Tiller chat over

The Bill Tiller chat is finally over, and an informative chat it was (though maybe a bit too many questions which had already been answered). Some highlights for us at TSB:

<RemiO> Can you tell us anything about the cancelled post-CMI Ackley/Ahern project "The Magic Box"? Were you involved with this at all?
<Btiller> I could have been involved but I wanted to try seomthign else, but in hind sight I should have stuck with them on it.
<Btiller> It was called vanishing act which was an unfortunetly name project because it did just that
<Btiller> It was going to be real time 3d but very much like atraditional game. the genre was steampunk/ bavarian. Think Baron munchuasen (?) meets MI

As well as some info about our Revelation article:

<Btiller> Yes, well I agree with it! Don't think we didn't know this therory when we did CMI, we just thought it was stupid [..] I talked to dave Grossman about one time after CMI came out. that is when he told me he wanted the secret ro be that the Monkey Head was really a big monkey robot

And last but not least:

<Big_Whoop> What is your favorite MI-related website, and why?
<Btiller> SCUMM BAR
<Btiller> Why? Dunno. i just like how comprehensive it is. it covers it all, and the logo is awesoem! wink, wink.

We love you too, Bill. ;-*