That secret again

Ralgath has added an extensive update to his article Monkey Island - The Revelation. This article, of course, deals with the ending of LeChuck's Revenge which quite possibly doubles as the secret. With the recent discussion on the message board we have decided to add the article as our Cover Story. The article is most likely the closest thing to explaining the secret of Monkey Island.

With that, we've also updated our poll to read Which SCUMM Bar article did you enjoy the most? Take your pick! According to our last poll, 63% of you thought that the original team should come back and do a Monkey Island 5. 27% said the CMI team should do it, about 8% a brand new LEC team, and about 3% thought the EMI team should do it.

Update: A new clue related to the large tree at Booty and Guybrush's parents have been added.