Amiga Power

This one should interest some Amiga users. ThunderPeel2001 over at our forums has discovered a little easter-egg in the in the Amiga version of Monkey Island 1. Seems like a certain employee had this to say about the icon:
Secret of Monkey Icon by Aaron Muszalski....G; with no help from anybody ever! (Especially not Ron Gilbert.) except: Bret Barrett (Hair,logo tweaks)....*; Ben Emmerich (Drapes... and my dishes!)....'; Thanks all! Enjoy the game. Peace......;.....; P.S. I love you Annabelle!
Seems as Ron might not have been much of a helper when it comes to icon artistry.

On a related note, bgbennyboy did some more investigating and found this message in disk01.lec:
Tried to complete trial twice. THIS IS BAD! Tried to complete invalid trial: THIS IS BAD!
Well... At least it wasn't Monkey Kombat!