The SCUMM Bar Gets Newer, Wider

So, here’s the deal: We last updated the SCUMM Bar’s design sometime in 2002. Surprisingly, things have since changed on the web, and as we’ve entered 2024, we were basically left with three choices:

  1. We could keep the 2002 design, which was falling apart at the seams.
  2. We could build a brand new site which would be completed sometime toward the end of the decade.
  3. Or we could put together a façade that looks at least sorta modern. Kind of. An uncanny valley.

We went with the latter.

To be clear, the old Bar will remain a bit, shall we say, old-fashioned thanks to a bunch of legacy “stuff,” but things should be easier to navigate now. Some content has been removed as it was out of date, some because it was broken. Replacements and fixes will drip in throughout… Well, let’s skip timelines.

More importantly, we do have some new and/or massaged content, too. For example:

You get the gist of it. Feel free to browse around and check things out. Some parts are sure to break because again… 22 years is a long time. But, hopefully, you’ll find something to enjoy.