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Here’s a collection of articles every Monkey Island fan should—must!—read. Some written by us, some by others (Mojo, so us, really). For out dusty, ancient articles, check out our old archive.

Bespoke Articles
Article Source
April Fools 2002—The Grand Monkey Island 5 ScamMojo
Bill Tiller Chat '07Mojo
EMI - First ImpressionsMojo
EMI PS2 Release PartyMojo
EMI PS2 ReviewMojo
Excerpts from the Slack: Jake's Monkey Island Twitch Stream WatchalongMojo
Exploring the towns of Monkey IslandKonstantinos Dimopoulos
ICYMI: Return to Monkey IslandMojo
J'Accuse! On the Cancelled Monkey Island Movie and Pirates of the CaribbeanMojo
Jonathan Ackley and Larry Ahern look back on 25 years of CMIMojo
Limited Run Games: Monkey Island 30th Anniversary InterviewMojo
LucasArts' Secret History #12: The Curse of Monkey IslandMojo
LucasArts' Secret History #14: Escape from Monkey IslandMojo
LucasArts' Secret History #5: The Secret of Monkey IslandMojo
LucasArts' Secret History #6: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeMojo
LucasArts’ First Words—On the VO Monkey Island PrototypeMojo
Monkey Island 2: The Demo ExaminationMojo
Monkey Island in Mono—A Hunt For the Elusive Hercules Monochrome modeMojo
Remi Returns to Return to Monkey IslandMojo
Return to Monkey Island ReviewedMojo
Revealed! Iain McCaig, the man behind the Monkey Island VGA portraitsMojo
Rex Crowle talks Return to Monkey IslandMojo
Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman talk Return to Monkey IslandMojo
Still Lost in a Theme ParkMojo
The Curse of Monkey Island Retro Interview BonanzaMojo
The Evolution of Monkey Island 3: Demo vs Final GameLegend of MI
The Many Epilogues of Return to Monkey IslandMojo
The Secret Character Assassination of Smilin’ StanMojo
The Secret of Cogg Island—The Hidden Island in “Return to Monkey Island”Mojo
The Secrets of Monkey Island - An Evening With Ron GilbertThe Video Game History Foundation
Those Ron and Dom IRC Logs—Vintage Chats!Mojo
“Return to Monkey Island,” First Thoughts Returning to Monkey Island (Again)Mojo