No Man's art

NoMan has sent us some art, one of which will be familiar to SCUMM Bar regulars.

Monkey Gear Solid was the winner of our PS2 competition a while back, but for unknown reasons (our six month downtime probably could have had something to do with it) was never added to our fan art section. Not until now. The image shows "Guybrush represents Solid Snake, Elaine represents Meryl, Jojo the Monkey represents Gray Fox (aka the Cyborg Ninja), and the giant monkey head robot represents Metal Gear.".

The second piece is called Midnight on the Isle of Monkeys which includes "Guybrush is wearing something that combines the first three games' styles, LeChuck is hideously wounded (missing his entire lower body), and voodoo items from the games are strewn about the image".

Very impressive pieces of art they are, so make sure to give them a vote.