Monthly fan-art update extravaganza

After a bit of a break from the old fan-art, weve at last got some more pieces rolling in - and whats more, they look like they were well worth the wait!

First up we have a touchingly romantic picture of Guybrush and Elaine by Neil Joshi, with an obligatory sunset in the background aaah followed by a Film Noir-esque version of Scabb Island, and a Giant Monkey Head, both by Guy.Brush; a sexy looking Elaine, courtesy of Lemon; a mysterious King Andr from Goblin (just look at that purple cloak!); two delightful cartoon style portraits from Cutthrush; a picture of Murray on a stick called, er, "Murray on a stick" by CharliesMonkeys; and finally a nifty picture of Guybrush by Oulbaz LeCheikh, which is apparently concept art for a new Monkey Island fan-game. Phew!