ScummVM, VDMSound, w00t?

Over the past few months we've posted quite a bit of news concerning software that will let you play old LucasArts adventures on your brand-spanking new operating system. However, every time we do mention anything like that we get comments, e-mails and ICQ messages from people having no idea what ScummVM and LucasArts Q&E are. Because of this, I've put together a short, very non-technical article about some of the software out there which will let you get those old games working again. Having problems with Monkey Island 2 and Windows XP, and no clue how to fix it? Take a gander here.

We've also updated the poll, asking if you've ever tried any of the aforementioned programs. The last polls showed that 49% of you prefer CMI style controls. 38% went with MI1/MI2 style, and 13% went with EMI.