It’s Time to Enter The Fun Zone™

Hey, we’re the first to admit it: The site has been around since 1996, and we have enough content to make even the most hardened hoarder proud. Finding stuff here can sometimes be hard. And as we keep moving forward, we’re looking at making things a bit easier for you, starting with two new landing pages:

Media Browser: Whenever we post any new media—trivia, cutscenes, commentary tracks, etc.—this page will update with the latest entries. Visit it daily—or more.

The Monkey Island Fun Zone™: Basically a catchbag for weird and wonderful-ish content. Links to crazy games like Mojole and ReMI Trivia Cards can be found here, as well as downloadable fonts from the Monkey Island games. Fan music, too, if that’s your jam.

That aside, content keeps trickling in. Remember the Curse of Monkey Island Designer Diaries? No? Well, now you can read ‘em!