The Monkey Island Fun Zone™

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A Collection of Games and Weird Utilities
Mojole Your daily Wordle-style LucasArts-powered word game.
Return to Monkey Island Trivia Card Game 170 questions; three lives—how do you stack up? (Looking for all the answers? You can always give them a perusal.)
The Secret of Monkey Island Interactive Codewheel Or grid as it is. While the commercially-available, DREAMM/ScummVM-emulated Monkey Island games no longer require the codewheels, this comes in handy for those who want to play (say) the Amiga version in UAE.
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge Interactive Codewheel Same as above, just for Monkey Island 2.
Commentary Tracks Listen to and watch the Tales of Monkey Island commentaries; interact with The Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge Special Edition one.
Insult Sword Fighting Amazingly, this fan game from the early aughts still sort of works!
What? Huh? Oh!
One Size The font used in The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge in TrueType format. Download
Caslon Antique The font used in The Curse of Monkey Island and Escape From Monkey Island in TrueType format. Download
Chelsea Market The dialogue TrueType font from Return to Monkey Island. Download
Sheet Music A huge selection of sheet music and power tab files. Download
Fan Music
Artist Track
AJMonkey 2 theme remix
AjaxI see dead people
Alex MacDonaldMonkey Island (3-monkeys mix)
Alex MacDonaldRollercoaster of Death (mix)
AmIEvilSecret of Monkey Island - AmIEvil
Bart KlepkaBarbery Coast (Booty Mix)
Bart KlepkaJojo (Club Mix)
Batu EritenelBarber Mix
Batu EritenelEMI Menu ReMix
Batu EritenelScumm Bar for Pirates
CalvinBlow The Man Down
DanSkyMonkey Reggae
DanSkyLeChuck theme remix
DanSkyCMI Theme ReMix
David KarlgrenThe SCUMM Bar (MOD)
David KarlgrenLargo LaGrande (MOD)
DeAdLy_cOoKiEMonkey Island theme remix
DJ StuThe Monkey Island Mix
DJ StuStill Hear The Monkeys
Eduardo GouveiaMonkey Island Rocks (improved)
FoZThe Graveyard
FoZLeChuck, Secret Agent of the Undead
gn'ArghThe International House of Mojo
HaggisCaribbean Island (MI inspired MOD music)
HighLand ProductRollercoaster of Death
HighLand ProductGovernor Phatt's Room ReMix
HighLand ProductUnderground Tunnels ReMix
InsoFoxLeChuck Jazz
JanThe Bone Song
JanPirates of the Caribbean medley
JanMI 2 Closing Theme
JanMI 2 Theme Remix
Jenny HannulaBone Song ReMix
Jenny HannulaWoodtick ReMix
Jenny HannulaSOMI Theme ReMix
Jenny HannulaMelee Island ReMix
Jenny HannulaJojo Tune ReMix
Jenny HannulaDiving Tune ReMix
KilohokuScabb Island Beach
KilohokuLeChuck's Revenge - Theme
Logan WhitehurstIsle of Monkeys
Marius FinnstunMonkey Island Theme - Accoustic
MattLeChuck (MOD)
MattMI Theme (MOD)
MattMI2 Theme (MOD)
MJ, TW, and PHMonkey Island Medley
Peddler's TuneThe Olde Battleaxe - The Ballad of Robin and the Infamous Pirate Ja
Peddler's TuneThe SCUMM Bar
Peddler's TuneThe SCUMM Bar - Live
PRESS PLAY ON TAMonkey Island LIVE (The Gathering)
Ryan8bitMetal Monkey ReMix
Songs to wear paThe Second Monkey Island Game...
Steven O'BrienGuybrush to Rap Scallion (MOD)
Steven O'BrienThe Bone Song (MOD)
Steven O'BrienElaine Marley (MOD)
Steven O'BrienKate Capsize's Ship (MOD)
Steven O'BrienLargo Mugs Guybrush (MOD)
The Last 2 WeeksOcean Bottom Blues
Thomas NegretteMonkey Island Gone Wild
TrapezoidMurray Mix (Sugar Rush Mix)
TrapezoidMurray Mix
TrapezoidMonkey Island 2 Techno Medley
TrapezoidMonkey Brain Soup for the Soul
TrapezoidLeChuck Is Like a Big Evil Santa
TrapezoidFunky Island
Triston H.LeChuck's Theme - Crazy Pirate Jig
Triston H.LeChuck's Theme - Day of the Dead Style
WoPeScummbar In Space

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