Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island

Released in three parts during the second half of 2023, Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island (commonly known as SeMI) was a Tall Tale expansion pack for Rare’s pirate-themed game. Two of the episodes—The Journey to Mêlée Island and The Quest for Guybrush—were set on Mêlée Island, The Lair of LeChuck on Monkey.

Some people liked it, others, like us, considered it a milquetoast dud. See our write-ups on Mojo for more: part one and part two.

Some Screenshots…


The Journey to Mêlée Island
Download All (56.64 MB)
Theme (Intro)Download 4.13 MB
Captain Kate CapsizeDownload 4.61 MB
ThemeDownload 2.58 MB
Mêlée TownDownload 6.24 MB
The SCUMM Bar MedlyDownload 10.46 MB
Mêlée General StoreDownload 3.28 MB
Mêlée PrisonDownload 4.75 MB
Mêlée ChurchDownload 4.78 MB
Ghost Pirate ViolinDownload 2.57 MB
Maiden VoyageDownload 2.09 MB
Bosun BillDownload 2.02 MB
Ghost ShipDownload 1.38 MB
Elaine and LeChuck MedlyDownload 3.83 MB
LeChuck’s ThemeDownload 2.60 MB
The International House of MojoDownload 3.52 MB


Guybrush ThreepwoodDominic Armato
Elaine MarleyEmily O’Brien
LeChuckJess Harnell
Kate CapsizeGrey DeLisle
Cursed CaptainJonny Glynn
MurrayDenny Delk
CorinaLeilani Jones Wilmore
Herman ToothrotWally Wingert
LookoutRob Paulsen
Mancomb SeepgoodJarion Monroe
CobbMatthew Mercer
EstevanJess Harnell
SpiffyRoger Jackson
ChefYuri Lowenthal
Shop KeeperJess Harnell
Citizen of MêléeDenny Delk
OtisSean Kenin
CarlaLeilani Jones Wilmore
MeathookCam Clarke
Captain SmirkJarion Monroe
Stan S. StanmanGavin Hammon
Alfredo FettuciniRob Paulsen
Bill FettuciniJess Harnell
BobRob Paulsen
Mansion GuardSam Riegel
WaltYuri Lowenthal
RibbsyFred Tatasciore