What IS the Secret of Monkey Island?
Although never officially confirmed by Ron Gilbert, we have it from reliable sources that this article is pretty dang close to explaining the whole thing.

Will there be a Monkey Island 6?
No-one knows.


How do I get my old LEC games working under NT/2000/XP?
Our hints section should help you on your way.

Why the heck is Guybrush afraid of porcelain?
Our interview with Chris Purvis may (or may not) clear that up.

Where can I learn more about the development of the games?
First, you may want to check out the links to the individual games on the Games menu on the left. Also, our interviews with various people involved with the Monkey Island games can prove to be interesting.

How long has TSB been around?
Since 1996.

I want to download the Monkey Island games, where can I get them?
That is illegal. You can buy the games from LucasArts.

How did Guybrush get his name?
DPaint, the program used to develop a lot of the original Monkey Island game's graphics, stored character files as 'brush' files. The main character file (which obviously was of a guy) was simply called guy.brush, and that's how the name Guybrush came along. (Other sources claim the filename was guybrush.bbm -- this may or may not be true depending on which platform the file was created on. The assumption comes from DPaint only being able to use three character file extensions, but as the Amiga actually didn't use file extensions, it could easily have been called guy.brush.) Threepwood was decided in a company contest - the name comes from the book "The Brinkmanship of Galahad Threepwood" (US title). "Threepwood" is also rumoured to be the name of Dave Grossman's character in RPGs.