Amiga hub

Over the years we've had a lot of Monkey Island updates relating to the old Amiga versions of the games, but no central place for readers to access it all for nostalgia purposes and what not. Well, fret no more! If you're an old Amiga user looking for everything related to the Amiga versions of the game and ways to relive the glory days, we've now added it all to a small hub we like to call The Amiga Resource. This is simply a guide to anything Amiga related that's scattered around the site, be it screenshots, music, or whatever. Hopefully this will make it easier to find useful stuff, like the Amiga music for the PC version of The Secret of Monkey Island. Check it all out here.

We've also added new LeChuck's Revenge Amiga screenshots, so sit back and let the nostalgia run through your veins with it. Keep in mind that most of them were ripped through ScummVM, with the aspect ratio fixed - I'm sure this will be unacceptable for some purists.

A big thanks to The Dude for setting all of this up.