Stemmle and the Clarkster

Wonder what's going on with the two EMI project leads? A snippet from from CG Online might give us some clues.

Over the years some of your solid designers have gone on to seek other opportunities. Are Mike Stemmle and Sean Clark [co-designers of The Curse of Monkey Island] still with LucasArts?

Oh yes, Sean is working on a project that will likely be unveiled at E3 that I think a lot of our old fans will be excited about. Mike is kicking some ideas around right now about his next project. They're both still here and both working on new games for us.

Seeing that Sean's game was not announced with the others, it could be that it's either delayed, or that it'll be a surprise announcement at E3. We will see. Too bad the interviewer got the name of the Monkey Island game they designed wrong.