Slow news day 2004

This stuff isn't 100% relevant or new, but hopefully youll find it interesting nevertheless:

  • AmberfishArts have released some gee-whiz new source engine, more information of which can be found here. This could help you create that Monkey Island fan-game you always wanted to make, so get downloading!

  • The Secret of Monkey Island also got a mention in CUBE Magazine, when it ran an article on a Game Boy Advance emulator that can play old Sierra adventures Monkey Island 1 and 2 to follow soon maybe? We can only hope.

  • AGDZine conducted an interview with Ron Gilbert last year, and I've only just noticed it. Dunno if it's new to you too, but if it is then it's definitely worth checking out. Mr Gilbert reveals some very interesting things indeed, including his reaction to Pirates of the Caribbean, his views on fangames, and of course what the secret of Monkey Island is. Honest! Check it out here (thanks to for the tip-off).

  • And lastly, someone I know saw Johnny Depp the other day whilst at work. How cool is that!?