We Feed You Trivia

Look, we get it. Convenience—it is a thing we want, and we should practice what we preach. Thus, we have added a feed for the trivia section. It is as straightforward as it gets, provided you use a feed reader (we’re partial to Feedbin). Just add scummbar.com, select “Trivia” (actually, select both feeds: you’ll get the latest news through our “regular” one), and boom… you’re good to go.

Helpful image showing how to add two feeds in Feedbin.

A small caveat: The trivia feed is not RSS, but rather JSON. To the best of my knowledge, all major feed readers support that format these days. For those who want a direct link, you can go straight to the feed.

And my apologies if all of this is meaningless. We’ll return to our regular schedule as soon as there’s anything to return with.