We rename the site

Or at least we could after reading this Mojo post, where it is revealed that The SCUMM Bar theme is not an original recording, but rather a retread of an old standard . . .

You learn something every day.

Update! And now Stan's theme, too?

First, Curse of Monkey Island is actually back for sale. Run over to Steam or GOG and you can grab the game for Windows and -- what the hell?! -- macOS.

Over at Mojo we have posted a re-recorded MI1 soundtrack in the style of CMI, which you can use with ScummVM and the Special Edition. It sounds pretty awesome.

The SCUMM Bar -- We’re Not Above Updating Now and Again™.
Fun fact! The longest wait between Monkey Island games -- 3,164 days -- was between EMI and TMI... Until now! Today it has is 3,174 days since Tales... was released.

And that is a SCUMM Bar fact!

A quick note

I just updated a bunch of the framework for the site, getting the ol' Bar into the vicinity of something that sometime in the future might just be proper HTML5. The ultimate goal is to get the site working properly on mobile. How novel, right?!

Anyway, if anything looks off, please give us a shout over on Twitter: @thescummbar.

Hey, an update!

Remember the promises I made last year? Yeah, they never were going to happen! Or not yet, at least. We're old and slow after all.


Over at the ol' Mojo we've added some updates that probably will interest you, and which will be part of the convergence of the two sites we promised… 12 years ago. Promises are not our thing.

But, head over to this poll! Here you can vote for games you care about within the greater LEC canon, or, for that matter, games you don't like. It's a thumb up or down type of situation, and it's all part of Mojo's 20 year anniversary and our 21. The SCUMM Bar can legally drink in the US in 5 days.

Go and vote -- it is your civic duty after all.

The SCUMM Bar turns 20

Feeling old? I am.

The SCUMM Bar saw its light September 17th, 1996. That’s the September 17th, 20 years ago. Mr. Ian “Skyfox” Biggar ran the site for six years; I’ve had the great-ish pleasure doing it for 14 years. In less than two weeks, 20 is a reality.

We technically killed the site in 2005, but have of course had some of our larger batch updates over the last couple of years. Look through the menus on the left for your browsing pleasure. (Jason, apparently, enjoyed the TMI MP3s.)

So! We’re going to celebrate this! Not celebrate Jason, but 20 years of the site. Starting over the next few months, we will, in cooperation with Mojo—where you’ve found us over the last 10 years—publish five articles, each about one of each game in the old Monkey Island series.

This will not be like the Secret History series over at Mojo, but more a history and flashback for those of us who were there during the releases at the time. Yes. I was there. Shut up. I’m old.

A few “secrets” will be spilled. Having done this for a while, I know a few small nuggets that accidentally have not come out, probably because they were too boring. And! Maybe you have some questions you want answered about the games, or the site. They could potentially be answered! Send a tweet to @mixnmojo and we’ll consider it.

20. Youch… We’re old, but so is a matured bottle of wine.

Thanks to all the staff who contributed over the year, particularly Skyfox for starting the site, and Gabez for keeping it alive when the rest of us burned out. Benzo, Thrik, elTee, Mapzo, Captain Mystery… You did fine. Not great, but you're still mentioned. ;D

Monkey Island turns 25

I mean, holy crap, right? Ronzo has some good anecdotes about it over at Grumpy Gamer, so check that out.

Meanwhile, as LFN has taken its final(?) nosedive, most every old-school Monkey Island site is down. We did, of course, move Mojo to a new server, so there's that, but yes... Dark times.

And your old friend the SCUMM Bar is turning 19 on the 17th. I kid you not. 19. Nineteen. Feel appropriately old now.

Kickstart Ron's new game

I'm sure you have already heard about it, but if not, Ron Gilbert and Garry Winnick (Maniac Mansion co-creator) are Kickstarting a classic point and click adventure game, Thimbleweed Park. Run and fund it right here.

And! Run over to Mojo to read an interview with the two that we contributed to.

Good times!

We promised we'd return in 2014!

Well, OK, "return" might be a bit of a hyperbole, but we have a few updates for you.

First, there's a bunch of new LeChuck's Revenge: SE concept art for you to peruse. And screenshots too!

Fans of the EGA version of Secret will possibly enjoy looking at some demo screenshots.

We posted this on Mojo, but if you want to check out the "never before seen" scene from Secret (showing the cannibal village from a different perspective), here you go,

The fonts section has been updated with the font used in the first two games.

The media sections for both Secret and LeChuck's Revenge have some new stuff in them.

Finally, we've made some updates to the LeChuck's Revenge demo section.

Oh, and the 2014 reference? Remember when Jim Ward (RIP) made snide remark about classic IP sequels? Well there you go. Incidentally, the SCUMM Bar is turning 18 this year; hopefully that doesn't make you feel too old!

(Thanks to ATMachine for providing some of the aforementioned stuff posted! Back in 2010! Time flies.)

Updates! MP3s! Stuff!

What the hell, an update? And not just a news update, but a site update? Yes indeed!

First: The MP3 section has seen a major overhaul. Consisting now of more than 500 MP3s, you can now download either individual files or zip packages. Just like you asked for in 2003! Tales of Monkey Island tracks are included, converted to MP3s from the OGG files you usually see. (Thanks to Benzo for providing the necessary ripping software.)

Two sections were added a few months back:

The Tales of Monkey Island page is pretty much ready to go, other than a couple of sections needing to be completed.

The movie section -- concerning the canceled Curse of Monkey Island movie -- includes a couple of tidbits you might not have seen or heard of before.

And there are a few other updates all around the site, some might worth checking out, but then, probably not.

Finally: We'd greatly appreciate a Paypal donation or two (using that button over on the right). Hosting the site -- and the bandwidth the MP3 downloads in particular use -- is not free, and any help would be appreciated! ;-*

Our new design. Is. Ready.

I believe it was the great poet Prince who once said, "tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999". Welcome to the brand new SCUMM Bar which, as you may have noticed, is pretty much the same SCUMM Bar you knew and loved ten years ago.

Be dazzled by nested table tags. Marvel at complete lack of CSS. Oh, shut up, we got lazy.

On the bright side, we are in the middle of updating the some sections with new content. Woo!

Other than that, you can follow us on Twitter. But really... Follow Mojo instead. In fact, you probably should read Mojo instead. It actually is updated. Regularly. By many of your old SCUMM Bar friends who updated this page back in 2005.

But yeah, feel free to check things out, we're still around. Sort of. We'll update some stuff at least.