LucasFilm Says They’re DONE With Monkey Island

As reported by Mojo, LucasFilm ran what looks like an AI-generated Monkey Island story on Monday which had some… interesting… insight.

A total of six games in the series would be released over the decades, bringing the tale of Monkey Island™ to a close in Return to Monkey Island in 2022.

Look, I’m not entirely kidding about the “AI” part. At best, it’s a copy-and-paste job, and the “to a close” part comes from the original 2022 ReMI page. There is also a bunch of regurgitated content in the story, as well as a mention of the Sea of Thieves expansion and yada yada. Still, you probably should read The SCUMM Bar and Mojo daily to stay up to date on these developments.

Read the whole story at LucasFilm’s news page.