Mp3 Bandwidth

If you are having trouble downloading the CMI mp3's you can check whether we have used up our 100mb of bandwidth by visiting this web-page. If the text is all in red then our bandwidth limit has been reached for the 24 hour period. You can tell how long it will be until the bandwidth is reset by looking at the 'Period Elapsed', when this reaches 23:59:59 the bandwidth will reset. Make sure you try to get the downloads as the server does reset as the 100mb of bandwidth is used up in a matter of hours. It only allows 5 people a day to download all the mp3's, as the total amount it 19.53mb or 20mb, so 5 x 20mb = 100mb. So make sure your one of those 5 people!

Iv also had requests from people for me to e-mail them the mp3's unfortunatly I cannot do this for a few reasons..

1) im on 56kb it would take forever
2) they are online, if you miss todays quota try when the 24 hours is up
3) errr... I cant be bothered :)

Just keep watching the timer!