hey dont forget this everyone: at the end of MI 1, guybrush and elaine spend a romantic night watching "LeChuck explode all over the night sky", a display that remarkably resembles the fireworks show they have every night at major theme

Comment from Andrew

a few more thoughts;
1. you know how guybrush never has grog, even thoguh he is constantly surrounded by it...and when he DOES drink grog, it is non-alcoholic grog (soudns like its cuz hes UNDERAGE);
2. rubber chicken=cheap theme park souvenir, the kind of thing you have to buy to get to special sections of the meathook's island;
3. the bridge troll in MI 1 (the guy you give the fish to) is wearing a theme-park style costume, which he takes off so as to escape the stifling heat for a little while at night when no one is looking;
4. a compass that always points toward Stan's sounds like another cheap theme park souvenir, and with cheap souvenirs in mind think about guybrush's statement about lemonheads statue: "what a cheap piece of mass-produced tourist crap";
5. the elaborate ghost-killing root-based solvent is simply root beer, a refreshing treat on a hot day at a theme park;
6. and just what's a circus doing on the middle of a carribean island and not a nice theme park where it belongs
whaddya think?

Comment from MrManager

Heh, yeah I agree with all of your points, Andrew. Doesn't Disney Land/World always end the night with fireworks? It'd sorta fit with the whole MI/Disney connection.

Comment from Uncle Peter

hmmm i have some explinations for those points
1. guybrush does drink grog, f you dont put near grog in the cup he drinks the extra strong stuff
2. the rubber chicken has a pulley in it, they wouldnt hand dangerouse things like that out to a kid(he could hurt someone with that large metal pulley)
3. umm this isnt much of a good explination but the guy was in the costume to scam people into giving him food n stuff, and anyone whos wearing shuch a big costume would take it off when no-one is looking to get some fresh air, not just theme park guys
4. the compas is just a way for stan to get more busnes...if that how you spell it...say if he game if to someone, they drop it on the ground and someone picks it up, they might think "hmmm i could use a boat" and follow it
5. ummm...i dont have much of an explenation for this one...mayby its just like salt with snow
6. circuses arnt only in theme parks, and whos says the caribian arnt aloud theme parks?

oh and the fireworks thing, it wasnt realy fireworks, it was L

Comment from ficerrut

the theme park theory was the one I always had too, but remember that ron gilbert spoke about a trilogy of monkey island, so who ever knows what's the real secret of monkey island, and how it could be the monkey island 3 if it had been made by ron gilbert.

Comment from jamesjkirk

I think this article's on the right track, especially with the Big Whoop-Booty comparison, but probably has it switched, as having the hero end up actually being a little kid would not really be too thrilling a conclusion. Probably Guybrush was under a spell of LeChuck's and saw Booty Island as being the amusement park rather than vice-versa. What Ron Gilbert's plans following this can't be known though, but this explanation fits in with the red-eye Chuckie and Elaine's statement

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