Good times and free Grog

Yes, its the our seventh birthday today! Its hard to imagine, but it's exactly seven years since Skyfox first made the site to practise his HTML skills. Two new games, several revised designs and a near death experience later, and The Monkey Island SCUMM Bar is still going strong!

Except, er, when I say exactly seven years ago, I really mean seven years and one month. In all the hustle and bustle of coming back after the hacking fiasco, the precise date may have slipped our minds, but we reckon one year and one month birthdays are more fun anyway.

To celebrate, the ultra talented Dan Lee has kindly drawn us a piece of birthday fan-art for our optical pleasure. Its fantastic work as always, especially since he only had a days notice in which to do it in. Ahem.

Lastly, thanks to all those who have helped us get where we are today, including you, the Monkey Island fans for visiting the site over the past few years. Heres to another seven!

Update: We've added some more birthday art from staff members Thrik and Flamestrike.