Because e-mail problems suck

Ok, we've been having some e-mail problems the last week, but they should now be figured out with no mail being lost (thanks to DJG over at Mojo for that). So our apologies to everyone who has written us and haven't received a reply, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Among the news updates we received:

Elfwood, "the world's largest fantasy and sci-fi site" has published a review of Monkey Island 1 which is well worth a read.

Our hosted site, Brimstone Beach Club has postponed its open week until August 12th. Stay tuned for that.

And finally, more fan art from Hi-Jinx who has this to say about this artwork: "I drew another piccie, this one is of Elaine, I'm not too pleased with it actually, I wanted to try something different." For what it's worth, we love it.

Also - please don't write us asking for cracks or codewheels. We will not reply to e-mails like that.