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    ... and we stole them all. Many interesting nuggets in here. Make sure you follow the man on Twitter.


    • Finally playing Monkey 2 SE. I haven't played MI2 since it came out, almost 20 years ago. Hope I can remember some of these puzzles...
    • Haha. That opening campfire looks suspiciously familiar! I can't believe we just re-used the lookout fire from Monkey 1. Oh wait, yes I can.
    • I think it's even anti-aliased for the old, grey-blue background, but this background is orange. I blame Dave. Because he's not on Twitter.
    • Voodoo lady says, "True evil can never be destroyed," because that's what my dad said after we saw Star Wars the first time.
    • I was like, "Did Darth die or not?" so he laid that on me. Then he turned off the headlights so we could pretend we were in an X-Wing.
    • Whoa. I forgot we put a Hank Plank joke in the cemetery. That's what I wanted to call Guybrush!
    • But @grumpygamer said, "No, I have a story about Enhanced DeluxePaint I want to tell for the rest of my life!" :)
    • I wrote this entire tweet in the time it took for Guybrush to walk all the way out to Dread's ship.
    • I think that potato-peeling chef is the one and only piece of character animation that Peter Chan ever did.
    • @LanzAlentzia I'm pretty sure we didn't make a new rat for the men of low moral fiber (pirates).
    • Weird. That peg leg polishing scene didn't seem so dirty to me at the time.
    • Going back and forth between classic and SE. I like the little details they added, like the frogs, moths, and fish in Woodtick.
    • The glow on hot objects would have offended us in 1991, but it looks cool and totally helped me find the knife in the kitchen.
    • Another good thing about the special edition: Visible Cheese Squigglies.
    • You can tell in the Captain Dread commentary that they gave us beer.
    • The painting of the reclining nude over Largo's bed is now a cloudscape. Or was I just imagining the naked lady? As usual?
    • Dang. I really need a piece of string or rope, but there's none to be found! Except for in the background art of every shot!
    • Found it! Thanks, magic glow! Nice, unnecessary yo-yo reference. We were so into yo-yos back then. That's how cool we were.
    • Ha ha. "Well, here's your soup!" I can lol at that line because Dave wrote it, not me.
    • Whoa. I just realized I might have stolen the ripped-in-half ship in Grim from Dread's ripped-in-half ship!
    • We named Kate Capsize after Spielberg's wife. He called Ron once for a hint, and right when he was about say what he thought of the name...
    • ...there was a loud static on the line so we never found out if he was offended or amused. He used to play each game and call for hints.
    • I can't believe we got away with a Fred Flintstone costume in the shop. Or at least his lower half. He's even tagged "Caveman Fred!"
    • There's Manny Calavera's head in one of Govenor Phatt's paintings! Weird how it makes the original look like a skeleton too.
    • I've never actually read all the cards in the Phatt city library. I'm doing it now because there has got to be an achievement for it. Right?
    • Omg. No achievement!? Or did I just miss one card? I'll never know. At least, not until I look it up on line.
    • How can you say you only have one cannon, when I can clearly see three on the counter?
    • It's shameful how many times you hear the default examine response in this game. "Nice!" I am ashamed. We should really hack in new lines.
    • That tunnel on Phatt island--we should not have cut between generic tunnels directly. You can see the objects move around! Looks generic!
    • @telarium Ohhhhhh that's totally what it was. Yeah, voice and localization made all our fancy string concatenation skills useless.
    • Quothe @telarium: Didn't he used to say "Nice [insert name here]!" or something? Maybe they didn't want to record 5,000 extra lines."
    • Haha. I'm walking around a guybrush who's stuck on a stool, drinking. Tami, are you on Twitter? If not, I'm blaming that bug on you.
    • But if you are on Twitter, then omg, can you believe Dave left that stool bug in?
    • All right! One map piece in the bag, and I still haven't had to look up any hints. Brains, don't fail me now!
    • Guybrush in a dress looks a lot like Kurt Cobain in a dress for the In Bloom video.
    • Special Edition art is pretty, but Elaine is hotter in classic mode.
    • The seagull from Loom just stole my map piece! It's hard to be mad at him, though, knowing that he dies in ToMI5.
    • Wait, why did they put that Kyle Katarn line in there?
    • Upon re-exam: the monkey wrench puzzle was unfair. But I totally found the telescope in classic mode without even looking for it.
    • All we had to do was make Guybrush say, "There's no handle. Looks like I need a monkey wrench," when you look at the pump.
    • Or, "Looks like I need what the Americans call a 'Monkey Wrench,'" for the overseas versions. :)
    • Then, when you look at, or talk to, the monkey at the piano, Guybrush should request a series of waterfall-related songs.
    • "Hey Monkey, can you play, '(Don't go chasing) Waterfalls,' by TLC?"
    • PS Got both the Booty Island map pieces! I am on monkeyfire!
    • Rapp Scallion just coughed up the third map piece. Forgot about how he turns to ash, except for his thumbs-up fist. Oh you Steve Purcell!
    • Finally, I have tasted shame. I needed my first MI2:SE hint. Can you guess what it was?
    • Getting the Near Grog from Kate. Guybrush should have said about the flyer, "This thing's almost poster-sized."
    • Or, "Man, I would have used a different picture. That one makes her look like a shady character." Anyway. I got all the pieces now!
    • We should go back and fix this. And while we're in there, replace the swords with walkie-talkies, and make LeChuck shoot root beer first.
    • Wait, the Voodoo Lady ships LeChuck voodoo supplies in a crate? Which he presumedly uses to make a voodoo doll of ME? She is my enemy!!!
    • Okay, how did that explosion just happen to send me directly to Dinky Island? Why did I bother with that map? Can explosions read maps?
    • Actually that part used to make sense until we ran out of time and had to cut the raft with Wally. They should make it now as DLC.
    • I totally don't remember this jungle maze on Dinky Island. Tami must have wired that up while I was napping under my desk.
    • Wow. This room hopping with LeChuck is super hard to do, even when you know what to do. Which I don't.
    • Second, final, shameful hint looked up: the "body" part of the final doll.
    • Nice. I forgot how unnecessarily bloody the ending of this game was. Multiple limb dismemberment! Shouldn't this get an M?
    • Oh that's right. He's just a Zombie.
    • Done! Wait, where are the classic mode credits? With all the activity suggestions? And wait, where is Elaine's epilogue? WTF?
    • And now that I think of it, where is the original opening? Most of the SE was awesome, but those are some strange things to cut!
    • Haha. We put a plug in the credits for Tom Khun Custom Yo-Yos, hoping they would send us some free yo-yos. But they didn't.
    • Okay, Elaine's epilogue plays only in SE mode. In classic mode you just get the weird, not-purple credits. And then a poke in the eye.
    • Lots of unreleased concept art in the bonus features! Like that weird, top-down shot of LeChuck's desk.
    • And the very first thing Peter Chan ever did for Lucas: His painted version of Marley's kitchen, before he switched to markers.
    • Well it's done, and I thought the Special Edition was great, except for those few, bizarre omissions.
    • I always thought that M1 was my favorite, but when the skeleton dance started this time around I think M2 pulled ahead. Plus, dismemberment!

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