Double Fine is hopping

Tim Schafer's new company, Double Fine, has just launched their web site here, along with a game announcement of sorts. The Xbox exclusive will be an action/adventure, which could come as a disappointment to some, but the best things we can do now is to wait and see what it is exactely. The game will be officially announced at E3. A snippet from the game description:
Well, if you were to take your top five favorite games of all time, condense them all into one, then write a poem about playing it, and then stretched that poem out to the moon and back, and then walked on it all the way out to the moon, and for every step you took you donated one soda can pull tab to that kid in England to buy him one minute on a respirator, and that kid was like one of those autistic kids who can count how many toothpicks in a box just by smelling them, and you and that kid were on a road trip together, and you could fly, and if his dad was the president, but instead of the white house he he lived above a video arcade like Jeff Bridges did in TRON, and you got unlimited free plays... that would be, like, the first level in our game.

Can't be all bad! Let's not crucify old Schafer yet.