Mi Amiga guapa

Remember our Amiga resource page and those Amiga MP3s that were made to sync up with the CD-RMI version if The Secret of Monkey Island through ScummVM? Well Quietust has submitted a new set of MP3s that allegedly sound better. I say "allegedly" as I haven't actually tried any of the sets myself.

Apparently these MP3s were ripped on the Amiga (as opposed to using an emulator) so while the audio is lowpass filtered, it does play all the notes properly. Which one is really the better sounding one? Decide for yourself.

Additionally Quietust also submitted a set that can be used with the original Amiga data files in ScummVM. They currently only work with the daily build, but should also be supported in the upcoming 0.6.0 release.

Now go relive the glory years.