Return to Monkey Island

According to Simon Carzza, theres a Monkey Island 5 rumor on page 24 of this month's (British) PC Gamer:

"Continuing in the vein of unannounced-but-in-the-pipeline games, The Spy's LucasArts informers let the monkey out of the bag: there is, apparently, a fifth Monkey Island game in production. The adventure genre continues to cheat death."
Sounds exciting! Hopefully we'll have scanned proof up soon, but in the mean-time start jumping to conclusions and praising EMI - just remember where you heard about it first. ;-*

The Remster updates: Fanboy #1, LucasTones literally sprinted down to his local news stand to verify the news. And sure enough, we now have the picture to prove it. If the rumor is true is anybody's guess of course. Thanks for the picture, Tones!

The Gabzo updates again: Our original source, Simon Carzza, has sent us a scan of the whole article so you can judge it in its original context, as well as a higher res scan of the quote itself see it all here:

The Remster updates yet again: When asked about a Monkey Island 5, LucasArts answer was 'No, we do not have Monkey Island 5 in production. Sorry.' Of course, two months before announcing Curse of Monkey Island LucasArts said this to a fan asking about a Monkey Island 3: 'At this time there are no plans to release a Monkey Island 3. Sorry.' And about Monkey Island 4: '[..] However, at this time there are no plans for a Monkey Island 4.' So who knows, keep coming back for more at The Monkey Island SCUMM Bar - Monkey Island 5 Central. ;-*

The Dudester updates too: So we've updated the poll too: Do you believe in the current MI5 rumors?