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Tales of Monkey Island Walkthrough

WAIT! BEFORE WE BEGIN! These walkthroughs are copies of TTG’s official walkthroughs, once located here. After TTG disappeard, so did the walkthroughs.



Our story begins aboard Elaine Marley-Threepwood’s ship, which has been captured by LeChuck off the coast of the legendary Rock of Gelato. Elaine’s tied up in a not-unexpected display of deviousness on the part of the zombie/demon/ghost pirate. LeChuck’s right in the middle of performing some voodoo rite involving several captured monkeys when Guybrush Threepwood’s ship appears on the horizon. Our hero has appeared in the nick of time, and has gathered nearly all of the necessary ingredients to forge a sword powerful enough to defeat LeChuck: The Cursed Cutlass of Kaflu.

Attached to the main mast of Guybrush’s ship is a piece of paper with detailed instructions for finishing the enchantment of the sword. It looks like the only ingredient left is a bottle of enchanted root beer, which must be fizzy, but where to find it? Talk to Elaine, who will suggest checking the strange monkey coffin. Head to the stern of the ship and pick up the coffin. Next, open up the inventory. Select the magnifying glass icon to examine an object in Guybrush’s inventory, and use it on the coffin. Success! There’s a root beer bottle in there. However, it looks a little bit flat. To get it fizzy again, Guybrush will have to combine it with something. Select the breath mints, and while still in the inventory menu, drop into one of the two large circles in the menu. Next, grab the root beer and drop it into the other circle. Hit the "+" button between the circles, and the items will be combined! Fizzy root beer made simple.

Once you have the fizzy root beer, repeat the inventory combination action with the root beer and cutlass. Guybrush will wave both objects around menacingly in the direction of LeChuck, who, unimpressed, will steer Elaine’s ship into Guybrush’s. This causes our showboating protagonist to drop the bottle of root beer (which shatters); it also causes a rope from the ship’s rigging to drop down next to Elaine.

Talk to Elaine, and ask her to throw you the rope. Since she’s tied up, that’s a non-starter, but she’ll come up with a better idea. Somehow, she’ll pull down the mast of the ship, enabling Guybrush to shimmy over to the other vessel. Once there, Guybrush will need to concoct some replacement for the ultra-rare root beer he just lost when the ships collided. Use the cutlass on Chuck the Plant (who is seated close to Elaine) to trim some of his roots. Toss the root into the open barrel of grog. Next, add the breath mints to the bland, flat root grog mixture. Finally, dip the Cutlass of Kaflu into the barrel. The blade will puncture the bottom of the barrel, oozing "enchanted" root grog onto the deck, precariously close to the gun powder.

Use the enchanted blade on LeChuck! Guybrush will run the dread pirate through with the cutlass, but the ersatz root beer that Threepwood created on the deck did not have the expected outcome: LeChuck transforms into a human! What’s more, Threepwood’s hand seems to have taken on a mind of its own (and an icky green shade), and he can’t control the sword anymore. Guybrush unwittingly tosses the sword, wedging it in between a cannon and its holder, causing a shower of sparks and igniting the root grog on the deck. The flame rushes toward the barrels of powder and causes an explosion! Guybrush is launched off the ship and out to sea to drift along on some debris while the opening titles run


Guybrush is awoken on the beach of a strange island. A local approaches him in a friendly manner, and is promptly punched in the face by Threepwood’s misbehaving hand. After the islander departs to get his nose examined, Davey Nipperkinthe senior editor of the local newspaper, the Keelhauler Gazetteapproaches and starts interviewing Guybrush. He’ll introduce himself as a Mighty Pirate�, which Nipperkin is doubtful of, but intrigued at the possibility of interesting news on what is apparently a pretty sleepy pirate port. Have Guybrush tell him that he needs to find a ship to get back to Elaine, and Davey will reveal that there’s no easy way off the island. The winds near Flotsam all blow inward, making escape impossible by ship. There’s one ship, but unless the winds change, it isn’t going anywhere. Nipperkin’s secret source of information, Deep Gut, might be able to help out with figuring out how to escape the island, but Davey won’t give up the location of the source until Guybrush completes some newsworthy piratical acts. He’ll need to get in a fight, capture a ship, and find a buried treasure.

After Guybrush is done talking to Nipperkin, take a walk through the town to the left, past Club 41, the Keelhauler Gazette, and the courthouse, until you enter a different part of the town. Pick up the flier hanging on the rope fence. It looks like there’s a pirate hunter out there, which might be something to worry about a bit later, but for now, try to find some piracy for Guybrush to get into. Read the sign posted on the window of the "Well Blow me Down Glassworks" shop. There’s an alphabet sale going on there, and Guybrush can pick up a free vowel, assuming the shopkeeper appears at some point.

Keep walking down the boardwalk and cross the bridge to the small island with a large house atop it. The doctor appears to be busy, but tap on his door just to make sure. The screams of pain coming from indoors give Guybrush enough of a hint that he should check back a little later. However, he managed to knock the sconce of flowers from the wall. Pick them up. The flower pot seems to resemble a noseodd. Run back across the bridge to the boardwalk.

A ship is docked to the far left of the walkway; this must be the ship that Nipperkin mentionedthe Screaming Narwhal. However, it is already claimed by Reginald Van Winslow, and he’s not going to give it up without a struggle. Say "Prepare to be boarded!" to initiate Guybrush’s piratey scheming. Oddly, Van Winslow seems excited by the prospect of having someone attempt to seize the ship. End the conversation and attempt to walk up the gangplank. It’s been doused with bacon grease, and causes Guybrush to fall back to the dock, leaving a pile of grease where he landed. Next, try to climb up the anchor chain by clicking on it. Van Winslow dumps hot embers on Guybrush, who falls into the water. A loose ember will fall onto the boardwalk and ignite the bacon grease. Click on the clothesline to try to climb across to the ship. Unfortunately, the captain will wind the line around and keep pushing Threepwood back toward the walkway. For now, the obvious entrances to the ship have been blocked off effectively by Van Winslow.

Before leaving this area, take a look in the pair of socks on the clothesline. There’s a probationary member card for Club 41, the building near where Threepwood regained consciousness. Guybrush will pocket it. Head back toward that area. The glass blower, Gaffer Crimpdigit, is now outside peddling his wares, so stop and talk to him. Ask him about the Alphabet Sale, and then ask for one of the free vowel tubes. He’ll give you a U-Tube, since it’s the only vowel left.

Exit the conversation and continue walking to the right down the boardwalk to the area exit. Keep going until Guybrush reaches Club 41. Click on the club door. Guybrush will flash Van Winslow’s membership card, and can enter the club after being blindfolded. What follows is a semi legendary (though hidden from view) bar fight, care of Guybrush’s possessed hand. Once Threepwood exits the club, Nipperkin will appear and approve wholeheartedly of the brawl you caused. A grogatini glass was tossed out of the club, landing (and breaking) in front of the newspaper printer. Examine it, and Guybrush will pick up the little olive sword resting amidst the broken glass.

Since Threepwood can’t seize the ship quite yet, perhaps it’s time to start looking for a treasure.

To to the left along the boardwalk. Take the path that runs between the back of the courthouse and the glassblowing workshop, and Guybrush will end up at the top-down view of Flotsam Island. Click on the Jungle Entrance. Once in the jungle, take the path to the left. Talk to the Portly Pirate who is playing with dolls. He’ll reveal that his name is Joaquin D’Oro, and that he’s a treasure hunter. Ask him what he’s doing down on the ground there. He’ll say that his "dolls" are actually Porcelain Power Pirates, action figurines. Ask him how he came to Flotsam, and he’ll say that he ventured here in search of the elusive Dark Ninja Dave figurine, and got stuck due to the winds. Ask him what Porcelain Power Pirates are, and then ask how many he has left to collect. He’ll reveal that Dark Ninja Dave is the only one he has left to collect, but was scammed into buying a phony map. Ask him about taking a look at the map, and he’ll let you keep it. Before exiting the conversation, say "Look, it’s Dark Ninja Dave!" which will cause D’Oro to turn around. Grab one of the pink pirates while he’s not looking.

Open up your inventory and examine the map. There’s a picture of a well, and various animals leading to a standard "X" to mark the location of Dark Ninja Dave. Head north to find the wishing well, and use the map on it, which will cause the ground to rumble a bit. The way this map works is through audio clues. On each jungle screen, the path choices have a different animal sound tied to each one, so you’ll need to listen to the background noise to find the correct direction. So, for the first step at the well screen, go toward the path that emits a boar (wild pig) noise. Follow that path to a new jungle screen. There will be only one path to travel, and follow the route that has monkey sounds. Before exiting this screen, pick up the pile of bombs on this screen.

The order starting from the well and ending at X is boar (right), monkey (right), bees (up), monkey (down), boar (down), bees (up), and birds (left). If you accidentally take the wrong path, click "return to the jungle entrance" and return to the well by going left (to D’Oro) and up.

When you choose the correct path, you’ll hear a chime sound effect. Once you reach the "X", it will be evident by examining the hole that someone has already dug up the Dark Ninja Dave figurine. Guybrush will have to resort to what he does best (apparently): cobbling together a reasonable facsimile of the object he needs.

Exit the jungle by going to the exit to the right of the "X". Return to the town. Head to the front of the Keelhauler Gazette building and dunk the Pink Pajama Pierre action figure into the printer ink. Pierre will emerge from the vat looking much more awesome and rare. Combine the grogatini sword with the action figure in your inventory. Voila! Guybrush has created a dead ringer for Dark Ninja Dave.

Exit Flotsam town and select "Buried Treasure" or "X marks the spot" at the map screen. Drop the action figure into the hole, and Guybrush will re-cover the pit. Hit the button to the jungle entrance, and head left to talk to D’Oro. Tell him the map is not a fake, and Guybrush will lead him to the "X". D’Oro digs up the disguised Pierre figure and dashes off to play with his new figurine. Nipperkin emerges to see the unburying of the "treasure", and is happy that Guybrush has given him another story to write about. The only thing left to do is capture the Screaming Narwhal from Van Winslow, and Deep Gut will be revealed. Head back to the dock.

Now that Guybrush has a nice collection of bombs, he can take on Reginald and seize the ship! Threepwood will have to trick Van Winslow into getting the bomb on board, however. Light the fuse by using a bomb with the open flame on the dock. Next, place the bomb into the frilly pink underwear on the clothesline. Before the bomb explodes, grab the clothesline and have Guybrush climb across to the ship. Van Winslow will crank the line to push Guybrush back, unwittingly bringing the bomb close to the ship, and blowing him off the deck! Threepwood has now won captaincy of the Screaming Narwhal, the final task needed to impress Nipperkin. After a lengthy interview with our hero, Nipperkin provides Guybrush with a copy of his map to Deep Gut, which includes the password: "Deadline".

Head to the jungle entrance, and take the path going left, then up, up again, and up a third time to reach a mysterious shack. Go to the door and say the password. Hey, it’s the Voodoo Lady! Once Guybrush informs her that LeChuck has not been defeated, and is actually human now, she’s a bit upset. Ask her if she has anything Guybrush could use on his hand. When she says no, Guybrush flies into a rather uncharacteristic rage. The Voodoo Lady identifies this as the Pox of LeChuck, a nasty-sounding affliction that he picked up when he made contact with LeChuck upon stabbing him with the badly enchanted sword. To fix it, he’ll need to find "La Esponja Grande", a sponge that might exfoliate the pox from his flesh with its voodoo powers. He’ll need to make contact with Coronado de Cava, the Voodoo Lady’s ex-boyfriend, who has searched for the sponge for years. She hands Guybrush a locket.

However, there’s the more immediate problem of getting off Flotsam Island. Ask her about how to do that; she doesn’t think she’s powerful enough to affect the winds. Someone else will have to help Threepwood out. Exit the conversation and examine the parrot skeleton. Guybrush’s knock-knock joke does not amuse the voodoo lady, who says he’s ruined her project (now that it just says "It’s me, Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate") and she’ll have to start over. Pick up the bird. In the foreground of the Voodoo Lady’s shack, there’s an interesting bottle with a piece of paper in it. Take it. The voodoo lady says that it contains a scroll left behind by the former inhabitants of the island, and might contain clues about the winds. Unfortunately, it’s sealed in an unbreakable bottle. Exit the shack.


The weather vane on top of the shack must have shaken off during Guybrush’s LeChuck-style outburst. Take it, and exit the jungle to the right. Nipperkin stops Threepwood at the jungle entrance and asks for his opinion on the "Death Cloud" that is now spreading across the island. The Pox of LeChuck appears to be spreading and making people sick. After Davey departs, talk to the glassblower (who appears to be somewhat affected by the Pox) about the unbreakable bottle. Crimpdigit will go inside and return with a strange horn-like device he uses to disintegrate these unbreakable bottles. However, he won’t break Guybrush’s bottle for free. Threepwood can’t afford this valuable service, so he’ll have to get the bottle breaker away from the glassblower some other way.

Return to the Screaming Narwhal and board it by grabbing the anchor chain. Van Winslow is aboard the ship again, and offers to be Guybrush’s first mate. No matter which option you choose, Threepwood has no choice in the matter, and gains a crewmate. Go to the main deck of the ship and grab the large cheese wheel. Next, use the cannon. The powerful winds will blow the cannonball off course, steering it into Crimpdigit’s collection of glass unicorns for sale. After overhearing his lament, exit the ship and return to the glass blowing shop. The proprietor has gone back inside to make a new set of unicorns, leaving his bottle breaker on a crate outside.

Take it, and combine it with the unbreakable bottle in Guybrush’s inventory. Guybrush will attempt to use the objects together, but his pox-ridden hand will not allow him to break open the bottle. He’ll have to seek help from the island’s doctor, the Marquis De Singe, who lives in the house between the Screaming Narwhal and the glass blowers’. Cross the bridge and knock on the door.

De Singe answers, and upon glancing at Threepwood’s hand, he ushers him into the laboratory. Ask him what he’s doing on Flotsam Island. He was deserted here after being exiled from the French court for (allegedly) performing horrible cross-breeding experiments on the queen’s poodles. Ask him about the winds, and he’ll spit out some science-y jargon that will lead Guybrush to dismiss the subject. The infection in Guybrush’s hand is like nothing the doctor has seen before, and he’s very eager to study itonce it’s removed. He shoves Guybrush into a chair with restraints on his head, arms, and torso. The doctor then injects Threepwood’s hand with a special grog anesthetic, which seems to calm it down substantially. He’ll exit to go locate an appropriately-sized guillotine.


Guybrush will need to get out of this situation without the use of most of his appendages, or his inventory items. He can rotate the chair left and right using the A and D keys, or tilt it up and down using the W and S keys. He also has the use of his legs and feet, which will come in handy.

The key to Guybrush’s restraints is being held by the skeleton in the corner by the door, but there’s another key on the small tabletop to the right of the chair. Rotate the chair to face the key, and tilt the chair back. Click the key once Guybrush is in that position, and he’ll pick it up with his boot. Rotate the chair (while still tilted back) to face the cage holding a monkey, and use the key on it. Guybrush will toss the key to the monkey, who frees himself. After receiving some threats from the Marquis, the monkey seems to be in agreement that they both need to bust out of the lab. The monkey stands on the other table, seemingly awaiting some instruction. Rotate around to face the bell and two floor pedals.

The pedal on the left will shock the monkey, which causes his metal tail to become an electromagnet. The pedal on the right will drop a banana from the ceiling, which will cause the monkey to (after eating the banana) examine the picture projected on the wall (currently a Da Vinci-esque portrayal of a pirate’s physique), and go to a location in the lab resembling the projection. Ringing the bell on the table will cause the monkey to change the picture on the projection screen.

First, ring the bell (when tilted back). The picture will be changed to a diagram of the device used to shock the monkey on the counter against the wall. Then, tilt the chair down and hit the banana pedal. The monkey will jump over to the other shelf. Once he’s over there, hit the shock pedal to cause the monkey to knock the picture of the inside of Guybrush’s hand onto the floor. Rotate Guybrush around until he faces the camera, and click on the picture of the hand (when tilted down). Rotate to the table with the bell on it, tilt back, and use the picture on the stack of other pictures. Ring the bell again, and the monkey will switch the picture to the shot of the skeleton hand. Tilt down and hit the banana pedal to make the monkey go to the skeleton in the corner. Then hit the shock pedal to magnetize the monkey’s tail and get the key to Guybrush’s restraints to stick to it.

Ring the bell again to get the monkey back over to the table; he’ll switch the picture back to the visible pirate. Use the banana pedal to get the monkey to jump next to Guybrush’s head. Guybrush will manage to knock the key off the tail, and unlocks his restraints. Threepwood makes his escape; De Singe runs after but can’t catch up. Unfortunately, he is literally hit in the face with the flier for Morgan Leflay’s pirate-hunting service. For now, at least, Guybrush is free.


Now that Guybrush’s affected hand has been steadied, combine the bottle breaker with the unbreakable bottle. The bottle will disappear completely, but the map that emerges seems a bit worthless at first glance, in that it appears to be completely blank. Perhaps someone in the town can help with this map.

Walk to the right to get to the other part of the town; there’s a pirate seated on the steps of the Courthouse. He also appears to be affected by the Pox and has green blotchy skin. Talk to him; his name is Hemlock McGee, and he was thrown out of Club 41 care of Guybrush’s possessed hand. Ask him if he can help you with the winds. McGee has also been trying to figure out the source of the winds for years, and even found an ancient scroll that promised to lead him to the source. However, he couldn’t figure it out, and after a series of toe-stubbing incidents, his legs were both amputated by the overzealous island doctor, the Marquis De Singe. Select the dialogue line that mentions that Guybrush has an indecipherable scroll as well. Threepwood will tactfully rephrase this as "Can I see your scroll?", and Hemlock will say he doesn’t have it anymore, having lost it in a poker game to the Voodoo Lady (hence, the scroll is now in your possession). However, it requires the "Eye of the Manatee" to be read. He is understandably hesitant to part with the device; tell him that it’ll honk off the Marquis, and he’ll reluctantly hand it over.

Combine the Eye of the Manatee with the Ancient Scroll in Guybrush’s inventory. The eye will reveal a map with instructions similar to the Dark Ninja Dave map, but with a new icon: the winds. For these, Guybrush will need to pull out the weather vane to determine the correct path to take. The trail starts at the altar, so it’s time to get to the jungle. Walk to the jungle entrance, and take the more upward path (not the path to the left) to get to the altar. Use the map on the altar, and the ground will rumble. Examine the map.

After using the map on the altar, follow the path that emits bee sounds (down), and then take the path that emits monkey sounds on the next screen (left). Next, examine the weather vane, which will point out the path to the wishing well (up). Use the flowers in Guybrush’s inventory on the well to make the ground rumble again. On the well screen, use the weather vane to find the correct path from there (right). Next, follow the path with bee sounds (left), then the weather vane once again (it will point right), which will lead Guybrush to the stone calendar. Have him stand on the calendar and walk around the face in a counter-clockwise direction until lights emit from the calendar and the ground shakes violently. Use the weather vane one last time to point to the final destination of the ancient map (up).

Guybrush arrives at a giant stone door, and hides in the bushes when he hears someone coming. De Singe emerges from the jungle and opens the door by using a strange tool in the stone clamshell to the right of the entrance. He is adjusting the winds in the hopes of snaring Guybrush and removing his Pox-ridden hand. Once the Marquis leaves, use the bottle breaker on the crystal nose. The crystal will vaporize, and the big stone face on the door will fall off, exposing a small opening in the door; pick it up. Guybrush won’t be able to get through the door without De Singe’s device. Use the parrot skeleton on the opening to send a Threepwood-decoy through to the other side of the door. Since De Singe is holding the key to this door, and is the one behind all the wind manipulation, AND he has a strange obsession with Guybrush’s hand, it’s time to confront him. Exit the jungle and go to De Singe’s residence in Flotsam Town.

The Marquis is standing at his balcony looking through a telescope. Talk to De Singe, and tell him "I’ve got PROOF that you’re up to no good!" Guybrush will pull out the stone face and show it to him, and say he’s going back there to break through the door using his piratey wiles. Returning to the giant door, Guybrush quickly hides and waits for De Singe to follow. The parrot planted by Threepwood earlier does its job beautifully, and convinces the Marquis that Guybrush is on the other side of the door already. De Singe will open the portal with his key and leave it there, running after the voice.


Guybrush grabs the key and follows De Singe to a giant statue of a wind god blowing into an ancient instrument. The Marquis reveals that it is the wind control device that he’s been using the strand pirates here for years, and then runs off to take matters into his own hands. Try to get the winds under control in the Marquis’s absence. Use the Ancient Tool (key) in the clamshell next to the giant statue. This will cause four idols on the island to rise out of their pedestals. One of the idols is right next to the statue.

Use the weather vane with the mysterious idol. Guybrush will set it down on top of the idol, and it will spin to reveal a certain face configuration of eyes, nose, and mouth. Adjust the idol’s features to match this configuration, and then use the ancient tool on the clamshell next to this idol. The idol will descend (if the face has been matched up to the weather vane correctly), and the giant statue will press down on one of the holes in the giant horn. After this happens, De Singe will return with a large compressed-air-firing gun, blasting Guybrush to the outside of the doorway to the giant statue.

Walk to the jungle exit, and select "enigmatic idol" at the map screen. As with the other idol, use the weather vane with it, and match the features of the face with the one on the vane. Uh-oh! It looks like the correct nose has been removed from this idol. Open up the inventory and use the flowers on the idol; the pot they are in resembles an upturned nose, and is indeed the idol’s missing feature that had been repurposed by De Singe. With all the features in place, use the tool on the clamshell to lower the idol down into its base, and have the giant statue press down on another note. The Marquis returns with his gun, and blasts Guybrush once again.

Once he lands, take the path to the right, (or exit to the jungle screen and select the "strange idol") to get to the next idol. This one is clearly out of order, because the stone with all the different types of eyes is missing altogether. Exit the jungle and return to the town. The courthouse/jail has a set of eye stones underneath the cell windows that have been used in the building’s construction. Use the cheese wheel on these carvings to create a perfect imprint of the four different eye patterns. Exit the town and return to the strange idol. Use the cheese wheel with the idol, and then use the weather vane on it. Adjust the features, and use the ancient tool on the clamshell once it matches what’s on the weather vane. The idol will descend, and the third note will be covered, but the Marquis does not show up this time around.

Return to the map screen and go to the "messed up idol". The Marquis has, through the process of elimination, predicted where Guybrush would turn up, since the other three idols have been solved. Say "Look, it’s King Louis!" Once he’s distracted, plug the rifle with the U-Tube (finally, a use for that thing!). The Marquis will be blasted into the hollowed-out idol, and act as its axle. However, with him in there, it is impossible to use the weather vane to align the faces correctly. Guybrush will have to seek his clues from another source. Start adjusting the facial features. The marquis will cry out in pain with each adjustment, except for a certain one on each facial feature, where he’ll moan softly. Adjust each feature based on these audio clues (three eyes, dripping nose, curvy mouth), and use the ancient tool on the clamshell. The fourth note will be covered up, and the winds will return to normal, blowing the pox out over the ocean. The Marquis walks off in a huff, threatening to return. Guybrush rushes back to the ship, and he and Van Winslow raise anchor and depart Flotsam.

Once away from the island, Van Winslow asks Threepwood which course to lay in, and Guybrush has only one in mind: The Rock of Gelato. However, when trying to give the orders, his infected hand returns to its old tricks and will not let him say the location, covering his mouth. Perhaps there’s another way to tell him. Walk down to the main part of the ship and select the map that is nailed to the cabin. No luck. The evil hand won’t let Guybrush point to the destination either. He’ll have to set a trap for his hand. Try to open up a barrel of tar, and the hand will stop Guybrush from doing so. Go back up to where Reginald is, and grab the wheel. Guybrush’s hand will spin the wheel violently, causing one of the tar barrels to roll next to the cannon while the Screaming Narwhal is tilted. Go back downstairs and fire the cannon, which will bust open the barrel. Do this before Van Winslow corrects the course, or Guybrush will have to go grab the wheel again. With the tar spilled out on the deck, select the map. Guybrush’s pox-ridden hand will punch him in the face, knocking him into the tar and trapping the hand in the black goo. Once he’s stuck in the tar, tell Van Winslow where to head. The hand won’t be able to stop Guybrush from saying the location this time, and they’ll be headed in the right direction.

Soon, they reach the Rock of Gelato, and see Elaine’s capsized ship still floating off the coast. Off in the distance, she’s on board Guybrush’s old ship with the human LeChuck, who seems to be busy wooing Elaine. Just then, a voice catches his attention. Guybrush is held up at sword-point by a mystery woman, who remains unseen.

What will become of our hero? Stay tuned for Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay!

The Siege of Spinner Cay Walkthrough

Prologue: Morgan’s Debut --or--The Sword Fight

The second episode opens the very same way the first chapter ended: Our hero is in a perilous situation aboard The Screaming Narwhal, the vessel Guybrush Threepwood and Reginald Van Winslow used to escape the winds of Flotsam Island. A mysterious woman is holding a blade to Guybrush’s neck, and she reveals herself to be Morgan LeFlay (Mighty Pirate Hunter�), who was sent by the Marquis de Singe to retrieve Guybrush’s pox-infected hand. While idolizing Guybrush to some degree, she’s here for the job, and slices Threepwood’s hand off straightaway. He’ll need to fight her to retrieve his hand and prevent De Singe from getting it.

Once the sword fight breaks out on the bridge of the ship, talk to LeFlay about the details of her daring ship boarding feat, the motivation behind working for De Singe, and the other dialogue options. After a couple of topics, Guybrush and LeFlay will jump down to the deck of the ship, near the cannon. Continue talking to her, and they’ll shift to the other side of the deck, near the seagull who is pecking at Threepwood’s severed hand. Morgan’s grappling hook is stuck in the ship’s railing behind the seagull. Grab it, and then talk to her again until they move to the bridge of the ship.

There will be a cable overhead, just out of reach; use the hook on the cable to slide over to the mast. Once there, use the rope that is securing the barrel of fish to the rigging, and Guybrush will slice through it. Talk to LeFlay again until they’re back at the bridge (this will take a couple of chats). Use the ship’s wheel to shift the Narwhal around, causing the barrel of fish to slide over to the other side of the ship. Talk to her once more until they get to the side of the ship closest to the barrel of fish (it should be the side with the plank and seagull). Use the Seagull on the ship’s railing, and it’ll fly up to the barrel, causing it to drop and fling LeFlay over the side of the ship by way of the gangplank. Unfortunately, she is able to grab the infected hand before falling into the drink. However, with her out of the way for now, Winslow and Guybrush can make their way to Elaine and ship repair (apparently, Guybrush’s fish barrel trick did a number on the main mast). Use the mounted map outside the ship’s quarters, and select the Jerkbait Islands.

Act 1: Meet the Merfolk

Guybrush immediately meets the... lovely (?) Anemone, and is directed to the Royal Quarters. He finds Elaine mediating an argument between the Merfolk leader and McGillicutty the pirate; learn as much as possible from them by going through all possible dialogue options. It looks like Guybrush needs to find some artifacts to help guide the way to La Esponja Grande, and he is not alone in this pursuit. Elaine will give him a pass to use the raft down by Anemone, use the pass to travel to Spoon Isle.

Once on the Spoon Isle beaches, Guybrush will encounter two pox-stricken pirates in a conundrum about hiding the Seahorse artifact entrusted to them by McGillicutty. Walk into the jungle and heading West, then North, North again, and West. Of all the surprises, Threepwood meet up with LeChuck! He thinks he has found an artifact, but the Merfolk Key needed to open the altar is broken. Luckily, there is a bait coupon conveniently lying next to him. Pick it up, exit the jungle using that handy button and head back to Spinner Cay.

On the top level of the Cay is the Bait and Repair shop, hosted by the entrepreneurial Anemone. Trade the bait coupon to get an oyster, open up the inventory and examine the oyster it to receive a pearl- the perfect missing piece for LeChuck’s key.

Turtle Artifact

Raft back to Spoon Isle, head back to LeChuck (West, North, North, West) and give him the pearl. Talk with him and give him a hint about how to use the items, first by suggesting he uses the Claw Thingy on himself. Just kidding! Then suggest using the pearl on the Claw Thingy, and for him to use the MerKey on the Clamshell lock. LeChuck says Guybrush should use HIS key on the other clamshell; what a smart fellow! Use the keys together, the altar will open, and try your luck (and Guybrush’s strength) at loosening the artifact inside. No offense meant, but Guybrush is a bit... scrawny, so why doesn’t he pick up the prying tool and give it to LeChuck to try? He succeeds, also nearly killing Guybrush by dropping him off a cliff, but you take the bad with the good. Leave the clearing to reunite with LeChuck, who gives Guybrush the Turtle Artifact. One down, two to go!

Take the raft to Roe Island where Guybrush will discover the abandoned home of Coronado De Cava, the Voodoo Lady’s former boyfriend. Poke around a bit, but pay attention to the singing manatee on the wall. Place the locket from the inventory inside the manatee, it spits out a piece of blank paper. Wait, since when is paper REALLY blank?

Fish Artifact

Go back to Spinner Cay and check out the statue on the way to the Royal Chamber. By check out, I mean poke in the eye. Combine the newly-acquired fish lens with the Eye of the Manatee, and use it to take a look at that blank paper again. 101 Fish Jokes, it says? Might be a good time to take a trip to the Library down by the docks, where Guybrush meets Tetra. Ask if he (...) has the 101 Fish Jokes book, and try not to make a fool of Guybrush in the process. Well, at least he got the book. Take a look inside to find a coupon Threepwood can turn in to Bait and Repair at the upper level of the Cay to receive glowing bait.

It’s raft time! Head off to Spoon Isle and head East in the jungle to find the Fishing Well. Care to tempt fate? Combine the glowing bait with an item most likely to make a fishing rod... oh wait, the hook! Guybrush will "fish" around in the well and, in a less-than-graceful pirate maneuver, retrieves the Cranky Fish Artifact. So far, so good.

Seahorse Artifact

Time to outwit the lackey pirates at the jungle entrance. Engage in some small talk and suggest a fair way to decide how to hide the artifact, specifically a staring contest. Now, for the tried and true tactics of a Mighty Pirate �, distract them and slip the pyrite parrot into the chest as they look the opposite direction. The pox pirates hide the chest on another island, and now it’s up to Guybrush to go find it.

Onward to Spinner Cay! If the mast is not yet repaired, visit the Bait and Repair shop to get that taken care of. It’s polite for Guybrush to ask Winslow’s opinion of the mast, then set sail on the Screaming Narwhal! Explore the three tiny islands on the map and listen for the parrot noises, then start digging. (Don’t forget Brillig Island, hidden above the Rock of Gelato!)

Success! The artifacts are yours! Now, just to get back to Spinner Cay...

Act 2: Rescue on the High Seas!

It appears McGillicutty is restless and is attacking the Cay to force them to give up the artifacts! As Guybrush is about to make his escape, Elaine becomes trapped in the rubble. Go help her escape and... do as the woman says. Those hot coals look pretty important; go up to Bait and Repair and pick up the empty bucket. After some wheedling by Guybrush, Anemone lets him take it. Use the bucket to collect the coals, and take the raft to Spoon Isle, and into the jungle headed East then North to meet up with LeChuck... but he looks rather busy. Time to pull some trickery and get those pirates to leave him alone! When in doubt, use a decoy.

Go West into the jungle to see some kind of Merfolk device, like a barbecue. Deposit the coals into the barbecue, but it still isn’t hot enough to be useful for anything. Try going back to Spinner Cay and grabbing the dial off the Jacuzzi in the Royal Chamber to turn up the heat. Back at the Barbecue, crank on that dial, and think... what could imitate an ancient relic?

Wave goodbye to the Pyrite Parrot. He has reached the end of his avian career, but his usefulness lives on. Place him on the barbecue, and watch as he becomes a formless vat of metal. Great. Now, take him to the broken altar to mold the metal. But wait, it hardens up too quickly to reach the altar. From the barbecue, go West, North, then West to get to the Cliff’s Edge where the Altar used to be. Use the Melted Pyrite on the Cliff’s Edge and head back down (going East, South, and then West all the way) to retrieve the pseudo-artifact. Use the prying tool (from the ruins next to Guybrush) and dig it out of there.

Go find LeChuck (East, East, North, North, East, East from the altar) and give him the fake artifact. Enjoy the show, pat yourself on the back for a job well done, and tell him the directions from Elaine, conveniently making Guybrush the hero, of course. As LeChuck provides a distraction, take the raft to the blockade and sail through to confront McGillicutty. Guybrush does what he does best, so insult McGillicutty until he attacks Guybrush’s ship, the mast breaks in the turmoil. Unfortunately, McGillicutty’s aim is impeccable, and he’ll keep breaking the mast unless you find a more hardy replacement. Head off to Brillig Island to check on the wood there... and Guybrush meets up with the pox pirates again! They’re confused about where they left the treasure; why not tell them to dig under the tree and unearth it for you? When they’re finished, tip the tree over a bit further, then go back to Spinner Cay.

The Bait and Repair shop will help repair the ship, but try suggesting the new kind of wood for the mast. Bingo! As usual, Winslow has a good appraisal of the new mast, then set sail for McGillicutty yet again! This time, things go a bit differently, and the cannonball bounces back and sinks the corsair’s vessel.

Return, victorious, to Spinner Cay, and if Guybrush asks politely he’ll get the summoning item to continue the quest for La Esponja Grande! Bring it to the edge of the docks by the No Fishing sign, drop it in the water...

...and wait for Episode Three: Lair of the Leviathan!

Epilogue: The Return of LeFlay

No real puzzles here; exhaust all dialogue options with Morgan LeFlay to witness the final scene!

Lair of the Leviathan Walkthrough

Act 1: Meet (and deceive) Coronado De Cava

It comes as no surprise that Guybrush begins this episode inside a giant manatee. The real surprise is that Morgan is unconscious, and Guybrush has to find a way out of his beastly prison. Head away from the boat to find an encampment with Coronado De Cava himself! Talk to him; Guybrush will hand over the locket given to him by the Voodoo Lady, which causes the Mighty Explorer� to become briefly possessed by the aforementioned priestess. Once he snaps out of it, Coronado seems less than thrilled to hear of Threepwood’s interactions with the Voodoo Lady, so now Guybrush must prove he is a happily married man. What better way to do that than by using a bloodthirsty assassin as an impostor wife?

Return to the ship and talk to Winslow. Morgan still isn’t awake, so follow Winslow’s lead and do some first aid techniques. Though illuminating, these actions are unsuccessful, and Guybrush needs to find smelling salts; explore up on the ship some more. Shimmy up the rubber tree mast ("That’s the mast!") and snag some of the icky ear wax while in the ear canal. It’s for the greater good. Guybrush seems to have no qualms about putting disgusting objects in his coat, that might come in handy later. Back down the mast and over to Morgan to administer the ear wax aid. After some discourse, she agrees to pose as Mrs. Threepwood, and they’ll go back to prove themselves to De Cava. Only, he isn’t so easily swayed!

Answer his interrogation in typical Guybrush fashion, and he’ll ask you to prove it further... then trap the "happy" couple in cages. Ah, romantic.

To prove Guybrush’s familiarity with Morgan, De Cava begins asking a series of questions. Morgan, luckily, answered correctly, so now it’s up to Guybrush to look back on his recent invasion of Morgan’s personal space and come up with a few answers.

As a refresher course:

  • Her role model is Guybrush, of course
  • Her uncle’s name was Jugbender
  • Her favorite pet was Gomez
  • Her teacher was Dante Dragotta
  • Her first love was Gustavo
  • Her ship is called Toro

There, that wasn’t so hard! You’ve convinced the wacky explorer of your honesty. He’ll let you in on his plans to travel to the manatee mating grounds, and expresses his need for grubs to craft a new cochlea for his manatee host. It all seems so easy until Morgan pushes Guybrush down an eerie black abyss...

...and into a Cantina. Who knew?

Act 2: Join the Club, Fix the Manatee

Three wild crewmen appear, alternately welcoming and threatening of your presence. Guybrush must convince Morgan not to murder them, and also try his luck at diplomacy. Talk to Morgan to teach her the ways of a Mighty Pirate, and you’ll catch what Elaine and LeChuck are getting up to in the meantime. It doesn’t look too promising, so good thing Guybrush is concentrating on joining the Brotherhood. Take a look around and start talking to folks, head past Noogie to the lower belly and ask Bugeye about joining the Brotherhood. Make sure to ask for his vote afterward, as you learn about the legendary Pirate Face-Off!

To participate, just make the scariest pirate face you can! Though hard to believe, Guybrush doesn’t seem to have much in the ways of a funny-face repertoire, so he’ll have to come up with some fresh ones from the other manatee captives. Morgan is unimpressed with Guybrush’s show of pirattitude, and ditches her autographed photo. Go pick it up; it’s valuable and she’ll want it back. Sure she will.

Time to try campaigning for votes into the Brotherhood. It’s proper time to check in on De Cava’s cochlea progress. Head back up the throat and into the head to meet up with him. He’ll give you a mug and ask for your help in procuring a drink... quite luckily, you know where to get that. Wait, what did he say about his "eyes going wild?" Maybe a drink of the ol’ yellow bile would help Guybrush’s cause for obtaining Bugeye’s vote.

Jump back into the belly, and get talkin’ to Noogie, the drum player. Ask for his vote, and he’ll express interest in Morgan, so it’s Guybrush’s turn to be a cupid and set these two up. Go to Morgan (might be a good time to test your Pirate Face-Off skills by shouting ARRRRR) and ask what she thinks of Noogie, then suggest that she’s needed for a recon mission. First, she should interrogate him, then test his grip, and check for weapons. Send her off on her way, and then go back to Noogie to see how it went. Apparently, his skewed idea of dating works in your favor, Noogie is going to vote for Guybrush! While you’re there, try a little ARRRR pirate face action, and see what Noogie has to offer. Good job, one more facial expression in the collection!

Pirates can’t resist treasure, so Guybrush should look at the piles of gold down near Bugeye... and notice a talking treasure chest. Hook-hands are surprisingly useful when in need of a lockpick, so use it on the chest to unveil a familiar face, that lovable scamp, Murray! Looks like he’s coming along for the ride... in Guybrush’s pants. The figurehead on the boat is also worth a gander, for a whole new pirate face, as is the painting in the treasure pile that seems to be covered in grime. What’s that, those strange but familiar bumps on the floor? Click the Weird Bump and voila, traveling through some kind of unpleasant manatee innards to land up by Noogie! Now it seems like Guybrush should be able to use the bump from this direction as well, how convenient.

Chit chat with Noogie again and ask him to play an upbeat tune, the stomach bile will rise and become perfect for grabbing with the mug . Travel down through the Weird Bump and scoop up the yellow bile in the pool behind Guybrush before Noogie returns to his laid-back rhythm. Hmmm, corrosive you say? Might be good to clean off that painting. Use the mug on the painting to unearth yet another pirate face, the legendary Fish Eyes!

There’s another passageway via the Odd Protuberance, but it seems to be blocked. Use the remainder of the yellow bile cup on the Protuberance (it worked once, right?) and see it open up like only the purest stomach acid can do. Now hop inside and visit with the Iron Monkey to grab the manual for Modern Torture Made Easy. Too bad it’s dark in Guybrush’s pocket, or else Murray would get a kick out of reading this.

Up through the Strange Growth this time, to deliver the remainder of the yellow bile to De Cava. However, he refuses to take it. Wait until he takes off his "monocular" and grab it from the desk. Combine the monocular with the manatee eye in your inventory and hand it back to him, leaving him seeing the world a little redder than before. Now it’s safe to give him the yellow bile and get another pirate face. Intimidating!

Into the belly we go! Get talking to Moose and his dead buddy Santino, it looks like they come as a package deal for voting. Funny, Santino doesn’t seem to be much of a talker, but someone in Guybrush’s pocket is a pretty good lookalike... Of course, Guybrush will ARRRR his way into learning Moose’s Face-Off technique, then get to know the fellow. What’s that straw he’s using, for instance? Looks like it keeps him pretty distracted, perfect for a skull switcharoo. Propose a toast, in honor of... whatever holiday strikes your fancy, and as Moose is distracted, use the sword on Santino. (Poor guy, he deserved better). Place Murray on Santino’s head, and you have a wonderful, fully-skeletal Murray.

Try him a Pirate Face-Off... well, maybe some other time. Now that it’s light out, why not show him the Torture Manual? Surely he’d love to see that, and Guybrush could always stand to gain favor. Clearly Murray has it in for Threepwood though, and placating his love for torture will be hard to handle. Take a look at Noogie’s initiation manual, the cover is loose. Swap the covers by combining the books, and show them to Murray... this might convince him that better torture is right around the corner. In his sadistic enthusiasm, he’ll vote for you.

Now to impress ol’ Bugeye. Head over to him and call for a Pirate Face-Off! This time, it’s ON. Guybrush should only use his new faces and eyes to assure a win, but it looks like Bugeye still isn’t having it. Looks like a little pox will change his mind, and Guybrush is on his way into the Brotherhood! Call a vote and be welcomed into the fold of the Brotherhood of the Manatee Interior... and as Guybrush’s first duty, he gets to guard the cochlea! What luck!

On his way back up to replace the cochlea, Winslow will get Guybrush’s attention and point him to the seahorse head left on his bed. Looks like Guybrush is really in for it, but La Esponja Grande waits for no man! Continue along the course and replace the cochlea in the manatee’s ear, and have a word with De Cava about it. The Brotherhood hears of this treachery and chases Guybrush into the Belly, where, after much pleading, Morgan will come to the rescue.

Act 3: Face the Leviathan

De Cava has just the thing for the mutineers, and after administering a rather unsavory fluid into the manatee’s digestive tract, you’re all headed to the surface of the ocean, just where a boat belongs. De Cava elects that Guybrush dive down in search of La Esponja Grande on the ocean’s floor, so be sure to check out the scenery, especially that enticing treasure chest. Upon heading into the cave sure to contain the sponge, Guybrush meets an unfortunate foe... a giant, female manatee.

Swimming up to the surface, it’s time to rethink plans: De Cava claims the Leviathan must be flirted with (yick) and that requires learning the language and a Manatee’s Tongue to make the sounds. Talk to the crew members a bit, and see what Morgan feels about the Leviathan situation. Pick up some useful on-board items like the flopping fish, then head over to De Cava. The locket on the barrel has been proven to have some strange power, so why not use it? It just so happens Guybrush has a picture of himself as well, fit that into the locket and press the button to see the results. Does the power go both ways? Use the golden wrench to twist the button over, and give it another whirl...

It appears that Guybrush has turned the tables and is possessing the Voodoo Lady! Though her entire room is fascinating, and her inventory contents moreso, the cards are the most interesting by far. To successfully spread some juju, place the Fracture card first, Journey second, and Curse third. This will summon the Marquis De Singe to your humble abode, where the possessed Voodoo Lady can interrogate him about manatee language. Curse threats usually do the trick, but apparently that doesn’t work so well on scientists, so he’s about to get a big surprise. Use the Journey, then the Curse, on the Fracture, that’s sure to change his mind. He’ll deliver the book, so read it and shuffle around the voodoo cards (put the Curse first and the Journey in the target holder) to revive Guybrush aboard the boat, armed with knowledge of manatee vernacular.

Now for the Manatee’s Tongue. It’s time to do some research; open up the file trunk by the locker and take a look at what scares the folks. It seems a good nun-face will worry Noogie, so walk to him and give him what you got- the Stinky, Crosseyed Geezer! Noogie spills all before you know it. Bugeye is next but he requires little effort, and we know the impenetrable optimism that is Moose... but perhaps threatening his friend will do the trick.

Ask for Morgan’s sword and use it on Murray. It shouldn’t have come to this... Now Moose spills all, and Guybrush gets to take another unfortunate trip inside his giant manatee friend. How does one get swallowed by a manatee TWICE? Their favorite food was seahorses, and Guybrush has a seahorse head handy.

Dive back into the water and tempt the manatee with the seahorse head. Once inside, the bongos are needed to raise the jostled Tongue of the Manatee out of the bile pool, but the moment Guybrush stops playing, the level falls again. There is one particular flopping fish that might be of service here. Use the fish on the bongos to raise the level, and hop down to fetch the Tongue. Just like old times, use the lax-fluid on the bile to get a swift exit from the manatee’s innards and back outside to tempt the Leviathan.

She wants nothing to do with you (not a new feeling for Guybrush) so use the Tongue with your manatee friend. After a little courtesy, Guybrush will be helping out in no time.

A few hints in sweet-talking manatees:

  • If she asks where you’d go, say Aquarium. (Getting Around)
  • If she mentions having baggage, you have nothing to declare. (Money)
  • Calls you a cold fish? You like it Hot and Spicy. (Hotels)
  • She mentions a way to her heart, ask for a map. (Getting Around)
  • What will she say when she devours your heart? Excellent meal! (Hotels)
  • Calls you an imbecile? The TV doesn’t work. (Hotel)
  • If she says you’re a know it all, say you don’t understand. (Courtesy)
  • If you can’t buy her love, ask how much it is. (Money)
  • Giving you the time of day? I lost my watch. (Emergency)
  • Response to ripping your head off? Stop, Thief! (Emergency)
  • If she says you’re nervous, ask for the bathroom. (Emergency)
  • If you’re a glutton for punishment, ask to please repeat that. (Courtesy)

Success! The manatees are off enjoying their ritual, and Guybrush is free to claim the sponge! Into the cave with thee, and snag the sponge. Arriving topside, Guybrush realizes his flub, as De Cava is in full paranoia mode after he’s seen the tampered locket, and cages Guybrush and Morgan yet again to make his escape with La Esponja Grande.

Hand Morgan her sword (how courteous!) and reach for the rope above Guybrush’s cage to drop it down, then talk to Morgan and tell her to cut the rope above your cage. Guybrush is freed, and the sponge is miraculously still on board! De Cava comes back around for an assault on the Screaming Narwhal, default to the tried and true tactic of deflecting his cannon by using the rubber mast as a shield. The Narwhal’s cannon is useless against a boat made entirely of rubber trees, but resourcefulness is a plus. Use the seahorse head with Narwhal’s cannon to tempt the manatee yet again, and De Cava’s ship disappears into the manatee’s innards like it had never left.

The peaceful ocean, marine love a-brewing, what could go wrong?

Well, Morgan is still under contract.

...We look forward to a glorious rendezvous with De Singe in Tales of Monkey Island: "The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood". (Jeepers, say it ain’t so!)

The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood Walkthrough

Prologue: Get out of Jail

Our chapter begins on a low note, with Morgan’s impeccable work ethic keeping Guybrush hostage. Upon landing and being turned over to the voracious Marquis De Singe, he can try to wiggle his way out of it any way he’d like... to little avail, of course. In the nick of time, as is Guybrush’s luck, he is intercepted by a welcome wagon of sorts... with a court summons. Well, the Marquis is escaped for now, but what comes next?

With little delay, we end up at the Trial of Captain Threepwood, where the guilty are proven guilty by means of guilt. In a freak turn of events, your prosecutor is... Stan! What luck! Guybrush has little choice but to plead Not Guilty, and Flotsam isn’t exactly raring to help his defense, so he’ll have to represent himself in court.

Act 1: A fool for a client

Guybrush gets a debriefing of his case to be looked over, and then the court is his. For his first defense, call a witness to the stand, like Bosun Krebbs, she might be useful to learn more about. Inspect the plate on the evidence table to get her talking about it, but nothing concrete comes of it, so approach the witness and explain you have no more questions. Now, why not try Hardtack?

The charges against Guybrush... don’t seem very clear. Spaghetti strainers? Display the X as evidence from the table, then start in on Hardtack. Press him to reveal he’s lying. Go on, press him again, you KNOW it isn’t true... Ah, there it is! He admits that he wrongfully accused Guybrush, and now looks perfectly dainty because of it. Guybrush clearly has done his good deed for the day. Dismiss him from the stand.

Questioning the other witnesses seems wasteful for now, so declare a recess.

Guybrush is escorted to his holding cell by Hardtack, who has proven delightfully ineffectual in the past. After poking around in his cell, Guybrush should ask to see his lawyer, whom Hardtack will bring in. Ask your better self a question, and things get a bit rowdy in the cell. Hardtack has to liberate Threepwood from the rabid clenches of... himself. Escorted safely out of the cell, Guybrush is now free to do what he likes and gather evidence around the island.

D’Oro is in the cell next door and might fancy a chat. Turns out Guybrush is... partially responsible for him becoming an eyeless freak, and D’Oro isn’t above bartering with him in return for support in the trial. All Guybrush needs is to give him a glass eye...

Stan is enterprising as usual, go visit his stand and have a talk with him about how sales and check out the merchandise. Cheap construction is a bummer, but definitely a boon for Guybrush, so make sure to pick up that magnetic toy after Stan chucks it. Things are a little different around town than before, it looks like they’re still recovering from Guybrush’s blind Club 41 debacle. Speaking of which, it might be time to have a look inside the club... technically, for the first time.

Guybrush enters in on a heated conversation with Morgan (who seems to be lacking a certain ’oomph’) and the Marquis de Singe, as shamelessly devious as ever. It might have gone well enough if Guybrush didn’t open his big mouth and put his wife in danger. Have a chat with Morgan, she looks like she needs cheering up... not that Guybrush wants to comfort a betrayer. Those volcano shots look tasty, go to the bartender, he looks strangely familiar... the Honorable Judge Residi- ok, just W.P. then. Guybrush gets a nice line of volcano shots and takes it like a man... but saves one for later, along with the other five shot glasses. Go to the buffet area of the bar and take a look at the melting wax on the floor. Use a shot glass to scoop up some wax. Why? You never know when it will come in handy.

More investigating is in order, so take Guybrush outside to explore the rest of Flotsam. There’s an oil leak on the post, won’t hurt to gather some of that in a glass as well. Now head over to the Glassworks shop and check out the new merchandise. Knock on the door and get talking, this guy has a perfect glass eye for you, now all you have to do is find an enraged pox-ridden pirate to clone from. Hey, nice lamp! Seems like something Guybrush might want to take with him, but its creator is less than happy with giving it up. Next to the lamp is a pool of molten glass, use a shot glass to scoop some up and use it on the lamp, then it’s yours ’cause nobody wants a horribly disfigured leg (except Guybrush of course.) Now, he has a lamp. ...Good going.

Make haste to De Singe’s lab (remember you can hold down SHIFT to run) and see if you can talk him out of killing Elaine- it seems like he won’t be seeing you today. Ho hum. The swordfish seems to be leaking another sort of vile liquid, keep with the theme and collect some of it in a cup. Over to the left there’s a cage with your old buddy Jacques! Maybe he’s outside because he kept attracting lab instruments. Unlock his cage with your hook and ...now Guybrush has a monkey in his pants. Hope he’s enjoying himself.

On the pier, Hemlock McGee and poor Prettywhiskers are lounging about. Make some idle chatter and ask about the legendary story of the Jungle Beast, he tells a nice tale. As the court debriefing states, the paralysis of the Prettywhiskers is suspect, so if she moves, the case cannot be proven. But how to make her move around? Look at the cat food and Hemlock will tell you that he has to force-feed his frozen kitty, that sounds terribly unpleasant, but it might be a way to assure she moves. Caustic fluid? Nah. Wax? Gross. What about iron shavings? After all, Guybrush has a magnetic simian in his pocket. Use the Beard Toy on the bowl of cat food and... just step away slowly. Nothing to see here. Now, about that glass leg...

The marring on the leg looks very similar to Krebb’s leg condition, oddly enough. What else could be combined with it to make that particular scar? Try combining it with a cup of caustic fluid... hmm, a red burn with a parrot. Not exactly as intended, but it’s a start. Purple is needed, so add some of the wax and voila! Purple and skull shaped, perfect to prove Krebbs incorrect! It might be time to present this in court... approach Bailiff Hardtack and go defend the Threepwood name!

For being such a nice guy in Club 41, W.P. Grindstump is pretty feisty in the courtroom. Looks like he might be a good candidate for a poxed rage for D’Oro’s eye color... So go on, be silly. Object! Object to everything, and... wow, that worked perfectly! Use your eye on the judge to capture the color, and that’s one less witness to worry about. On with the trial! Call Bosun Krebbs to the stand, she’s about to get a taste of the law!

Guybrush knows Krebbs is lying about her leg, so give the lamp to her and introduce it as evidence into the court. She admits she was lying all along for revenge, and Guybrush is free of one more charge! Only two left, so call Hemlock McGee to the stand in regards to his paralyzed cat. The moment of truth, try using Jacques the Monkey on Miss Prettywhiskers, and chaos ensues. Three down, and one more left!

Call a recess and use the tried-and-true lawyer-threatening routine to get out of the slammer, then give D’Oro a visit. Present him with the glass eye and he’ll trade you for some incriminating information for the case. Back to Bailiff Hardtack and get on with the trial! Present D’Oro with the Dark Ninja Dave treasure map of suspicious origin, and once the blame shifts, the case falls through entirely. Guybrush is cleared of all charges!

...Except for the stuff about the Pox.

Guybrush has a chance to get out of these charges as well... do your best with the arguments but good luck sweet talking anyone. Pirate court is just as it always was. In the nick of time, who else could appear but... Elaine! Only, she isn’t looking like herself. After succumbing to a pox rage, Guybrush is left without a witness and is back in jail to wait for the rest of his trial... if only he could get that summons to Elaine in time. When all else fails, it’s up to Guybrush to do it himself.

Journey into Club 41- Ladies Night is looking rowdier than expected, with Morgan and Elaine fighting it out on the countertop. Try talking to them, but if it’s one thing we’ve learned, poxed women rarely listen to reason. Elaine refuses to take the summons (she clearly has bigger fish to fry) so it will take some conniving. Taunt Morgan for losing her touch, or cheer on Elaine to get her. Elaine lunges and gets stuck in the dartboard, recovering and jumping back into the fray. Hm, if she won’t touch the summons normally, maybe you can trick her into it.

On second thought, how long has it been since Guybrush had a call of nature? Walk him into the washroom for a much-needed break... ugh, what a gross puddle on the floor, take a look at it, and pick the paper off your shoe. A complicated recipe for a Tuna Colada, sounds... refreshing. Oh look, Krebbs is sitting alone at a table, why not have a talk with her? Looks like Guybrush has caused a distraction amongst the ladies, go pick up the bag of sugar dropped from the chandelier. Head back over to the bar, hand the recipe to W.P. to drag him away from the darts. The recipe is trickier than it looks, but now Guybrush is free to tack the summons to the dartboard to prey on Elaine’s overzealous lunge attacks. When the drink is ready, the women prove thirsty and continue their fight on the bar top. Taunt them a second time to get Elaine leaping at Morgan and... take that, poxed wifey! Justice is served!

Now for the Courthouse. As a character witness, Elaine COULD have been better prepared... and so could Guybrush. Walk over to La Esponja Grande and submit it as evidence to prove your innocence with the pox. In typical Guybrush fashion, the least inspiring thing occurs, but he is saved at the last moments of life by... LeChuck? Say it ain’t so, the day is saved by a remarkably kind arch enemy. Funny how things work out... or do they? Guybrush has been snookered all along by the Voodoo Lady! It’s time to have some words.

Guybrush is free to roam, and not a moment too soon, he has an island to save. Incarcerated in the prison are LeChuck and the Voodoo Lady. You may want to thank LeChuck, but let’s get down to business and confront that Juju Mama. She has faith that the sponge will grow if given proper nourishment, and since there’s no other alternative, Guybrush has to trust her. A cryptic map is placed in his hands with a meal recipe, it looks like the jungle is the best place to start. Go pester Stan and check out the new merchandise... glowy.

It’s jungle time. Head over to the exit... but wait, what’s gotten into the Marquis? Detour into his lab and explore... it’s a good thing Guybrush showed up. Add ’revenge’ to the agenda, because it will be served. Poke around the lab for something useful, mess around with the helmet hanging from the ceiling, take a look at the display on the wall as well- information on moths? Also, the jar on the table, samples of fireflies? Since when is the Marquis interested in insect life? Might as well check out that back room. The door is locked, but that’s never stopped an enterprising Threepwood, especially if he has a hook for a hand. Unlock it with the hook and step inside for a grisly souvenir of the lab. ...Looks like we’re finished here.

Act 2: Feed me, Guybrush

Now, to the jungle! A map appears, since Guybrush knows his way around pretty well, walk over to the Creepy Shack and investigate... though there doesn’t seem to be much of it left. Rug torn to shreds, swarm of moths... but, checking back on La Esponja’s voodoo feast, the first thing it requires is a gaudy napkin. Clearly the rug won’t do, but maybe these moths can help the cause... and Guybrush knows someone who has remarkably gaudy clothing. Use the glowing leg-lamp to attract the moths away... and stick ’em in your pants. Way to go, Guybrush. Creepy as ever.

Go back to the Jungle entrance (using the convenient button on the left) then head to the merchandise stand and use the lamp on Stan to unleash the fury of persnickety moths! Or... or not! Ask Stan about the merchandise again, especially the glowing LeChuck figurine, to attract the moths down. They fall upon him like a plague of fashion hunters. Fierce! As he flees, remnants of his jacket fall off, all Guybrush has to do is pick them up and he has the first course of La Esponja’s meal. Second course is smelly jungle meat... well, there’s only one place to get that.

Into the jungle with ye! The entrance will do just fine, Guybrush is looking to find the altar. If what McGee said was true, then there’s nothing smellier than the Jungle Beast of Flotsam, so offering up a meaty sacrifice might confirm this. Move upwards from the Jungle Entrance and you’ll see that same ol’ altar. Place a leg from the Sack O’ Limbs on there and run for your life! A second later, the limb is gone, but there’s no hint of where it could be, maybe it ran off to the left? Go after it!

Guybrush catches a standoff between Elaine and De Singe, but they seem to be doing just fine on their own. No sign of the jungle beast, but what’s with the dead guy? Take a look at that paper... well, there’s an idea. Thanks, Ex-Pistalibre! Find the well by going north where Elaine ran, and pour the sack of sugar into the well, the sugar water attracts fireflies. Using a similar, if not more gruesome trick, dip one of the severed legs into the sugar water, and the fireflies will follow it. Now, back to the altar! (Left, then Right) Then run out of the clearing to hide...

There it is, a clear trail of fireflies! After it! Hm, they lead off the trail where Guybrush can’t walk, use their illuminated path... Oh. So that’s the jungle beastie. Poor fella looks like he’s in a little pain too, but Guybrush really shouldn’t tempt fate by putting his limbs anywhere near it. Try giving the beast another limb? Oh, it seems they’re out of stock. When in doubt... substitute similar items, like a leg-shaped lamp perhaps? Now, gently, take the paw... and you have your second course. So gross, so useful.

Next, the sponge needs a powerful taste. Back at Club 41, there’s an advertisement on the counter to try the Fugu Jolokia pepper challenge! Take a look at that and then ask W.P. about it, he’ll open up the glass case and allow a try.... But whoaaa, it’s so hot, Guybrush can barely even hold it, much less put it on his tongue. Interesting, the strange helmet in De Singe’s lab might be useful here. Make sure the glass display on the pepper is gone, then go to De Singe’s lab and use the first button on the helmet. Voila, numb tongue! If you touch anything, the sensation goes away, so move carefully back to Club 41 and approach the pepper. Guybrush should learn from his mistake and use his hook to touch the pepper this time, placing it on his tongue and winning the challenge. Was it worth it in the end? Well, he got the next step for curing the Pox, so it can’t be all that bad.

Now, the recipe calls for senses. The map itself leads to the ingredient, but how to use it? Go into the jungle and open the map. Fold down all four corners and the large flaps... the ground shakes, it’s almost as though voodoo power is changing the layout of the jungle! Follow the path laid out from the jungle archway (two pillars in the low left) to loop around to the red idol. After arrival, unfold the bottom right corner of the map, revealing a new path to the question mark- a feast of the senses! In the middle of this clearing is a treasure chest, which is locked but Guybrush has the most convenient lock-pick where his hand used to be. Use the hook on the chest and reveal... tarot cards? Might as well use it with the sponge... looks like all of this hoodoo is working!

The last is to deliver a shock... but what other way to do that then the good ol’ shuffle-on-carpet trick? The carpet inside Club 41 should do nicely. Do a nice back-and-forth walk on that, then take a look at La Esponja Grande. ...Ok, time for Plan B. Head out the door and--WHOAAA guess no Plan B after all, shock is delivered! Time to head outside and look for a grandiose belch. Yuck.

Finale: Stop the Marquis

The wind control device is your best option but it looks... occupied by the Marquis. Elaine is facing him off, yet she is trapped and soon, so is Guybrush. Try tossing the diseased-looking La Esponja Grande into the wind device, it’s your only hope! ...It’s... it was your only hope. Now, to somehow distract the Marquis, or else he kills Elaine! Pour some sugar in the bucket of water, maybe he’d be impressed with the fireflies since he had specimens in his lab. ...Suppose not. Since Guybrush is weaponless, try fighting De Singe with the pepper! It worked, generally, but now what? Well, last ditch effort, try catcalling him! Elaine is sure to be bolstered by your effort. Indeed, she landed a nice lunge, and what do you know, the moths approve of De Singe’s fashion sense! He looks aptly distracted now, but what’s this? Go go, left hand! Take that! It’s like Guybrush is fighting, himself! Instead he’s just trapped in a clam.

Though Lefty is anxious to get revenge, it doesn’t seem like it wants anything to do with Guybrush anymore. Toss the newly re-acquired sponge back into the wind device, and feel the reverberations of success. What a job well done, Guybrush! Oh look, LeChuck is even here to rescue them from their shellfish prisons.


Or maybe...

As we hang our head in reverence, our story has one last chapter to unfold.

...or does it?

Rise of the Pirate God Walkthrough

We never thought we’d see the end of Guybrush... and perhaps, we never thought we’d see his life beyond.

Now is our chance.

Guybrush wouldn’t let a thing like death defeat him, and in typical fashion, nothing goes very smoothly for him. After crawling from his grave, he’ll emerge into a land of the dead. It’s a strange place. Why is there a Grog machine? Who’s that dog belong to?

Talk to the Ferryman on the boat, this guy must have some answers, so keep pressing him. Is Guybrush dead? Is Guybrush REALLY really dead? It can’t be! Keep asking, and it turns out that Guybrush does have a certain something, a tiny shred of life. What he doesn’t have is two gold coins to ferry him into Crossroads. Yep, there’s never an easy ride for Guybrush, even death presents its own challenges.

It must be a boring sort of life, being a ferryman. It’s no wonder he keeps his boat so clean, and he does such a good job that he has a tip jar. There’s an idea, take the grave dirt and rub it on the side of the boat. Mister Persnickety Ferryman will immediately tidy up, freeing Guybrush to borrow a bit from the tip jar, however bills aren’t exactly what the Ferryman needs. The Grog machine supplies Guybrush with delicious drinks and most importantly, a change button. Insert the bill, get some change and pay the Ferryman, who is somehow none the wiser. Or, maybe he doesn’t care. In any case, Crossroads here we come!

Act 1: Opening the Crossroads

Guybrush immediately meets Galeb who offers him a commemorative photo and frisks his pockets in a rather disconcerting manner. Talking to him will explain a bit about what the Crossroads are, what he is doing there, and if anyone can get back to the land of the living. It seems a spell ought to do the trick, if only Guybrush knew how to get it. The center of the Crossroads is where pirates pick their ultimate destiny, hop back on the boat and set sail for the Treasure Hunting area.

Good thing there’s a guide to teach you how to dig up treasure. He doesn’t know anything about LeChuck hiding anything down here but he can be convinced to demonstrate digging up X’s if need be, which leaves Guybrush free to steal the anchor behind his back. Why not? Now he can try his own luck at digging up X’s, but he doesn’t seem to be as successful as the other hunter who gets gold... Guybrush just ends up with pyrite. Great. Take a look at the sign the baby parrots are on... or assault it, apparently. Treasure hunting doesn’t seem to be Guybrush’s forte, he might need the help of an accomplished digger. Though, he doesn’t have much to offer, except a bone...

Travel back to the gateway of the dead, and visit that cute little dog again. That’s a digger, sure as shootin’! Treat little Franklin to a bone and take him with you. Strange that the ferryman also left his tip jar out, since someone might steal it, like Guybrush for instance. Take the jar and buy a bottle of grog, just in case. When it comes to grog, err on the side of caution.

Not that you want your little doggy friend stolen, but maybe he can help sniff out clues in the Thieves’ Den, so take Guybrush over there. You’ll meet up with a very nice fellow who seems to have as much of a kleptomania problem as Guybrush does, take a look around the place and see what he has. A sock to the far right is an interesting find, just another thing to stick in your pants. It’s quite pungent, perhaps Franklin the dog will be able to pick up a scent and search out the treasure Guybrush is looking for. Head back to the Treasure Hunter area and give the dog a whiff of the sock, then point him to the X’s. Now, trust his sensitive nose, and follow him. Go to the Center of the Crossroads to get a good look at where he went.

There’s Franklin, causing a ruckus at Galeb! Since Galeb is a liar, Guybrush won’t get much information out of him, so resort to using scare tactics, and what better way to do that than to wave a rotten old sock in his face? Franklin digs up the treasure under Galeb’s feet but it’s locked, and there’s only one person who can open it from here.

Visit your thieving friend in the Thieves’ Den and show him the locked chest. He’ll unlock it but hide the contents, he is a thief after all. Using the tried and true distraction tactic, ask him to turn around (he’s so compliant!) then set the dog on the pile of scrolls, he should still have the scent! Further distract the Thief by stealing something, maybe a peg leg or a sextant... He’ll escort you out but the dog will still have the scroll. Where would a dog take it?

At the Treasure Hunting area, Franklin will have hidden the spell among the X’s. Bad dog! Give him another whiff of the sock and set him loose on the X’s again where you can retrieve the spell, which will read that Guybrush needs a Guide, an Anchor, Courage, and Sacrifice. Look in his pockets, it seems he already has the Anchor, the dog could arguably be his guide, and what’s more apt than Grog for Liquid Courage?

Take the boat to the Center of the Crossroads. Place the Anchor, the Grog and the Dog on the center, now the only thing you have left is the sacrifice... Sacrifice though, that’s a tough one. It might be a good time to do some sword fighting.

Take the boat and ready your nerves! Instead of finding a fight, Guybrush finds Morgan, and she’s looking quite forlorn. Try to cheer her up a bit, but it isn’t working, she’s just as dead as you. Go over to the Swordsman’s head and take the sword stuck in it, it’s about time you challenge her properly! Draw your sword on Morgan, and another contender enters the battle! It’s quite the challenge, but Guybrush must take them both at once, which means simultaneously insulting the fighter and complimenting Morgan.

Exercising wit and skill, answer:

Dog is smart / Trained under swordfighter: Taught you everything you know
Barely lift sword / Foul smell: In some ways, you’re better than me
Called the greatest pirate hunter / Make me want to puke: People say that about you
Marathon Runner / Nobody draws blood: You run that fast?

With some well-placed compliments, Morgan gets her vigor back and agrees to help Guybrush with the spell... whatever that means. She’s pretty savvy, ask her about the sacrifice, then ask again. She has an idea...

Back at the Center, Morgan gives you the last piece of the spell, her reputation. Though Guybrush can’t bring her yet, Morgan can take care of herself just fine, and it’s onto the land of the living yet again!

Act 2: Spirit, Body and Bind

By some twist of fate, Guybrush is trying to get out of the Crossroads right as LeChuck is assaulting the entrance, so once more they face each other. Held at sword point, Guybrush watches as Elaine becomes LeChuck’s demon bride. Try to pick up the sword stuck in the mast, but Guybrush is still incorporeal and cannot touch anything, and gets sent back to the Crossroads...

Now, the tables have turned. Morgan convinces Guybrush of what a Mighty Pirate he is, and guides him through ways of getting his body back. Easier said than done, since Guybrush now has to find the Voodoo Lady’s locket. Maybe Morgan has more insight, go to the Swordfight area, though there’s an exoskeletal surprise waiting for you. The Voodoo Lady warns you, though a slew of feisty crabs, that to re-bind your spirit to your body, you’d need to get spirit gum. She might have been chewing it in Flotsam jail, if he could find a way there. There seems to be smaller rips in all the areas of the Crossroads, so Guybrush should discover where they go to. Boat back to the gateway area and meet up with Galeb, buy that picture of your spirit to use with the locket if you ever find the darned thing. Then go through the rip and see where it takes you.

Inexplicably, the manatee mating grounds are host to a raft with Winslow and a hypnotized monkey, but that’s convenient for Guybrush since he needs to explore. The last time he saw the locket was on De Cava’s ship, and a dip in the ocean proves it- the locket is stuck on a piece of seaweed. Guybrush still can’t get it however, he passes through solid matter. The cave is worth a look, and who else is inside but our old friend Anemone! She’s scared witless and won’t come out, but her and Winslow have a... special bond. Go to him and ask for a sign of affection for her, then hop back into the ocean to deliver it. In her short appearance outside the cave, she moves the current around until the seaweed is billowing back and forth... That clam is a shy sort, why not chat it up a bit? It isn’t the talkative type, but quite luckily its bubbles float the locket to the raft, where Winslow picks it up. Good thing you have that spirit picture, place it on the locket and ask Winslow to press the button.

So... Guybrush was a dartboard holder. That’s a relief. No wonder he couldn’t make change for the ferryman. Bugeye is about to cause some trouble (a nice reunion!) but Guybrush should choose to surrender... to what, we are unsure, but Grindstump has no problem hauling him off to jail. The cell is nicer than we last saw it, there’s also a loose brick to check out which happens to contain Bugeye’s diary, containing some juicy secrets. The next cell has all manner of things, like posters, a drink mug, and some suspicious chewing gum, but how to get into that other cell? There’s nowhere to go from here, but Guybrush loses possession of his body shortly anyhow.

Head back into the Crossroads and go to the swordfight area. There’s a rip there as well, and it leads to Club 41! Guybrush needs to get into the other jail cell, what better way to do it than putting Bugeye in jail too? That diary has all the needed ammo. Ask him how he got back to Flotsam, don’t pull any punches! Give him a real what-for! He snuck out of a manatee’s mouth during foreplay and rode a mermaid to Flotsam! Now that he’s safely incarcerated, go back through the rift and go to Winslow’s raft through the Crossroads entrance. Ask Winslow to press the button again.

Back in Guybrush’s body, Grindstump threatens you, surrender again! Carted back off to the jail cell, grab the Mug and examine surroundings a bit, but Guybrush’s time is short and he soon gets kicked back to the Crossroads. It isn’t a bad idea to go check on his body, move to the Swordfight area and go back through the rip. Now Guybrush’s body is holding a mug, which seems convenient. Talk to Grindstump, give him a good scare, you’re a ghost after all, so enjoy it. Through serendipitous circumstance, the mug is now filled with root beer, how hazardous!

Exit the rift and get back to the raft from the Crossroads Gateway. Press the button, possess your body yet again, and Guybrush now has a very volatile mug of root beer at his disposal. Surrender to Grindstump and get imprisoned, then use the root beer on the windowsill to find the spirit gum. Looks like possession is no longer a problem! Take a look at the pretty pirate lady poster, and a not-so-stealthy escape hole appears. The world is yours, Guybrush!

Act 3: Closure

The siege begins! Luckily, Guybrush has friends on his side. Unluckily, LeChuck tosses him back out of the rift by force, but there’s always a plan, and in this case, it’s shrinking the sponge. There must be a spell for it, and Galeb says he’s a master of spellcraft. To the Gateway! Galeb proves surprisingly useful and the spell is procured, now to decipher its solution. Maybe something on Winslow’s raft will be of good use, go through the rift and see. Deodorant is always useful for a well-intentioned zombie, and might make a good ingredient for the spell as well. Take a dip in the ocean and see if there’s anything useful, the net seems handy enough for catching something like that "small noise."

Another visit to Club 41 sounds like a good bet, so journey through the rift in the Swordfighters area and grab the blindfold from the wall, done with sight! Now for a flavorless taste, what could be better than already-chewed gum? Talk to Grindstump and surrender your zombiness to the jail. Grab some of the gum from the ceiling, try not to gag. Back through the stealthy jail exit and into the rip.

The treasure hunting area must have something, try digging up an X. Those tiny little whispery parrots might be just what you need for a quiet sound, use the net to trap them on the sign, but they’ll wiggle free if you’re not careful. Trapping them in the empty tip jar should do the trick, then go through the rip for a nasty surprise. The Voodoo Lady has a lot of answers but she’s also possessing dead animals so who’s to say if she can be trusted? Pick up the feather at the seagull’s feet, it gives Guybrush an idea for a light touch for the sponge! Hey look, Guybrush having his body means he has his hook back! Use that good ol’ unlocking trick and crack open the chest over to the right. Though the Voodoo Lady tells Guybrush about its powers, it’s rather hard to believe. Better test it out somewhere. That takes care of almost all the ingredients for the diet...

Except the secret sixth sense. There was a secret box in the Thieves’ Den... At the den, the Thief says he wouldn’t trust you with a secret like that, so time to put that voodoo belt charm to the test. Sure enough, the Thief thinks you’re a pretty good guy and gives you the chest, but steals your belt buckle in return. It looks like Guybrush is all set to make La Esponja Pequeno. Charge over to the Crossroads Center, let’s get this show on the road!

In order, apply the Blindfold, Parrot Jar, Feather, Secret Box, Deodorant and Gum and watch the sponge shrink down, dragging Guybrush through the rift and right in the middle of the assault on LeChuck’s ship. The time is now!

In the face and fists of immense voodoo power, it seems Guybrush isn’t much of a match. Thrown here and there, with many allies aiding him, Guybrush is punched all the way up to the crow’s nest. Use the hook on the sail to rip his way down, call out to Elaine to attack LeChuck with him. Looks like LeChuck has a mind for torture, so Guybrush gets keelhauled, snag the keys from the pirate skeleton underwater. Guybrush is once again thrown up, down and everywhere until he stands before a locked ship’s hold full of wine barrels. Unlock the hold and get punched again, if Guybrush finds himself in the crow’s nest, use the hook on the rope to slide down. Pick up the broken cabin door, after he hefts it, lay it on the barrel to create a see-saw, then quickly ask Elaine to light the cannon. Guybrush is going for a ride back to the Crossroads. Step on the see-saw before LeChuck jumps down. (The head gear helps.)

Propelled, barely living, back into the Crossroads, LeChuck is stuck in between the rip. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Guybrush, it’s time to give up. LeChuck is too powerful. The only hint of closing the portal and letting Guybrush escape is using his last thread of life on the Rip.

It must be over.

Everything is empty. Guybrush still has his pockets full... what use does it have? A net, the ol’ hook, the ring... The ring.

Use the ring in the center of the Crossroads. You’ll see.

There’s still many unanswered questions, so many seas to sail. For now, Guybrush is at peace.