On That Gary Winnick Concept Art

I’m sure you have seen it by now, but in case you haven’t…

Early Secret of Monkey Island Concept Art
Trivia #0

Or, Mutiny on Monkey Island even? In this early concept sketch from Gary Winnick we see who likely is Guybrush on the left and Governor Fat on the right. In the middle? Who knows—maybe an early, goofy LeChuck? Or, more likely, just a random pirate. Source: Heritage Auctions.

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Talk about a blast from an alternate timeline. The little beauty is available from an auction house, so get your credit card ready.

Source: Mojo

We Feed You Trivia

Look, we get it. Convenience—it is a thing we want, and we should practice what we preach. Thus, we have added a feed for the trivia section. It is as straightforward as it gets, provided you use a feed reader (we’re partial to Feedbin). Just add scummbar.com, select “Trivia” (actually, select both feeds: you’ll get the latest news through our “regular” one), and boom… you’re good to go.

Helpful image showing how to add two feeds in Feedbin.

A small caveat: The trivia feed is not RSS, but rather JSON. To the best of my knowledge, all major feed readers support that format these days. For those who want a direct link, you can go straight to the feed.

And my apologies if all of this is meaningless. We’ll return to our regular schedule as soon as there’s anything to return with.

As any reader of Mojo knows—which you, of course, are—we’ve posted an article there called “ICYMI: Return to Monkey Island,” which is just that… an article covering some of the more esoteric Return to Monkey Island factoids. We’ve also updated the Cogg Island article with a new section named “Puzzling Puzzles.”

But, if you don’t want to go into the weeds, let’s just treat you to a couple of pieces of trivia right here because why the hell not?

Voting Time With Guybrush: A Collection

After successfully getting his Monkey Island vote through, Guybrush has an arsenal of other topics to put up for consideration.

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To keep with the LeShip theme:

LeChuck’s Inspirational Speeches: A Collection

If you keep double-ringing the LeShip bell, LeChuck will give a number of inspirational speeches. Enjoy them all here!

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And, for good measure:

Avast! The Fate of the Chandelier Pirate
Trivia #0

The pirate swinging from the chandelier in The Secret of Monkey Island has met their untimely demise if the body outline in Return is anything to go by. Also, note the “welcome” mat—“avast” means “stop.” In other words, anything but welcoming.

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Devolver originally pre-pre-announced this last year, and now it’s a reality. Almost. An unholy amount of Return to Monkey Island merch is on the way, right from Devolver’s web shop. A LeChuck keelhauling t-shirt? Right there. In need of a Bella Fisher towel? You got it. For my money—literally—it’s hard to beat Wally’s desk mat:

Wally’s desk mat with all the islands on it.

One caveat: None of this will ship until September. But, whatever, delayed gratification and all that.

Show ReMI some love and go pre-order like crazy.

If you’re subscribed to Apple’s Arcade—which, let’s face it, most Apple users are, possibly without knowing it—you can enjoy Return to Monkey Island on it starting June 6th. I suppose you already own it for iOS if you are interested in playing it on the go, but if not… Well, here you go.

Source: Mojo

Characters Return

A quick update today to point you toward Return to Monkey Island’s character section which is just that. A section. With characters. And the names of the actors who played them. Oh, and we also added a text version of LeChuck’s diary. (If you’re more of a visual person, we already had those screenshots up.)

What, you want even more?!

You should check out our easter-egg browser at least daily, as it will feed you all the latest updates on that front. For example, did you notice how Chuckie’s cut-off jacket has the same crossbones emblem as the back of LeChuck’s coat?

Chuckie Really Is LeChuck
Trivia #0

So to speak—Chuckie’s cut-off jacket has the same crossbones emblem as the back of LeChuck’s coat.

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Well, there you go!

Boyd on the Cressup

She has portrayed Elaine for almost thirty years, so what better time for Alexandra Boyd to sit down with Laura Cress and discuss her career?

Why didn’t she appear in Sea of Thieves: Legend of Monkey Island (better known as SeMI)? Well, there’s a story—so watch the video to learn more about the nasty sides of showbiz.

As reported by Mojo, LucasFilm ran what looks like an AI-generated Monkey Island story on Monday which had some… interesting… insight.

A total of six games in the series would be released over the decades, bringing the tale of Monkey Island™ to a close in Return to Monkey Island in 2022.

Look, I’m not entirely kidding about the “AI” part. At best, it’s a copy-and-paste job, and the “to a close” part comes from the original 2022 ReMI page. There is also a bunch of regurgitated content in the story, as well as a mention of the Sea of Thieves expansion and yada yada. Still, you probably should read The SCUMM Bar and Mojo daily to stay up to date on these developments.

Read the whole story at LucasFilm’s news page.

If you’re a person of leisure and exquisite taste, you no doubt remember Marius “MajusArts” Winter’s Flash videos. Be it the “I Wonder What Happens in…” or the relatively recent “Monkey Island 2 Flash Film”—you know ‘em, and you love ‘em. And now, they’re all here at the SCUMM Bar:

To quote Marius: “This is the right place for these videos 🙂”

Hey, we’re the first to admit it: The site has been around since 1996, and we have enough content to make even the most hardened hoarder proud. Finding stuff here can sometimes be hard. And as we keep moving forward, we’re looking at making things a bit easier for you, starting with two new landing pages:

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The Monkey Island Fun Zone™: Basically a catchbag for weird and wonderful-ish content. Links to crazy games like Mojole and ReMI Trivia Cards can be found here, as well as downloadable fonts from the Monkey Island games. Fan music, too, if that’s your jam.

That aside, content keeps trickling in. Remember the Curse of Monkey Island Designer Diaries? No? Well, now you can read ‘em!