A slice of the past

Just for giggles, we've re-added a section containing old fan reviews of Curse of Monkey Island. Old-timers might remember this section which was added just after the game's release, while others probably will get a kick out of reviews posted by familiar faces from the community. Also, certain quotes might sound familiar to anybody who paid attention to what was going after the release of Escape from Monkey Island.
"The third game bore the Monkey Island label but it didn't continue what was started with the first two, and as such I don't consider it a part of the original story."
"My first gripe was that it just didn't seem like MI. The graphics were hi- res, the characters actually talked, and the game was in Win95 (which I despise). "
"I am afraid LucasArts has sold out its greatest achievement into a moneymaking scam."

And this favorite from a Mojo employee who will remain anonymous:
"I was really hoping for some neat-o-riffic Rivenesque 3D monkey-coaster video. That was a let down."
Hey, you got a lava floom ride in EMI at least! Read it all here!