Do most of these games still work? Who knows! Probably not—a bunch of them were Flash based. But feel free to try them anyway.

  • Battle Ships
    Monkey Island battleships.

  • CMI Memory
    Find the Curse of Monkey Island characters in a game of Memory.

  • Crossword
    Solve Monkey Island crossword puzzles here.

  • Dress A Pirate
    Make Guybrush look hot and pretend you're a little girl with this game.

  • Insult Swordfighting
    Beat the computer in a game of Insult Swordfighting. Compatible with latest versions of IE, Mozilla, Netscape and Opera on the PC and Safari on the PC.

  • Quiz
    Test your Monkey Island knowledge here.

  • Word Search
    Find the Monkey Island words in this Java game.