Art, and the lesson learnt

Two new pieces of art from NoMan. The first is called "A Mistake Made Only Once" in which he "colored only LeChuck and Guybrush so that they stand out more against the detailed background. Since the background is relatively busy, I put a low-saturation haze over it using Photoshop in order to throw it farther into the background. This drawing is a little more color pencil than it is Photoshop, but the Photoshop filters are visually dominant.".

The second piece is called "Distorted Perspective" in which he tried to "fudge my way through three vanishing points (upper left, upper right, and down). Hoping to recreate the heavily distorted architecture in SoMI, I happily forsook a ruler and eyeballed everything to a certain degree of success. My biggest headache was trying not only getting a child's bodily proportion correct, but getting it correct while dealing with all my vanishing points (most notably with Elaine, who I see as a few years Guybrush's elder). This picture was colored entirely using colored pencils.". Sounds good to us!

The third piece of art is from George, which displays the Inn from Monkey Island 2 in inverted colours, and very nice it is.

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