Trivial Return to Monkey Island Trivia

As any reader of Mojo knows—which you, of course, are—we’ve posted an article there called “ICYMI: Return to Monkey Island,” which is just that… an article covering some of the more esoteric Return to Monkey Island factoids. We’ve also updated the Cogg Island article with a new section named “Puzzling Puzzles.”

But, if you don’t want to go into the weeds, let’s just treat you to a couple of pieces of trivia right here because why the hell not?

Voting Time With Guybrush: A Collection

After successfully getting his Monkey Island vote through, Guybrush has an arsenal of other topics to put up for consideration.

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To keep with the LeShip theme:

LeChuck’s Inspirational Speeches: A Collection

If you keep double-ringing the LeShip bell, LeChuck will give a number of inspirational speeches. Enjoy them all here!

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And, for good measure:

Avast! The Fate of the Chandelier Pirate
Trivia #0

The pirate swinging from the chandelier in The Secret of Monkey Island has met their untimely demise if the body outline in Return is anything to go by. Also, note the “welcome” mat—“avast” means “stop.” In other words, anything but welcoming.

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