Escape from Monkey Island 2 announced! :)

Okay, I really didn't expect this! Seems that LucasArts have issued the following press release. And to be honest, I'm totally blown away!

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. -- March 31st, 2004 Another new episode in the popular Monkey Island adventure series unfolds as LucasArts unveils Escape From Monkey Island 2: This Time Its Personal. Expected release in winter 2004 for the PC, Escape From Monkey Island 2 finds series hero, perennial pirate-wannabe Guybrush Threepwood, returning to shiver-timbering pirates, demented monkeys and parrots who talk way too much.

Escape From Monkey Island 2 sails off in new territories, as Guybrush grabs his uzi and rocket launcher, and heads for Frag Island to settle the score against some old enemies, including LeChuck who has mysteriously returned again in the form of that guy from Quake.

"The Monkey Island series of graphic adventures is one of LucasArts' strongest and most successful brands," says Tom Byron, product marketing manager for LucasArts. "Escape From Monkey Island 2 continues this tradition, but this time were just going to add a little more action here and there."

The story begins as Guybrush returns from his second ever honeymoon after divorcing Elaine and instead marrying The Voodoo Lady. He returns to Melee Island only to find that it has been destroyed by a giant monkey robot and an invisible volcano. Armed only with his sharp wit, an uncanny ability to hold his breath for ten whole minutes, and a bloody big shotgun, Guybrush must now fight his way through a series of arenas, turning the much loved characters from the series into small, red, gooey bits.

The game utilizes the award-winning Quake engine to produce super-life like environments in full scurvy-inducing 3D, whilst at the same time reflecting the style of Escape From Monkey Island 1, which was so popular amongst fans of the series.

So begins the next captivating chapter in the long-running Monkey Island series. Buccaneers, hoist the yardarms, batten down the hatches, and let the grenades fly!