Monkey Island movie!

"Dom" has sent in a student film project he did for his university of a scene between LeChuck and Bob, which may be familiar to those of you who have played The Secret of Monkey Island. We at The SCUMM Bar fully support up and coming directors, and so natural we have it hosted right here!

Download it in either super lazy, low quality Media Player 9 format (1.58mb) or super cool, high quality MPEG format (35.7mb) for the way it was meant to be watched. Oh and did we mention that we love the video and would highly recommend everyone to download it right now? I'm pretty sure we did, oh my yes.

Goblin March 25. 2004

well, lucas arts..take a hint!!

Governor Phatt March 24. 2004

heh very nice

Gabez March 24. 2004

The credits music can be found in our fan music section under Monkey Island Medley by MJ, TW, and PH. One of the best pieces of fan music we have, I reckon. ;

Herman_Toothrot March 24. 2004

That was the most incredible thing since "Lord of the Rings"! Great work, I applaud the creator! And that ending music was awesome!

Krazy March 22. 2004

Pretty cool but is LeChuck wearing braces?

Jonas March 22. 2004

Reminds me of what a great movie MI could be!

Flamestrike March 22. 2004

Wow, that rocked.

Johners March 22. 2004

haha, being a poor uni student myself, i managed to buy a cable connecting my pc 2 my stereo - VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND SURROUND SOUND! IT SOUNDS AMAZING! And the film isnt bad either ;). Joking, its gr8, very well done.

Gabez March 22. 2004

Totally. And do it in full screen with loud sound too. ;

MrManager March 22. 2004

So yeah, totally go with the MPEG version ;

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